Streamlining Your Move with a Comprehensive Guide to Seamless Car Shipping for Home Buyers

Moving to a new home is such an exciting prospect, but thinking about the logistics of it can be stressful. Whether you’re moving to another state or another country, you must consider the logistics of transporting your car to your new home. If you have multiple cars that you aren’t willing to sell, the logistics of moving them can become a headache. This is where car shipping services can be helpful, especially if you aren’t willing to drive your car yourself, more so if you’re moving multiple cars across the country. 

Car shipping services offer a practical and effective solution for your car moving needs. We’ll walk you through the necessary processes and considerations you need to take in this guide to make sure your car shipping experience is smooth and hitch-free.  Do Your Research and Get Multiple Quotes

Do Your Research and Get Multiple Quotes

There are so many car shipping companies out there. However, it’s crucial that you find the most reliable company. This is where deep research comes into play. You can start by searching locally and nationally for dependable car moving services. 

During your research, it’s important to take note of things like reviews, pricing, credentials, and licensing. All these will help you make the best decision. Look for what other people say about the companies you’re researching, check that they’re registered under the Department of Transportation, and asses their credentials and insurance policies. A company with a solid track record and glowing client reviews will give you peace of mind during the moving process.

Additionally, you should get detailed costs from different transport companies and compare them before you make your final selection. Ensure that the quotes cover all the necessary fees, including every other service you might need from them. When making your final choice, prioritize quality and reliability, even though pricing is an important consideration.

Consider Your Shipping Preference

Consider Your Shipping Preference

Many auto shipping companies offer a range of transportation options to meet various requirements. You need to carefully consider your needs before selecting a transportation mode. The following are a few typical choices to think about:

This is the most commonly used and most economical transport method. It is suitable for regular everyday cars (small and large). Your car will be carried on an open trailer, possibly coming in contact with the elements and some road debris during the move.

This transport system uses an enclosed trailer to move vehicles to their new location. It’s ideal for expensive cars like vintages. The enclosed space within the trailer protects your cars from the elements and theft to some extent.

This type of transport is smooth and seamless. The shipping company will pick up your car directly from your home and deliver it to your new home. This frees you from the hassle of driving it to them.

Get Your Cars Ready for Shipping

Get Your Cars Ready for Shipping

You need to do several things to ensure a smooth shipping process. Some of these things include:

  • Declutter and clean your car throughout, both inside and outside.
  • Remove all personal belongings from your car, as they can cause weight limits.
  • Take pictures of your car from various angles, documenting any damage already there.
  • Check that your car’s battery, fluid levels, and tire pressure are just right.
  • Turn off or remove any external accessories, as well as any anti-theft functions.
  • Check that the fuel tank has no fuller than a quarter tank to comply with safety rules.
Verify the Transport Company’s Insurance Coverage

Many reliable shipping companies have insurance coverage. However, checking how much liability they’re willing to cover for yourself is essential. In doing this, you can also learn what isn’t covered and get more insurance coverage to protect your car while it’s being transported.

Set and Confirm a Time and Date for Your Shipping

Setting a time and date for shipping your car and coordinating it with your overall relocation timeframe is important. This gives the shipping company plenty of time to plan the shipment, especially if you have specific delivery needs.

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Moving to a new home, especially if you’re moving with one or multiple cars, doesn’t have to be a tedious endeavor. With the right company, shipping your car is usually a smooth and seamless option for transportation. We at Ship A Car, Inc. offer the best and most reliable vehicle shipping services you may require. Call us at (866) 821-4555 to book us or make inquiries.