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Pennsylvania Vehicle Shipping Routes

Popular Pennsylvania Shipping Locations

We provide direct service to and from any location in Pennsylvania - above is a list of the most popular car shipping locations that we service.

Everything You Need to Know About the State of Pennsylvania (PA)

One of the original 13 colonies, Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn as a place for his fellow Quakers. Pennsylvania’s funding, Philly, was the website of the first and also second Continental Congresses in 1774 and also 1775, the latter of which generated the Declaration, sparking the American Transformation. After the war, Pennsylvania ended up being the 2nd state, after Delaware, to validate the UNITED STATE Constitution.

In the American Civil War (1861-1865), Pennsylvania was the site of the Fight of Gettysburg, in which Union General George Meade defeated Confederate General Robert E. Lee, bringing an end to the Confederacy’s Northern invasion, in addition to Lincoln’s renowned Gettysburg Address. Travelers are attracted to Pennsylvania by its monoliths of America’s revolutionary background, consisting of Independence Hall as well as the Freedom Bell. Famous Pennsylvanians consist of patriots and also innovators Benjamin Franklin, frontiersman Daniel Boone, painter Mary Cassatt, inventor Robert Fulton, and comedian Bill Cosby.

Called by Guv William Penn after he arrived in the New World in 1682, Philly incorporated the Greek words for love (phileo) and also sibling (adelphos), engendering its nickname of "the city of brotherly love."
Although born in Boston, Philly asserts Ben Franklin as one of its boys as the distinguished statesman, scientist, author as well as developer transferred to the city at the age of 17. In charge of several public renovations, Franklin established the Collection Firm of Philadelphia in 1731 as well as arranged the Union Fire Company in 1736.
On September 18, 1777, fearing that the approaching British army would take and also melt the Liberty Bell for ammo, 200 cavalrymen transferred the iconic sign of liberty by caravan from the Philly State Residence to the basement of the Zion Reformed Church in Allentown, where it stayed until the British ultimately left in June of 1778.
Now the biggest city in Pennsylvania, Philly functioned as the nation's funding from 1790 until an irreversible capital was established in Washington, D.C., in 1800. Both the Declaration of Independence and also the UNITED STATE Constitution were signed in Philadelphia.
In July of 1952, Jonas Salk established the very first polio vaccination from the eliminated infection at the College of Pittsburgh. First tested on himself and also his family, the vaccination was offered nationwide a couple of years later, which lowered the number of polio cases from almost 29,000 in 1955 to less than 6,000 in 1957.
In 1903, the Boston Americans and Pittsburgh Pirates competed against each other in the first official World Series of Big League Baseball at Presentation Park in Pittsburgh. In the best-of-nine series, Boston won five video games to 3.
The most awful nuclear crash in United States history happened on March 28, 1979, on Three Mile Island near Harrisburg. Caused by a collection of system malfunctions and also human errors, the plant's atomic power plant core was partially thawed, and also thousands of citizens were evacuated or run away from the area, afraid of radiation exposure.
William Penn originally requested his land grant be named "Sylvania," from the Latin for "timbers." Charles II instead called it "Pennsylvania," after Penn's daddy, creating Penn to fret that inhabitants would certainly believe he called it after himself.

Vehicle Shipping to Pennsylvania

Reasons Why you Should Hire an Auto Shipping Company

  • It saves your time.
  • It is convenient; driving across states can be stressful. When you hire the services of good shipping, you can just take a flight and have your car delivered to you.
  • Shipping your vehicle instead of driving it all the way  saves a lot of mileage

What Influences the Cost of Shipping?


Distance affects the fuel consumed by auto transport carriers. The farther the distance the higher the cost of shipping, for instance, it would cost more to ship across states than within the state of Pennsylvania. Most companies offer a discount on the cost per mile for long distances.

Size of Vehicle

The dimension of the vehicle you want to transport greatly influences the cost of shipping. Several smaller cars can be transported at the same depending on the auto carrier used which reduces the cost of transportation in the long run. Larger cars on the other hand occupy more space on the vehicle. You should inform the shipping company about the condition and type of vehicle you want to transport.


