Debunked: 10 Common Myths about Car Transportation

You have no doubt come across a large amount of information while planning a relocation. However, not all of this information might be true, as a lot of myths about car shipping are being moved around from place to place. In this article, we will highlight 10 of the most common car shipping myths and debunk them so you can easily tell fact from fiction.

Debunked: 10 Common Myths about Car Transportation

1.     Car Shipping Is More Expensive Than Driving Manually

When you hire a shipping company, the cost of operating the carrier used to ship vehicles is divided among the owners. This makes car shipping with an auto transport company more convenient than shipping your vehicle alone. In addition to this, manual driving also has some extra hidden costs, including feeding, refueling, and accommodation, especially for journeys where you have to spend more than a day on the road.

2.     It Is Difficult To Prepare for Car Shipping

Car shipping companies typically oversee the nitty-gritty details of shipping your car. This allows you to focus only on preparing your vehicle for the journey without having to worry about planning an efficient route or handling mishaps and complications. The general things you need to do when preparing for car shipping include removing all your personal items, thoroughly cleaning the vehicle, and documenting and inspecting the vehicle’s initial condition.

3.    Car Shipping Is Only for Individuals, Not Businesses

While shipping companies typically ship vehicles for individuals, they also offer a range of services, like fleet relocation, for businesses or individuals with a large number of vehicles under their care. These services are usually targeted at vehicle dealers, wholesalers, or fleet managers to assist them with efficiently shipping all of their vehicles without compromising the safety of a single one.

4.     You Can Keep Items in Your Vehicle During Car Shipping

4.     You Can Keep Items in Your Vehicle During Car Shipping

Most auto transport companies have policies that prevent personal items from being shipped together with vehicles. These policies are usually implemented as a result of safety concerns, regulatory compliance, insurance coverage, or weight restrictions. You should also note that there are exceptions to this rule; for example, some auto transport companies may allow certain items to be shipped with vehicles, but even this comes with a lot of restrictions, like allotting only a small space, like a trunk, for storing those items.

5.    Car Shipping Is Only for Long Distances

There are car shipping services suited for different distances, both long and short. While it may seem ideal to drive a vehicle for short distances, you should also consider factors like vehicle protection, convenience, and time savings. Regardless of the distance, hiring car shipping services for exotic vehicles or when you have multiple vehicles is always the better option.

6.    All Shipping Companies Are the Same

Although car shipping companies all help ship cars, they all differ from each other in one way or another. Some companies might have more experience than others, while others might offer services that others may not. In the end, all shipping companies have something that makes them unique. This also emphasizes the need to carry out adequate research to ensure the company of your choice is capable of meeting your needs.

7.     Companies Take a Long Time to Ship a Car

Companies usually take longer to ship vehicles since they need more time to efficiently plan the process of shipping multiple cars at once. All the slots in a carrier also need to be filled before it leaves in order to maximize profit. However, shipping companies make use of expert drivers and high-quality carriers who are capable of spending over 12 hours on the road daily. The same results would be harder to achieve for untrained drivers with subpar shipping equipment.

4.     You Can Keep Items in Your Vehicle During Car Shipping

8.    Car Shipping Is Not a Safe Process

Enclosed carriers are the safest means of transporting a vehicle from one place to another while protecting it against road debris and harsh weather. Other than protection, shipping companies also employ experts versed in the car shipping process and hire insurance services to ensure that the vehicles are reinstated, even in the unfortunate case of an accident.

9.    Always Go With the Lowest Quote

Different shipping companies have different systems for calculating shipping estimates for their customers. It mainly depends on distance, but a lot of other things are also factored in, like the type of vehicle, the accessibility of the location, and the time and season of shipping. Lower quotes typically mean a lower quality of service, so you should keep in mind that choosing the lowest quote also means choosing the greatest risk for your vehicle.

10.   Inoperable Vehicles Cannot Be Shipped

Auto transport systems have efficient mechanisms that enable them to ship non-running vehicles. Their inability to move only makes the shipping process more difficult, especially with loading and unloading. This makes it more expensive than shipping a fully functioning vehicle. Overall, shipping companies can ship both running and non-running vehicles, with the latter costing more since it requires more preparation and attention.

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In conclusion, debunking these common myths helps shed more light on the true nature of car shipping. While myths are unavoidable, reading from trusted sites and making inquiries from reliable shipping companies can help to confirm or debunk some of this information.

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