Which Method Is Best for Shipping a Car?

When you say the best way to ship a car, do you mean the fastest, safest, or cheapest way? There are many ways to ship a car, and each method excels in it’s own field. In this article, we will discuss the various methods of shipping a car, so you can choose which method best suits your needs.

Which Method Is Best for Shipping a Car?

Know Your Requirements

Before deciding on which method to ship a car, you need to be aware of your requirements; this will be helpful when deciding on a shipping method. The following are the three most common factors to consider:

1: Budget

Different shipping methods have different costs, and some may be more expensive than others, it is best to have a set budget before exploring your options.

2: Safety

If you are worried about the safety of your car, then you need to avoid methods that would expose your car to the risk of damage during transport.

3: Time

Various shipping methods have varying times of delivery; this is something you need to consider if you need your car shipped urgently.

Now that you know your requirements, you can go on to explore the various shipping methods, weigh their pros and cons, and decide which is best for you.

Manual Driving

Manual Driving

This is the cheapest way to ship your car; you only need to account for the cost of fueling your vehicle for the journey and food for fueling yourself. On the plus side, you are able to carry as many personal items as you want with you.

The major drawback to this method is that it is a really stressful and time-consuming method, especially when you don’t know your way to the destination, you would need to spend hours driving and navigating unfamiliar roads.

Drive Away Services

Drive Away Services

If you are unable to make time to drive the car, an option to consider is a drive-away service. You hire an experienced driver who knows their way around to drive your car to the required location. This service can cost a lot, as you need to pay the driver for his services and for his return journey.

In these processes, your car is still on the road and exposed to damage from debris, weather, or accidents on the highway. If you are looking for a safer way, then you should consider hiring a shipping company.

Hiring Shipping Companies

Hiring Shipping Companies

Shipping companies specialize in moving different vehicles from place to place; they have both experienced handlers and specialized carriers, capable of shipping a variety of vehicles. They also possess experience in shipping cars and would be able to put you through the process, to make it easy and stress-free for you.

Car shipping companies are also good when you are more concerned about the safety of your vehicle, as it will be placed in a carrier that will offer protection against road elements. This is also your go-to option when shipping exotic cars, like sports or electric vehicles.

Cross Country Car Shipping

Cross Country Shipping

These are methods employed when shipping cars over large distances, or locations that might not be accessible by road, examples of these methods are Trains, RoRo vessels, and Container ships.

The downside to this method of transportation is that your cars can only be dropped at a specific point, terminal, or port, and you might still need other shipping methods to get them to your required location. It is also more difficult to track your vehicle during the shipping process, as these vessels usually transport a large number of vehicles at a time.

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The cheapest way to ship a car? Drive it yourself. The safest way to ship a car? Use an enclosed carrier from a shipping company. The best way to ship your car cross-country? Use a open or enclosed car carrier from a shipping company.

The point is that there are several ways to ship your car depending on your needs; this is why your best bet is to employ a shipping company like Ship A Car, Inc. that has experienced handlers that can match their services to your requirements. Call us today at (866) 821-4555 to get a free quote on which shipping method is best for you.

What Does RoRo Stand for?

Roll-on, Roll-off is a type of shipping vessel with a large entrance, where cars are driven in and out of, for transporting them from one place to another, usually across the sea.

Is Enclosed Shipping Better Than Open-Air Shipping?

Enclosed carriers offer more security and protection to your cars against factors like weather and debris. They cost more than open-air shipping and should be used when safety is a major concern.