The time frame within which you want your vehicle delivered affects shipping quotes. Having a flexible delivery schedule gives the shipping company enough room to plan its routes efficiently. However, expedited shipping tends to cost more.

Auto Transport Carrier Used

The two types of auto carriers are open auto carriers and enclosed auto carriers. The open auto carrier is the standard and it is readily available in most auto transport companies. It can transport several vehicles at once and it is economical. The downside to this option is that it exposes your vehicle to possible unfavorable weather conditions. The enclosed auto carrier shields your vehicle from road debris and elements. It is highly recommended for high-end vehicles. This option is more expensive compared to open auto carriers.

How to Prepare your Vehicle for Shipping

The following are certain things you should do to prepare your vehicle for shipping:

  • Take out all your stuff from the vehicle
  • Check your vehicle and record any prior damages.
  • Make sure you have all your paperwork complete.
  • Wash your vehicle, this makes scratches and dents easier to notice.
  • Your fuel tank should be about a quarter full to reduce the weight.

Recommendations on how to Select an Efficient Company to Transport your Vehicle

  1. Always verify the legitimacy of the company you intend to hire. The auto transport company should be licensed by relevant authorities to operate in the United States.
  2. Get reviews from family and friends that have used the company. Online reviews are also a good way of validating the reputation of a company.
  3. Get adequate information about the company’s insurance policy. This information is very useful in the event of damage to your vehicle.
  4. Hire a company that prioritizes safety. This is important for the protection of life and property
  5. It is always an added advantage when you hire a company that has good experience in the car shipping business.

Ready to transport with SAC?

Our transport representatives are available by calling (866) 821-4555 to answer all your questions.


Pennsylvania Transportation Information

  • Pennsylvania Rail Transport
  • Pennsylvania Roads
  • Pennsylvania Ports Transport
  • Pennsylvania Air Transport
  • Pennsylvania Rail Transport

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    The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is the sixth-largest transit agency in the USA and operates the traveler, hefty and also public transportation transit, and also transportation bus solutions in Philadelphia city. The Port Authority of Allegheny County is the 25th-largest transportation agency and also gives transit buses and public transportation services around Pittsburgh.

    Intercity guest rail transit is supplied by Amtrak, with most of the website traffic taking place on the Keystone Solution in the high-speed Keystone Passage between Harrisburg and Philly’s 30th Street Terminal before heading north to New York City, along with the Northeast Regional giving frequent high-speed solutions up and down the Northeast Passage. The Pennsylvanian follows the same path from New York City to Harrisburg yet expands out to Pittsburgh. The Capitol Limited additionally passes through Pittsburgh, as well as Connellsville, on its way from Chicago to Washington, D.C. Traveling between Chicago and New York City; the Lake Shore Limited goes through Erie when in each instruction. There are 67 short-line products railroads running in Pennsylvania, the greatest number in any kind of U.S. state. In 2018, OurBus started using service from West Chester, PA– Malvern, PA– King of Prussia, — Ft Washington, PA– New York City, NY.

  • Pennsylvania Roads

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    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, abbreviated as PennDOT, has 39,861 miles (64,150 km) of the 121,770 miles (195,970 kilometers) of highway in the state, making it the fifth-largest state highway system in the USA. The Pennsylvania Turnpike system is 535 miles (861 kilometers) long, with the mainline part extending from Ohio to Philly and New Jacket. It is overseen by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. An additional major east-west path is Interstate 80, which runs largely in the northern rate of the state from Ohio to New Jacket at the Delaware Water Void. Interstate 90 travels the relatively short range between Ohio as well as New York via Erie County, in the extreme northwestern part of the state.

