Detailed Instructions for Shipping Military Members’ Vehicles out of the US

Moving may be a difficult process, especially if you have to send your car across the world. Due to the special rules and processes involved, this process might be considerably more difficult for military personnel and their families. This blog article will walk you through the crucial procedures and factors to take into account when shipping an automobile abroad as part of a PCS within the US military.

After the Shipment

Understanding the Basics of Vehicle Shipping

Eligibility for Shipping a Personal Vehicle

When receiving orders for a PCS relocation, the Department of Defense (DoD) permits military members to transport their privately owned vehicles (POVs). However, depending on the service member’s rank, the length of the foreign tour, and the precise location, the qualifying requirements may change. To verify their eligibility, service members can speak with their transportation office.

Vehicle Shipping Entitlement

The expense of sending one POV to the foreign site is often covered by the DoD. This right covers the movement of cars, motorbikes, scooters, vans, and pickup trucks. The military member must possess a current U.S. driver’s license, and the car must be used for personal purposes only.

Preparation for Vehicle Shipping

The car must be spotless inside and out before shipment, with no more than a quarter tank of gasoline. Only factory-installed equipment is permitted inside the car; personal things are not permitted. The service member must show proof of ownership or authority to transport a leased vehicle, and the car must be in excellent functioning order.

The Shipping Process

The Shipping Process

Scheduling the Shipment

The shipping of the military member’s POV can be scheduled once they obtain PCS orders. The DoD’s contractor for POV shipments, International Auto Logistics (IAL), offers online shipping arrangements.

Vehicle Drop-off and Pick-up

At one of the Vehicle Processing Centers (VPCs) spread around the country, the service member can drop off their car. The service member receives a car Shipping Document at the VPC after the car has been examined. This document must be kept secure since it will be needed when picking up the vehicle at the destination.

Vehicle Tracking

Through the IAL website, the service member may monitor the progress of their vehicle shipment. When the car reaches the final port and is prepared for pickup, they will be notified.

After the Shipment

After the Shipment

Vehicle Pick-up

The service member can pick up their car at the designated VPC when they reach their destination. They must show both their military ID and the Vehicle Shipping Document. The car will be examined once more, and any damage sustained while transit should be documented.

Claims for Damages

The service member may submit a claim in the unlikely event that the car is harmed in transit. The on-site claims staff is outfitted with cutting-edge technologies to quickly resolve claims. The service member will have to supply their bank information in order to accept an electronic payment.

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A military PCS transfer requires you to ship your own vehicle overseas, therefore careful planning and following the shipping procedure are crucial. You may guarantee a simple and secure shipping process by comprehending the eligibility requirements, correctly preparing the car, and taking the required actions. As the top auto shipping broker, Ship A Car, Inc. will help you transfer your car smoothly from your house to the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC), giving you peace of mind during the whole procedure.

Questions and Answers

Q:  Can I have the DoD send more than one car abroad?
A: The DoD typically pays for the delivery of one POV every PCS transfer. You’ll probably have to pay for these expenses yourself if you want to ship more than one vehicle.

Q:  What transpires if my car is damaged during shipping?
A:  A claim can be made at the destination VPC if your car is damaged during shipping. If you want to take an electronic payment, you must offer your bank account information to the on-site claims staff.