Should You Use a Local Auto Transport Company or a National Service?
October 29, 2020

Should You Use a Local Auto Transport Company or a National Service?

Bigger often is better.

Now that we’ve let the cat out of the proverbial bag on how we feel about whether to  “shop local” or “go big,” let us explain why we believe it’s far better to use a national auto transport service rather than a local-to-you enterprise when you need to ship your car out of state… or across the country.

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  1. Nationwide coverage means more drop-off and pick-up locations.

    In fact, with many nationwide auto transport firms, you can arrange for the service to come to your home to pick up your car. This usually is an extra fee, so if you prefer to get the car to the transport company, using a nationwide firm means it has many more locations so you won’t have to travel far to deliver the car for transport.

  2. The car can be picked up and delivered more quickly.

    The more trucks and drivers a transport company has, not only can it be picked up more quickly, it probably will get to its destination faster, as well.
    Auto Transport

  3. Cost savings in various ways.

    While a local carriers might be less expensive to use for auto transport, it may only be so for very local shipments. A large, nationwide firm, on the other hand, has the benefit of economies of scale. A nationwide company has more:

    • Drivers.
    • Trucks/trailers.
    • Larger trucks and trailers to haul more vehicles, allowing them to charge less per vehicle while still making a profit.
    • Routes, which allows them to make a shipment’s trip as cost-effective as possible. The company will spend less on fuel, less time in traffic, less time having to make costly detours…and will charge you sells as a result.
  4. Full-time customer support services.

    A local-to-you auto transport has fewer employees and may be able to serve you only during daylight hours. A nationwide service, on the other hand, often has 24-hour customer service representatives ready to help you seven days a week. This means if you have a concern at 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning, someone will be able to help you with shipment updates, information, even price quotes. 

  5. Many more auto transport options.

    Shipping a car in an exposed carrier is by far the least expensive option. A local company may have an exposed carrier, but how large is it? A 12-car carrier will be less expensive for you than a small four-vehicle carrier. But what if you want to ship your car in an enclosed carrier and the local company doesn’t have one? Or its enclosed carrier isn’t available for several weeks while it’s out on a transport? You won’t have that problem with a national auto transport company as it will be able to offer you many different shipment options, from large, exposed carriers, to enclosed carriers built for one car and one car only.

  6. The ability to transport classic, antique cars and other types of vehicles.

    Can a small local towing company transport motorcycles or other types of vehicles, such as a classic or luxury/ high-end automobile? A nationwide firm will be able to, and for less money than a local firm, which may have to hire a special trailer to transport the vehicle and charge you the additional cost for doing so.
    Auto Transport

  7. It will be easier for you to ascertain a national company’s true quality.

    The larger a company, the more customers it will have and therefore the more customer reviews it will have. You’ll be able to better gauge a company’s quality with a few hundred reviews rather than just a few dozen.

Ship A Car, Inc. is an auto transport broker with a nationwide network of carriers that we have personally vetted to make sure that they are only the most reliable, affordable and professional of transport providers that are both licensed and insured as well as have a rating of 95% or better. We have helped tens of thousands of customers, both big and small, transport vehicles of all types since our start in 2012 and we’re proud to say we’ve earned an “A+” designation from the BBB, as well as an overall average 5-star rating from our customers.

Call us at 866-821-4555 and tell us about your out-of-state or cross-country auto shipping needs to receive a free no obligation quote for your move.


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