Motorcycle Shipping for Less

There are quite a few options for transporting your motorcycle without breaking the bank while receiving your precious cargo in one piece. “cheap” is good. However, you don’t want it at the expense of your motorcycle getting damaged or lost in transit. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of several options available and tips you can consider when you’re thinking about shipping your motorcycle.

Let’s get into it!

Cheapest Ways to Move a Motorcycle
  • Rent or Borrow a Truck

The most obvious choice is to borrow a truck! That’s if you are okay with making the ride, of course. If borrowing is not an option, you can rent a truck. Most truck rental companies will allow you to transport almost anything with their trucks. All you need to do is plan ahead and pay a small rental fee for the truck for however long you think it would take to move your motorcycle.

Whether you’re renting or borrowing a truck, the key factor is that you’ll be the one doing all the lifting and securing of the motorcycle. You can go with someone to help you load and unload to make things easier. Additionally, cable ties and a solid ramp may be useful.

Also, motorcycles are heavy, so you have to consider their weight when renting a truck. It’s smart to check the weight limit of whatever you’re renting so you don’t end up overloading it. Overloading can cause problems along the way. Once you can load and secure your motorcycle in the truck, you’re all set.

While renting a truck is a great way to save money, there might be better options for you if your motorcycle needs to be shipped internationally.

  • Get an Independent Service

An independent service is usually a man-for-hire kind of situation. There are several people with trucks that are willing to move almost anything. With these people, shipping can be really cheap. This is a result of the fact that they’re totally independent of shipping companies and don’t charge overhead costs that larger shipping companies might charge.

Different from large shipping companies, these Independent Service providers might not have large, sophisticated trailers or trucks for hauling. However, the trucks or vans they might have can get the job done. Also, many of these Independent truck drivers are responsible and complete the work as promised. However, be sure to check their licensing and other paperwork before you hire them to ship your motorcycle to avoid problems.

To avoid problems, ensure that the individual trucker provides a means for you to track your motorcycle while it’s in transit. As a result of the fact that it’s not a shipping company, the only way you can track your shipment is by calling the driver at intervals. So, be sure to collect and confirm the driver’s number before he leaves with your shipment.

These extra precautions will increase the likelihood of your motorcycle arriving safely and will spare you the additional costs that would be incurred if it is damaged or missing.

  • Use a Professional Service.

It’s always better to go to a professional for anything. No matter what happens, they know what they’re doing, and they’re probably equipped to cover the cost of any mishap that might occur along the way. Also, professional companies have years of experience moving cargo over long and short distances, so your motorcycle will be considerably safer.

Additionally, these companies have special Equipment like tie-downs and ramps that can be used to make loading and unloading of motorcycles easier and safer.

Now to the issue of cost. There are several options for relatively cheap professional moving companies. You need to research and select the company that works best for you.


No one wants to spend so much money on shipping, especially after paying a lot for the motorcycle itself. If you’re looking to cut shipping costs, this article’s options are a great place to start.

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  • Can you ship a motorcycle with gas in it?

Yes, you can. However, too much gas in the tank is not the safest option.

  • How Long Does It Take to Ship a Motorcycle?

The time it takes to ship usually depends on the shipping distance. Farther distances take longer time.