    Primary north-south highways are Interstate 79 from its terminus in Erie with Pittsburgh to West Virginia, Interstate 81 from New York City via Scranton, Lackawanna Area, and Harrisburg to Maryland as well as Interstate 476, which starts 7 miles (11 kilometers) north of the Delaware boundary, in Chester, Delaware County and take a trip 132 miles (212 km) to Clarks Summit, Lackawanna Area, where it signs up with I-81. Almost 20 miles (32 km) of I-476 is the Northeast Expansion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, while the highway south of the mainline of the Pennsylvania Turnpike is formally called the “Veterans Memorial Highway”, but is frequently described by residents as the “Blue Course”.

  • Pennsylvania Ports Transport

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    Pennsylvania adds its far-reaching facilities in its durable port system, composed of the Ports of Philly, Pittsburgh, and also Erie, each contributing one-of-a-kind advantages both to in-state and global firms. The state rates 10th in the nation for the number of products moved with its ports with over 70 million lots of products. These 3 ports supply a financial advantage of almost $50 billion to Pennsylvania.

    Port of Philadelphia: Strategic Location

    • Known throughout the world as a leading handler of both refrigerated and frozen cargoes
    • In 2015 passed the 1 million ton mark in the handling and distribution of forest products
    • Achieved six consecutive years of sustained cargo growth
    • Among the top 16 container ports in the USA, handling 427,630 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) in 2015

    Port of Pittsburgh: Gateway to the Gulf

    • Moves more than 35 million tons of cargo annually along its three major waterways
    • It is the second-busiest inland port in the U.S.
    • 17th busiest port of any kind in the nation

    Port of Erie: Global Access

    • Within a 300-mile (482 km) radius of one-third of the population of the U.S.
    • Makes it easy to reach major markets such as Detroit, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., and parts of Canada
    • Serviced by Norfolk Southern, the Allegheny Eastern Railroad, and CSX
  • Pennsylvania Air Transport

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    Pennsylvania has 7 major airports: Philadelphia International, Pittsburgh International, Lehigh Valley International, Harrisburg International, Erie International, College Park Airport, and also Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International. There are 134 public-use airports are located in the state. The port of Pittsburgh is the second-largest inland port in the USA and the 18th-largest port on the whole; the Port of Philly is the 24th-largest port in the United States. Pennsylvania’s only port on the Great Lakes lies in Erie.

    The Allegheny River Lock and also Dam 2 is the most-used lock run by the US Army Corps of Engineers of its 255 nationwide. The dam impounds the Allegheny River near Midtown Pittsburgh.

