Deciding How to Ship Your Vehicle

The first step in your new move will be to plan how to ship your vehicle to its new destination. Three key variables mainly influence this process:

  • Destination. Where you’re shipping your vehicle will ultimately contribute to costs, time, and which shipping method you should choose.
  • Transport company. Each shipping company will have specific pros and cons over others, so this topic warrants some research.
  • Shipping method. There’s more than one way to ship your vehicle! Depending on your situation, it can make more sense to go with enclosed shipping, open-air transport, etc.

Let’s dive deeper into the details of each of these factors!

Knowing Your Destination

Knowing Your Destination

If you’re planning a corporate move, you likely already know your destination. 

Nonetheless, it would help if you considered factors like distance from your current residence, local shipping companies, and weather conditions between the two points. This awareness will help you choose a transport business and shipping method while also helping you calculate the approximate cost and time frame of shipping the vehicle.

Picking a Transport Company

Picking a Transport Company

While you can relocate your vehicle yourself, using a third-party shipping service is generally a better idea. But how can you figure out which company to use?

The most crucial considerations when choosing between different shipping companies will include variables like customer reviews, which shipping methods the business offers, pricing, and location. 

Picking the right company can save a lot of stress and headache, so it’s advised to take a bit of time to weigh each carefully.

Different Shipping Methods

Lastly, there are advantages to utilizing some shipping methods over others.

Open-air shipping, for example, is more common than enclosed shipping and generally offers a cheaper way to transport your vehicle. However, enclosed shipping can be a wise choice if your vehicle requires extra protection during relocation.

Ultimately, the best shipping method will depend on what type of vehicle you’re transporting, the distance between the two shipping points, and your preference.

Preparing for Relocation

Preparing for Relocation

Once you’ve determined how to ship your vehicle to its new corporate location, you’ll want to prepare for the transportation process. Here’s a helpful checklist of items you should keep in mind during the preparation stage:

  • Budget appropriately. Corporate relocation typically includes travel expenses, packing expenses, and shipping prices.
  • Inspect your vehicle before shipping. Checking your vehicle for damaged or faulty parts will make shipping more effortless and help you determine whether or not any damage occurred during transport.
  • Remove valuable personal belongings. While some personal belongings are generally allowed to remain in the vehicle, it’s best to remove anything of significant value in case it gets misplaced during the journey.
  • Locate the proper documentation. Shipping a car usually requires legal documents, including a bill of lading and proof of insurance.
  • Know your pickup and dropoff locations. Your shipping company should let you know where (and when) they will be picking up and dropping off your vehicle.
  • Request a transport quote. Experts highly recommend that you request a quote on the shipping price. A quote will help you budget and choose between shipping companies.

Calculating Costs & Time Frame

Calculating Costs & Time Frame

After the preparation stage is complete, you’ll likely wonder how much relocating your vehicle will cost and how long the process will take. Although there isn’t a hard and fast rule for calculating either of these questions, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Distance. Greater distances between the two points will typically take longer and cost more.

2. Company. Some transport companies have more expensive services than others or take longer to transport a vehicle across the same distance.

3. Shipping Method. Not all shipping methods are equally expensive; as mentioned earlier, enclosed shipping is generally more costly than open shipping.

To get a better idea of costs & time frame, you can always request a quote from your shipping company or even use an online calculator to get a rough estimate.

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Corporate relocation can be a stressful experience, so reducing the anxiety caused by vehicle transport is a significant step. You’re in a good position as long as you decide how you want to ship the vehicle, prepare for the process, and know what it’ll cost.

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