Shipping Services for Electric Vehicles are in Increasing Demand

Electric vehicles, commonly referred to as “EVs,” are vehicles powered by electric batteries as opposed to the internal combustion engine (ICE) in normal gasoline-powered vehicles. The popularity of EVs has risen so much that the results of a recent survey show that of the number of people in search of a new vehicle, 50% of them have their sights set on electric vehicles.

As the demand for electric vehicle shipping services continues to grow, the auto transport industry has made notable changes to meet the increased demand. While the process of shipping electric vehicles is very similar to that of normal vehicles, there are a lot of things to pay attention to when shipping them.

Shipping Services for Electric Vehicles are in Increasing Demand

Things to Take Note of When Shipping Electric Vehicles

The first thing to note is that electric vehicles cannot be towed. In electric vehicles like Teslas, there is a function that charges the vehicle’s battery with the rolling of the tires. Towing an electric vehicle could cause overheating, which may damage the battery or other internal components. 

Electric vehicles have delicate systems that could suffer damage if they are not handled properly, and since electric vehicles now come in a variety of types, including SUVs and trucks, the shipping process needs an expert with remarkable knowledge and experience with them. There are also special licenses required for shipping electric vehicles in some states, and access to them is quite hard to get unless you make use of a reputable shipping company.

Factors Responsible for the Exponential Growth in the Demand for Electric Vehicle Shipping Services

The demand for electric vehicle shipping services has observed exponential growth over the years. While there are many factors responsible for this growth, the major factor is the increase in the number of electric vehicles among the general public.

The Increase in Popularity of Electric Vehicles

The Increase in Popularity of Electric Vehicles

As more people start to own electric cars, it is only natural that there will be a correlating growth in the demand for electric vehicle shipping services. Results from a recent survey predict that EVs will account for about 50% of consumer vehicles some years after 2030 and that by 2040, gasoline-powered vehicles will have nearly become obsolete.

One of the dominant reasons for electric vehicle purchases is the relatively low cost of operation and maintenance. Electric vehicles are unaffected by gas prices, and their maintenance costs a little over half the amount needed to maintain a normal vehicle. EVs are also environmentally friendly with fewer emissions, which is why the government gives out incentives to promote them. It is possible to get a tax credit of up to $7,500 for purchasing used EVs.

Electric Vehicles are not Ideal for Long-Distance Trips

A fully charged battery on an EV can cover about 100 to 300 miles before running out; after that, it needs to be recharged. Unlike normal vehicles, which could take less than a minute to refill, electric vehicles require about 40 to 50 minutes to charge a depleted battery. The extra charging time, which could lengthen a journey by about 20%, coupled with the low availability of charging stations, especially in remote areas, make electric vehicles inadequate for long-distance travel.

Electric vehicles also have delicate systems that can be easily disrupted by slight damage. And it can be quite hard to find a technician skilled and knowledgeable enough to troubleshoot and repair the vehicles. The stylish designs on the exterior of electric vehicles could also be damaged due to intense weather conditions or debris and particles on the road. The best decision is to use an enclosed carrier from a shipping company to prevent all these damages.

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In conclusion, as the demand for electric vehicles increases, so does the demand for electric vehicle shipping services. Several companies in the auto transport industry, like Ship A Car, Inc., are already diverting resources and manpower to adequately meet the high demand for electric vehicle shipping services.

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Why is it more expensive to ship electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles tend to be more expensive than their gasoline-powered counterparts. They also require specialized care and handling from experienced handlers and state-of-the-art equipment. There are also additional fees that could come from obtaining rare licenses and permits.