The Most Loved & Hated Car in 2022

Every year research is conducted throughout the world to identify what the most loved and hated car brands are throughout the world. In order to conduct this research, websites use market data and how people reviewed the vehicles online in order to compile the data. This was most recently conducted in March of 2022, and there are a number of key takeaways from this study.

One of the major takeaways from this study is that Tesla and Ferrari are both loved and hated throughout the world. Tesla was favored in 21 countries, while hated in 16. Furthermore, Ferrari was a favorite brand in 10 countries, but hated in 18 countries. Further surprises were found in Italy where the Italians showed more love to Mercedes Benz as opposed to an Italian brand. Continuing with the German brand, Porsche, the Japanese fans were more in favour of the German brand as opposed to a brand produced in their own country. The Americans were more partial towards the Italian brand Maserati, and disliked the Fiat the most – not a huge surprise there!

While there were many surprises, there were also a lot of commonalities found throughout the list as well. Throughout the rest of the article, the top loved and hated will be discussed. A lot of the names on this list may surprise you, as some of the biggest car manufacturers are on it, but just because they are the biggest, does not mean that they are the most loved.


  1. Tesla

Coming in number one for the most loved car brand in the highest number of countries is the leading electric vehicle maker in the world, Tesla. This may come as no surprise given the major push people around the world are experiencing to go towards electric vehicles instead of the gas powered ones. Based on the data, Tesla is the most loved car brand in 21 different countries around the world, but mostly in the Asian and European markets.

  1. Mercedes-Benz

The infamous German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, earned number two on the list given their style and elegance. The German brand was most loved in 18 countries, particularly in the European markets.

  1. Ferrari

It took some time but we finally got to the Italian car brand, the infamous Ferrari. Surprisingly enough, the Ferrari is most loved in just 10 countries, mostly in the European markets.

  1. McLaren

The McLaren may be one of the least heard of brands on this list for most loved, but is most known for their work on supercars. The British luxury vehicles are extremely expensive, but are surprisingly the most loved vehicle in 10 different countries.

  1. Jeep

The only American brand to top this list, Jeep is most known for its ability to have fun plain and simple. The ability to go off-roading in any of their models is enticing enough to be most loved in nine countries around the world.


  1. Ford

Despite being one of the most famous car brands in the world, it also earns the spot for the most hated car brand in the world. A whopping 20 countries feel this is the worst car brand to own.

  1. Ferrari

Continuing on with a surprise addition to the list, Ferrari is also one of the top hated brands in the world, with 18 countries hating the brand. Ferrari is actually hated more than it is loved (18 countries hate, while 10 love it).

  1. Tesla

Another car brand that is both loved and hated by people in the world, Tesla is the most hated brand in 16 countries. Unlike Ferrari, Tesla is actually loved more than it is hated, but it is still surprising to see the most loved vehicle in the world is also number three for the most hated.

  1. Lincoln

Despite its popularity and elegance, Lincolns earn a spot on this list for being the number four top hated car brand in the world as it is hated the most by 15 countries.

  1. Kia

Finally, Kia rounds off this list as being the most hated car brand in 12 countries. While the South Korean auto brand is known for its low prices and its ventures into the electric world, they still are not high on people’s lists to purchase.


There are many different car brands in the world today, and each car brand has many positive and negative features associated with it. It may be surprising to see that some brands like Ferrari and Tesla make both lists, making them extremely polarizing as they are both loved and hated throughout the world.

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