How Safe is Car Shipping?

There are so many reasons that can prompt anyone to ship their car. They may be going on vacation, going to their winter or summer home, or relocating permanently. However, putting your vehicle in random hands can be scary. In a world where anything can be easily stolen, it makes it hard for people to trust a company with their identities. Aside from that, people can also be skeptical for other reasons, like scratches and dents on their favorite cars. With all these factors, you may wonder, ‘is it safe to ship a car?’

Is It Safe To Ship A Car?

Yes, it is safe to ship a car if done correctly. Shipping cars is a detailed process, and it requires much coordination and some legwork. But, it still does not rule out that cars can be shipped. Car owners must consider many factors to ensure the safe shipping of their vehicles.

You may ask, what are those factors to be considered?

What to Be Concerned About?

Two major concerns are always on car owners’ minds when they ship their cars. The first one is:


Car owners may worry that their car will be stolen or personal items inside it will be tampered with. From all indications, vehicle or property theft while towing is rare. Before a car is transported, it will be loaded and locked, and after that, the keys will be stored securely. Based on this process, it is incredibly tough for thieves to steal your items, as they will have to break into the transporter to get your keys and locate your car. After stealing the vehicle, they will have to operate the traveler’s control to offload the car. They also have to do all these things without being seen or heard.

Hence, your only worry should be a dishonest company. That is why you should use only vetted and trustworthy transport companies like Ship A Car, Inc.


We believe that this is a weightier concern than stealing. Every year, there are thousands of accidents involving large trucks. These accidents can be due to carelessness, bad weather, terrible roads, etc.

Accidents are unforeseen occurrences. However, they can be adequately prevented and managed. A good transport company should have the best drivers who are not lackadaisical but adheres to road safety rules. A good car shipping company also ensures that it does not transport vehicles on days with terrible weather; on those days the carrier will elect to stay idle and ride out the storm.

How to Ensure the Safety of Your Car During Shipping?

Remember, we mentioned that there are ways to keep your vehicle safe during the transport process. In the following few paragraphs, we’d provide you with tips that can ensure the safety of your car.

●      Avoid Bad Transporters

The first step would be to gather a list of potential shipping companies. When you get your list, take your time to review all the companies on that list. Read reviews that mention terrible services like missing items, dented cars, or missing cars. Don’t hesitate to cross out any transporter that has terrible reviews.

●      Scrutinize Quotes and Prices

The critical thing to do here is to be at the midpoint. Don’t go for companies with a too-low price; don’t go for transporters with ridiculous prices. Remember, if it is too good to be true, it may not be true.

●      Be on the Lookout for Scams

An excellent way to identify scams is through registration. If the company is not registered with the FMCSA, don’t do business with them. It would help if you kept your eyes on registered but uninsured transporters. If they are registered with FMCSA, check their records for complaints and accidents.

●      Clean Out Your Car

If you don’t want your property stolen, then clean out your car and remove any valuables. This is the easiest way to avoid theft and most reputable car shipping brokers will advise you to do so.

●      Pay Attention During the Inspection

This is the last opportunity to double-check everything about your car before it is towed. You may want to zone out, but ensure to observe everything.


A car can always be shipped safely and securely. However, it all revolves around the car shipping company that you choose. This is why you have to select a trustworthy company to handle your vehicle transport. Ship A Car is one of the best car shipping companies to help move your car. Reach the team at (866) 821-4555 and get a quote.