How to Use FMCSA and USDOT Numbers and Other Important Information

The USDOT Number and the MC Number are different in significant ways. Every moving and transport business should know the difference between these two things. So they will be able to follow all FMCSA and DOT rules. Also, companies can escape getting fined by the US government, which can be very expensive. 

A USDOT Number is a special permission to operate across state lines. The FMCSA gives it out and refers to everyone who moves between states. An MC Number is another way to get permission to do business across state lines. A number with MC status comes from the FMCSA, just like a USDOT Number. An MC Number is needed by any moving business that takes goods across state lines. This is also true for companies that move people from one state to another.

How to Use FMCSA and USDOT Numbers and Other Important Information

Who Requires an FMCSA Number?

Some companies that move people from one state to another need an MC Number and a USDOT number. Moving companies that move people or goods controlled by the federal government across state lines for a fee must also get an interstate operating authority MC number. Most for-hire carriers who only haul goods not regulated by the federal government don’t need an MC number. Companies that move things across state lines usually have a USDOT number, an FMCSA number, or both.

Who Requires a USDOT Number?

Moving firms that operate commercial vehicles that cross state lines to convey cargo or transport persons must always register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, have a USDOT number, and comply with federal regulations.

Understanding the Difference Between the Two Numbers

If you are still unsure which operating permission you need from the FMCSA or if you need both, we will explain the differences. One of the biggest differences is whether your company or for-hire carriers work in or outside their home state. 

A USDOT number is needed for businesses between states and companies within the same state. But if you only work in your own state and don’t cross any countries, you can usually get away with just a DOT. On the other hand, you only need an MC number for activities that take you from one state to another across state lines.

Understanding the Purpose of an FMCSA Number

A moving company’s official Motor Carrier Number is denoted by the acronym “MC Number.” A sort of interstate operating authority, a number with MC status, serves in that capacity for the business. It is utilized by the FMCSA so that moving companies can be identified. These are businesses that participate in the flow of goods across states. That indicates that the companies transport shipments beyond state lines.

Understanding the Purpose of an FMCSA Number

Understanding the Purpose of a USDOT Number

An official US Department of Transportation number is a USDOT number. The number’s function is to grant legitimate interstate operating authorization. Any moving business that conducts interstate movements gets that authority. The FMCSA provides the number.

What makes having a USDOT Number so crucial, then? Since the US government utilizes the number to monitor the safety records of moving companies. The status of FMCSA registration and compliance audits may be mentioned here. Additionally, the government keeps track of crash investigations, ratings, and inspections. The data is made accessible to the general public and is available on the FMCSA website.


We wrote this article to clarify any questions you might have about USDOT and FMCSA numbers. This article explains what both of these numbers are, the difference between the two, who is required to have which numbers, and what the purpose of the numbers is. If you have any questions about USDOT or FMCSA numbers and how they work, please feel free to contact us. As a professional car shipping company, Ship A Car, Inc is knowledgeable about both types of numbers and experienced in car transportation.

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How Much Does a USDOT Number Cost?

Even though the registration process is entirely free, you must provide the FMCSA with your credit card number so that they can verify you are who you say you are. There is no need to worry about utilizing the FMCSA website for FMCSA registration because the site will not charge your credit card for filing the form or issuing your USDOT number.

What Requirements are Necessary for a USDOT Number?

Filling out and sending in a USDOT application is pretty simple, but you must know how your business is legally classified. In addition to the basic details, you will also need to gather the following: how the company works, how the company’s operations are classified, and how the cargo is classified.

Other information that will be needed is the number of vehicles you plan to operate, what kind of vehicles they are, whether you own or lease them, and the size of your operation, such as whether you plan to operate within the same state or across state lines. You must also know your hazmat rating if you want to move dangerous chemicals.