The FMCSA Has Closed Off Brokers from the Rate Transparency Dispute

This article will cover why the FMCSA recently denied the rulemaking petition by the Transportation Intermediaries Association, and what groups oppose the ruling.

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Top 10 Automobile Manufacturers with the Most Dependable Engines

This article will cover what the top ten most reliable car engines are on the market today. It will delve into the top ten list, why each engine is so reliable, and even how far the engines could possibly last.

House Representatives Introduce Trucking Workforce Bill

This article will cover what the Strengthening Supply Chains through Truck Driver Incentives Act is, why it will help incentivize truck drivers, and what organizations support the bill.

The US Trucking Market Spot Market vs. Contract Market

This article will cover what a spot and contract market is how they differ from one another, and what type of economy would each offer an advantage in.

Transportation Experts Divided on FMCSA’s Rejection of IRT

This article will cover what the Item Response Theory is, how the theory has been used, and why people are for and against the model.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance International Roadcheck Event

This article will cover when the Commercial and Vehicles Safety Alliance (the CVSA) will hold the International Roadcheck event. It will also be covering what the inspectors will be looking for in their Level I and Level V inspections.

German Court Dismisses Greenpeace’s Claim Against Volkswagen

This article will cover why the court ruled in favor of Volkswagen in Europe, how the European Union is pushing towards electric vehicles, and how President Biden is planning on phasing out gasoline powered vehicles.

How the Trucking Industry Can Combat Deflation in Freight Rates

This article will cover how shippers and carriers are able to work together to create an efficient business no matter what the economic market dictates.

Learn How Carriers Use Maintenance Data to Lengthen the Life of Equipment

This article will cover what the advantages are of implementing fleet maintenance software within the trucking industry. Furthermore, it will identify the different tips to implement when deciding on which software maintenance system you wish to use.

Freight Peak Season Was Disappointing

This article will cover why the fourth quarter of freight shipping had been a disappointment. Furthermore, it will cover a few bright spots for different freight companies, and how Nowports will help stimulate economic growth in Miami.

The Impact of a Recession on the Car Shipping Industry in 2023

Some recent indicators have raised alarms about a potential 2023 economic recession, and many worry about how a downturn might affect the car shipping industry. Throughout this post, we’ll break down the likelihood of a recession this year, its impact on different parts of the vehicle shipping market, and what you (and others) can do to prepare.

Republican Policymakers Highlight the Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles

This article will cover how policies that are being created in Congress are changing the automotive vehicle industry. Furthermore, it will also cover the advantages of automated vehicles in the trucking industry.

2022 Exhibited a Significant Rise in Cargo Thefts

This article will cover how crime has risen within the past year alone in regards to cargo shipping. It will cover a few eye popping statistics, the impact the crimes have had on the economy and how criminals have become more efficient in their operations.

Fleets Must Consider Powertrain Options Amid Green Push

This article will cover how cover how companies are improving their technology in order to meet upcoming standards for carbon emissions.

American Trucking Associations’ Bob Costello presents a conflicting view of the economy

This article will cover why Bob Costello has mixed reviews on the future of the American economy.

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