Everything You Need to Know About the City of East Norwalk Connecticut

East Norwalk is a neighborhood of Norwalk, Connecticut, located mostly in Norwalk’s third taxing district with segments of its northernmost area within the first and fifth taxing districts. As one of the earliest settlements of Norwalk, it was so marked with a block of ‘suitably inscribed’ ‘native granite formally located on the corner of Fitch Street and East Avenue.

East Norwalk is the location of Norwalk’s original colonial settlements. The land was purchased from the Norwalk Indians by Roger Ludlow in 1640. Historical markers in the neighborhood include the Founding Monument on East Ave and the First Settlers Monument inside the East Norwalk Historical Cemetery.

British forces under General William Tryon arrived on July 10, 1779, at Fitch’s Point and destroyed most of Norwalk by fire; only six houses were spared. A portion of the former Governor Thomas Fitch’s house was left standing and in the 1950s it was moved to the Mill Hill Historic Park to make way for the construction of the Connecticut Turnpike (I-95).

In 1913, East Norwalk combined with the Town of Norwalk, the City (formerly Borough) of Norwalk, and the city of South Norwalk into the present-day City of Norwalk. East Norwalk is now within the city’s third taxing district.