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As rated by our clients (from 1139 testimonials)
Our experience with Ship A Car was excellent. They were very responsive with getting us a quote and delivered the vehicle to the door on time. The carrier driver was terrific. He was experienced, courteous and we would definitely use them again.
Lynn L.
Best transport company in the industry! This is the first time I have used Ship A Car, having shipped a few in my time I will never go back! Ship A Car provided me with an accurate delivery date, competitive price and great service. From the sales representative to the transport driver. Everyone involved was professional and honest. Can't recommend them enough. Thanks Lisa!
Andy P. Williamsburg, VA
Car transport Len walked me through the process and answered the million questions I had like a consumate professional. I felt very comfortable making a decision to let them haul my cars. I felt very informed by all parties involved. I felt like my cars were in safe hands. The delivery was early and the pickup was on time. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good experience.
Robert Riggan
Since day 1 the communication, price, service has been perfect. This is the second time that I need this type of service and decide to use another company since my first experience was not easy. I give myself the opportunity to try SHIP A CAS, INC. and the pickup date and delivery date has been fulfill. Ask for Paul M. he will take care or your car and will keep you update on everything. I'm very pleased with the service and I'll recommended. A+
Communication - Date Committed - Sharp!
I worked with Paul Sinclair. He provided exceptional customer service and valuable knowledge for shipping my Toyota Corolla. The transporter who picked up my vehicle was courteous throughout the process as well. I would recommend asking for Paul S. as he was spot on with the communication , quote and customer expectations. Thank you, Glenn W.
Glen Sinclair
Danny from Ship a Car, coordinated for my Car transport from PA to MN. It was such a seamless experience. I highly appreciate the service that you have provided me. Thank you.
Dileep J. Monroeville, PA
Danny did an amazing job assisting my transport of two cars across the country. He met specific terms in our contract and provided first class service throughout the entire process. We ran into an issue where the truck picking up the cars had engine trouble. Danny called and had already fixed the problem contracting a second truck with the agreed upon pick-up date. The two cars were picked up and delivered on time.
Angelo L.
Excellent Service!! After speaking to three transport companies that didn't impress me, I called Ship A Car, Inc...Wow.Danny, the agent, made me feel at ease as he spoke with confidence and assured me I will not have to worry and I did not worry at all. Danny founded a driver in one hour!! Issachar Simmons (truck driver ) was efficient and professional! He transported my son's truck to Ft Hood Texas without any problems or delays and did not hesitate to pick up the truck from my house. Wow! I highly recommend Ship A Car Inc.Money Well Spent!
Gena G.
From the first call to final delivery, it was a first class experience. Yvonne on the phone handling my request to the driver who showed great care with my car. Chicago Burbs to Seattle.....a job very well done. Everything as promised.
Dave Fuerst
You guys should double Janet's wages. She was amazing, and the results are perfection. Waited weeks for dealership to ship my car, and she got in on it's way the same day I called. It was much less than other quotes I received too. Thank you!
Derrick M. Foxcroft Foxcroft, ME
An excellent company, I have been working with them for several years. All perfectly!
Andy B.
I was truly blessed by this company. They shipped my car from Washington state to Texas in the snow. They said my car will arrive in 7 days. My car arrived in 4 1/2 days. Which was earlier than expected. I'm grateful and thankful. Great company.
MeLinda H
It was timely service to ship my car. Though my car was picked up 1 day late than the date of the deal, I am happy that they could deliver on time.
Prakash Shrestha
Meredith with Ship a Car, Inc. helped us to get 5 vehicles shipped across two states. She was wonderful and we highly recommend Ship a Car, Inc. We needed our cars shipped quickly. Meredith was responsive and communicative. She found us two professional drivers who both did an excellent job!
Jennifer Payne
In a word, fantastic service. If you can work with Nelson, do that!
Nicole T.
I would like to express my deepest appreciation for Justen’s help in shipping my daughters car back from Honolulu to Michigan. He was a huge help in overcoming several big challenges in making this happen. There is no doubt that without his commitment this would not have happened. If anyone I know ever needs to ship a car I will make sure they call Justen at Ship a Car, Inc.
MATT C. Brighton, MI
Although this Company did not ship my car. Their response to my needs and great customer services showed me that they actually were looking to help me. They were transparent and did not give me the run around and called me back the same day to tell me they had a carrier to pick up my car. I want to thank them for their due diligence at getting the job done. I will be using them in the future. Thank you Paul!!
Thank You I Will Use You Guys In The Future.
