Avoid These Costly Mistakes: Hire a Pro Car Shipping Company

When you need to transport your vehicle to a new place, either for relocation purposes or just a vacation, there are two main choices available to you: DIY car shipping or hiring a shipping company. If, for one reason or another, you think shipping your car yourself is much better than handing it over to professional car shippers, then you should definitely read this to the end. In this article, we will highlight the risks of DIY car shipping and give you multiple reasons why you should consider hiring a professional car shipping company instead.

The Risk of Sustaining Damage During the Journey

The Risk of Sustaining Damage During the Journey

The first and most obvious risk of driving your vehicle to your destination is the possible damage your vehicle will sustain along the way. When relocating, the safety of your vehicle should be a high priority. Exposing your vehicle will result in damages caused by some of these factors:

  • Abrasive particles: Particles from harsh weather or road debris can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s exterior. It could be as little as damage to the paint job, or it can cause big dents that are hard to repair.
  • Bad road conditions: Bumps or portholes along the way can cause serious damage to the underbelly of your vehicle or even to the car’s suspension system.
  • Wear and tear: Long distances will increase the mileage on your vehicle and seriously diminish its market value.
  • Accidents and collisions: Your vehicle could get involved in an accident or crash into places on the way. These could result in serious damage to your vehicle or even to you while you are in it.

Since your vehicle may not be covered by insurance, the cost of repairing all these damages will come directly from your pockets.

The Risk of Spending Above Your Budget

Most people tend to think driving their vehicles is much cheaper than shipping them. While this is certainly true for relatively short distances, when it comes to longer distances, like interstate or cross-country, you are better off engaging professional shipping services. When driving your car personally, your budget needs to cover things like lodging, food, tolls, and gas. For lodging alone, the average hotel room costs above $150 per night, and if your journey includes making several stops along the way, the amount you spend on lodging alone could amount to a lot. Fluctuations in gas prices could also cause you to spend above your budget.

The Risk of Not Meeting Up With Schedules

The Risk of Not Meeting Up With Schedules

Another risk of driving your vehicle yourself is that you may be unable to meet your schedule. Shipping your vehicle requires an intense amount of planning and calculation. If you prepare inadequately or do not make any preparations at all, you will encounter delays and complications. These delays may cause you to fall way behind schedule and may even hinder you from doing other things.

Driving your vehicle also means you would have to take time off from other things you are doing. You will also likely have to go through the stress and headaches that come with logistics and planning routes and procedures. All this will cause you to spend more time transporting your vehicle to the new location and could possibly affect your plans.

Benefits of Using Professional Car Shipping Services

Benefits of Using Professional Car Shipping Services

Now that we have discussed the three major risks involved in DIY car shipping, you should also learn why entrusting the task of transporting your vehicle to a professional car shipping company is your best option.

  • Vehicle Safety and Protection: Professional shipping companies use carriers to transport vehicles. The use of these carriers minimizes the damage your vehicle sustains during transport.
  • More cost-effective: With professional shippers, you only need to pay the amount requested without worrying about extra or additional fees. Collecting and comparing quotes from different shipping companies also allows you to choose the option that works best with your budget.
  • Quick and Timely Delivery: Carriers in shipping companies can spend about 12 hours on the road daily. This allows them to ship your car on time, even if your destination is across the country.
  • Convenience and Peace of Mind: The shipping company takes care of all the details involved in the shipping of your vehicle. This allows you to sit back and do other things without worrying about complications that may arise during the process.
  • Extra Services: Shipping with professionals exposes you to numerous services that you may not be able to provide yourself, such as insurance on your vehicles, the ability to ship special or exotic cars, shipping multiple vehicles at once, or even transporting the vehicle internationally.

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Some of the risks of shipping your car yourself include having the vehicle sustain damage, spending above your budget, and failing to meet up with plans and schedules. Rather than taking these risks that could have drastic consequences, you are better off hiring a professional car shipping company like Ship A Car.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and carriers ensure your vehicle reaches its destination safely, smoothly, and timely. We are also dedicated to giving our customers peace of mind and the best services for their money. So instead of trying to ship your car yourself, place a call to us at (866) 821-4555 and book your vehicle shipping order today!