Unraveling the Mystery: Understanding Variances in Auto Transport Shipping Quotes

Shipping quotes are price estimates of the amount you will need to pay to have your car shipped from one place to another. These price estimates can be so different that you might start wondering if it’s the same shipping services that are being provided. Here, we will explain why shipping quotes vary between auto transport companies and hopefully give you a better understanding of how shipping quotes are calculated so you can make a more informed decision the next time you need to ship your vehicle.

Unraveling the Mystery: Understanding Variances in Auto Transport Shipping Quotes

Quality of Service

The quality of service you will get from shipping companies varies, so it is only natural for the prices they charge to vary as well. A reputable shipping company that delivers a premium shipping experience will likely have higher quotes to reflect the quality of their services. Smaller companies, on the other hand, will likely charge less so that the lower prices can incentivize more customers to patronize their business. This is the reason why it is inadvisable to pick the lowest quote, as poor-quality services may put your vehicle at risk. You are better off choosing a company with pricing falls in the middle of the spectrum.

Hidden Charges

Some shipping companies give quotes that are less than what you will actually need to pay. This is to make the services appear more friendly to unsuspecting customers and lure them into booking them. They then begin to add a series of additional charges, such as loading fees, pick-up fees, and mileage fees, which ultimately lead to customers paying a much higher price than what they expected. Before finalizing your deal, be sure to ask questions about the price and check whether it is all-inclusive.

Additional Benefits

Another reason why shipping prices vary is because of the benefits you might get from a particular shipping company that others might not provide. For example, some shipping companies offer basic insurance coverage for your vehicle while it is in their care. The cost of the insurance is added to the total shipping quote available to you. Other than insurance, some companies may also give you door-to-door delivery or provide vehicle cleaning services before and after shipping your vehicle.

How Shipping Quotes Are Calculated

How Shipping Quotes Are Calculated

Shipping quotes are affected by a range of factors, some more influential on the final cost than others. While the factors are calculated in more or less the same way, some shipping companies may pay more attention to some than others. The three main factors involved in calculating the cost of shipping your vehicle are:


Auto transport companies usually calculate the rate of their shipping services on a per-mile basis. This makes sense since the longer the distance between your pickup and drop, the more it will cost to transport your vehicle. However, distance is not the only reason why the location factor is so important; the accessibility of your destination, such as in rural areas where the carrier may have to deviate from the main route, can also greatly influence the cost of shipping your vehicle.

Vehicle Properties

Vehicle Properties

The properties of your vehicle, determined by your vehicle type or model, also contribute to the shipping quote you will receive. Cars with bigger sizes and weights will obviously cost more to ship since they will occupy more space in the carrier and may make the shipping process more strenuous.

Shipping Option

Quotes also depend on the shipping option you choose. A variety of options are available to you when shipping with an auto transport company. The two main services you will likely come across include:

  • Expedited Delivery: Your vehicle is given priority to ensure it is shipped as quickly as possible. This is for customers who have a tight schedule to stick to.
  • Enclosed Shipping: This makes use of enclosed carriers, which have an enclosure that gives your vehicle more protection against harsh weather elements and road debris.

These services usually cost more than routine shipping options or methods, but they usually include benefits that are worth the price.

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When you want to have your car shipped, you will likely request shipping quotes from a number of companies. And you may find it funny that quotes for the same car going the same route can vary so much. This is mainly because of the different factors that affect the cost of shipping your vehicle and how different companies take these factors into account when calculating their quotes.

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