Excellent customer service, Bob M. was courteous, professional, took responsibility for ensuring shipment occurred as committed and communicated. Vehicle arrived on time with no issues. Great service !
Dan F.
This moving company is just excellent in what they do. Will refer them to anyone!
Corey Fowler
Ship a car did a wonderful job shipping my cousins car. Sam was so nice and helpful with dealing with my father. My father was trying to take care of this transaction and make all the arrangements. I was the middle person to just clarify some things. Sam took the time to explain to me of everything that was happening and told me what was required from me/my dad. It takes a lot of patience for someone to figure out the details of delivering a car. I will probably use this company if I ever need to ship a car. Thank you ship a car and also thank you Sam for the great service!!!!!
Ashley Geiger
I was provided great service. They picked up my car on time and delivered on time. Gabriel was wonderful and very helpful I definitely recommend this service
Great Service
Thank You Danny, for your honesty. when I called for an estimate this man told me that he could have my car picked up in Ma. on Monday, and have it delivered to me in Pa. the next day, which is exactly what he did. The price was a little more than I wanted to pay, but it was well worth it. Thanks Again.
Bill W. Selinsgrove, PA
Great company to work with for shipping my car from Oakland to Honolulu. Rita was a pleasure to work with and made the entire process as easy as possible. No hangups and I received my vehicle earlier than I anticipated. Will be using Ship a Car again in the future for my vehicle transport needs.
Nikoles M.
First time ever shipping a car overseas. I was scared at first at choosing a company because I didn't want to get scammed but I'm really glad I found this one. They are very informative and answer all your questions. My car arrived in a month. I recommend this company to anyone who is Shipping a car. Thanks for the amazing service!
Mohammed Akhtar
The transport company I chose didn't show up and it was pretty bad. I switched to Ship A Car and I liked their communication. People let me know what's going on and I'm good. When I called to ask about anything, a person was there and responded. He called me to let me know that he had someone to pick up the car. From then on, it was good until delivery. After delivery, I got a follow-up call so it went well.   The transport was from South Carolina to Utah, which was about 2,200 miles. When the car was picked up, it took a couple of days. There were two drivers and they just continually drove. I couldn't believe it. The final rate was what was decided upon. The only thing was the payment was a cash requirement. I had just moved here to Utah and I just opened an account. The money was held because it came from another state so I didn't have cash. That posed a problem on delivery because checks or credit cards weren't accepted. If a credit card were accepted, that would have helped tremendously. Other than that, I would recommend Ship A Car.
Virginia of Draper, UT
This was my first experience with shipping an automobile cross country, and I must say it was and excellent experience. Bob Moran was very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable with the shipping process. We had a great conversation about cars and reminiscing the good old days. The whole process went great! The car arrived sooner than expected and was in great condition. Bob Moran is a great asset to Ship a Car and I highly recommend them.
Lance Roth
I wanted to take the time to say that my expectations were exceeded with your car transport company and your service. You kept me well informed and answered my questions so quickly. It was such a nice experience to deal with you. When I think I called on Monday, you assigned a carrier the same day, the next day Tuesday I met Mihai to deliver the car (he couldn’t have been nicer), the next day Wednesday, Mihai delivered the car to my son. It was amazingly easy. I wish I had found you and your company sooner. Last week dealing with the other transport company was a nightmare. Please know that you are appreciated and pass on my rave review to Mihai. He did a great job getting the car there in just a day and a half and in a enclosed trailer no less.
Sue S. Perry , MI
I called Ship a car to get a quote on a car transport, I got forwarded quickly to Bob who was able to answer all my questions and was extremely helpful with the entire process. He promised me a ship date and arrival date and he was spot on no issues. Car got delivered perfectly and professionally. He called me during transport to update me and a couple times after to follow up with everything. Will definitely use them again in the future and will let anyone else know about this service if they need it.
Rami H.
These guys are great! especially Danny. He was so nice and helpful unlike most brokers and really got us the best deal. I was also very appreciative how he gave me his personal cell number to call him should any problems arise or if I simply had any questions. I will definitely use them again next year. If you want a no hassle smooth transaction, he is the one to talk to.
Julia Perez
Hello, I worked with Steve Goodman getting my car shipped from Pennsylvania to South Dakota. I was very leery on selecting a company and had been in touch with other shippers. My finale price was about $200 higher than original quote, but South Dakota isn't a very popular route. I had Car available on November 2 , 2020 and truck picked it the same day ! Although first truck had mechanical issues, Steve has another within 30 minutes scheduled. Car was delivered with no issues , on time. I would suggest to others to be available at anytime day of the transport because the driver can show really at anytime. Its funny the other shipping company called me and said the finally found a driver to transport my car , but it was already delivered . Steve really made it happen quick !
Overall Great Experience
You guys went out of you way to make it happen and Nichole is awesome. Thank you soo much.
Danny A. Dulles, VA
I would use Ship a Car again in a heartbeat everyone was very professional and courteous.. They kept me up to date on every part of the shipment.. The truck and the people who delivered the car were great.
Sid R.
Fantastic customer service throughout the process. Highly recommended.
Albert Magalio
Had a wonderful, smooth, successful transaction with these guys. They did everything as promised, including delivering the car across the country a day early!  Couldn't have been easier.
Kate D.
My Ship-a-Car agent, Dana Briones, was professional, courteous, helpful, and responsive. The shipping of my vehicle from Atlanta GA to Portland OR went exactly according to plan with no surprises and no drama.
Michael H. Decatur, GA
Everything was pleasant with Ship A Car. They were easy to communicate with and the driver was easy to work with. The car was transported from Grand Junction to Tulsa and the final cost was lower than the initial quote I was given. It was a good experience and I'd do it again if I need to.
Todd of Sapulpa, OK
My recent relocation from Seattle to Pittsburgh was less stressful because of the service that Ship A Car provided—Yvonne B. coordinated with both my husband and I to have my car shipped. Both drivers were very nice and professional. It was a no-hassle process with the driver picking up my car on time and at my apartment, and then delivering it on time and at my apartment. Definitely recommend this service.
Toni Insana
Meredith was wonderful. A true professional, she watched over the transport as if it were her car. She took care of me throughout the process. I couldn't ask for any better service. She is the tops.
Jeffrey K.
I recently purchased a truck for my daughter in NJ and needed it transported to her in Florida. Bob was very easy and pleasant to work with. His price was competitive. The truck arrived (safely) exactly when and where they said it would, and the carrier was dependable and vey responsive. I would definitely use them again, and would recommend to anyone who needs a vehicle transported!
Ship a Car was fantastic! Cameron B. was the best contact ever. He explained everything beforehand which made the process proceed smoothly for me, having never transported a vehicle. At the end of the day I felt more like a passenger riding "shot gun" enjoying the ride than a customer. Would recommend Ship a Car to anyone along with their carriers. My Jeep was treated as if it was one of their own personal vehicles It arrived on time and in fine condition travelling from Quincy to Fort Lauderdale. Thanks Ship a Car.
Michael G. Quincy, MA
I used Ship a Car to transport my car across the country, and it was a very smooth process.. I worked with Bob Moran, who was excellent. Very quick to respond and answer my questions.
Travis Howell
Contacted Ship-A-Car Inc., one of many. Spoke with Carrie. I knew I was dealing with a broker and since I was a first time shipper I had nothing to fall back on. After a couple of phone calls I decided to go with Ship-A-Car. No problems at all. Transport company and the driver were first class. Picked the car up within two days of my contacting them. Car was delivered two days later on time and on schedule.
Tom P.
Excellent customer service from Dana Briones from inquiry until the successful drop off of my new car from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, CA. She was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, reassuring and made herself available when I called to check on the location of my car after 4 days. I was also provided with the driver's full name and cell phone number. I most appreciate that Dana was honest about the estimated transport pick up and delivery time frame. The driver Alex was the absolute best. He called me and the car dealership the morning he picked up my new car. We spoke about 4 days later and he told me his expected delivery day. On that day, he texted me to let me know the time based on his GPS. He arrived earlier than expected. This was my first time purchasing a car from the internet, from another state and using an auto transportation company. I did have anxiety in the beginning. However, EVERYTHING went smooth and I have nothing but great things to say about Dana and Ship a Car Inc.
M. A
We used Ship a Car to transport 2 of our vehicles from Salt Lake City to Nashville. Justin was on it as soon as I gave the go ahead. The drivers arrived a little early, but patiently waited and our cars arrived one, before we did (but we had made arrangements for it to be received), the other as scheduled a couple of days later. No damage to either vehicle, just a lot of road dust as to be expected. I'd use them again in a heart beat. They were half the price of all the others and less that a week ship time.
DANA P. Salt Lake City, UT
That picture is just the way your experience is with Ship A Car. Awesome and sweet, great custormer service, Quinten ;) and fast delivery. Thank You!
Hope Davis
Go with Ship A Car for your Transport Needs! Moving from Minnesota to North Carolina, I was in need of a car shipping service. I called a few different companies for quotes, but Ship A Car was the cheapest. I highly recommend their service. They shipped my 2019 Genesis in an enclosed trailer and I was updated every step of the way with pictures and notifications. I recommend working with Leo and/or Danny.
Shabanna Mahadeo
I couldn’t be happier with the service I received. The car arrived in perfect condition and even sooner than expected. I worked with Bob Moran and he was the BEST. He explained ,the entire process and was accurate and very helpful. This experience was perfect in every way. Bob Moran made it all happen and the driver was a very professional young man. Perfect!
Donna Kelly Muller
They hauled my very expensive V8 chopper from OK to Clearwater, FL. Took care or it like it was a baby. Pedro the driver was amazing and Pepper the dispatcher was all over it from before they pick it up to the delivery. She was a life saver.
Don C. Clearwater , FL
I had excellent service from them, I'm about to use them again & would recommend them 100%.
Chris was very helpful with setting my car up to be shipped from Florida and California. Always professional and resolved a few concerns I had. I would definitely recommend this company when shipping your vehicle. The price was great!!! Everything he promised was just that.
Lamont G.
Thank you Meredith for your assistance. I was pleasantly surprised that the car made it to me 2 days earlier than you originally quoted. Thank you for checking on the status on your end and for following up afterwards to make sure I got what I needed.
Willie was wonderful to work with and motorcycle was picked up within a few days of my first call and arrived one day earlier than estimate which was great. This was going from Nebraska to my Marine son in California. The shipper assigned did not fill out a condition report and Willie told me there would be one so I asked but the driver didn't speak English well and kept brushing me off. There was a small chip on the back fender but I have left phone messages and emailed KP Turbo Transport that moved it and never receive a reply. I would use Willie again but maybe not accept quote from KP Turbo Transport.
Molly E.
len worked hard to make my small time frame workand paid half the cost from other brokers,great company,will use again
bill newbern
Larry Farber of Ship a Car Inc. helped my daughter and I get her car transported from New Jersay to Utah. We had a difficult time schedule to meet, but Larry worked hard and did a great job coordinating events for us. His communication was very good. Highly recommend him!
Ronald L. Lawrenceville, NJ
I was transporting a car I bought from an elderly lady as a surprise for my husband. Steve H at Ship a car made this whole experience really simple and easy, no stress. He is a great communicator and friendly to deal with. The transport guy Bruno was of a similiar mindset and we had the car delivered in perfect condition. I didn't make the call until Thursday afternoon and received the car on Saturday morning. Fantastic service, I couldn't be happier!
Fantastic company! Janet was especially awesome with perfect and timely communication both via phone and email. The car arrived early and in great condition. Well done!
Ryan H.
I have now been using them to support my business for the past 2 months and I must say, the service is amazing. They keep me updated throughout the whole process from start to finish with excellent communication, they are also extremely professional and very competitive with pricing. Would highly recommend them to anybody looking to ship their car! 5 stars!
Eric Daugherty
The most recent service we had done by Ship A Car INC. was to transport a car from California to Denver, Colorado. The task turned out fantastic, as usual. I really like that it is so easy to make arrangements with them and all of the staff seems so professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, as I have used their services for years and will continue doing so.
Bob M. Denver, CO
Delt with Bob M, everything went very smoothly with my car transport . He was professional and a pleasure to deal with. I hired a different company and they dropped the ball and were not truthfull .Then I contacted Bob and he did exactly what he said . My car transport without any problems. Iwas informed through the hole process.
Phil B
I needed to vehicles shipped from 2 different states. I had booked with Roadrunner who was unable to provide transport when the deadlines arrived. Dana helped me get the first vehicle from Alabama to South Carolina and Bob really pushes the 2nd vehicles transport as I was on a timeline. With a promise of day after delivery I was impressed to be told that the vehicle a 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS had been delivered the next day!! I found Ship A Car online by typing the Top 10 auto transport companies... They were ranked #1... Nuff Said!!
Cornell S
Justin in customer service was awesome. Very quick turn around time with giving me a quote and assisting me. Always on top of thing with questions I had. Also the emails sent on how to prepare the car for shipment, etc. were most helpful.
Ron Vanden Hoogen
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