Things to Know Prior to Shipping a Toyota Highlander

It is one thing to own a vehicle, and it is another thing to transport a car. People must move their vehicles for numerous reasons other than driving around town. Sometimes, a person may be going on an extended vacation, and they want to bring their vehicles. Other times, they may be moving from state to state or even to other countries temporarily and want to bring along their cars. One of such vehicles that car owners ship is the Toyota Highlander.

Before we dive into how to ship a Toyota Highlander, let’s quickly define it.

What is a Toyota Highlander?

The Toyota Company sells a mid-size crossover SUV vehicle designed on the Camry platform and calls it the Toyota Highlander. The vehicle, Toyota Highlander was first marketed in 2001 and has existed for over two decades. Reports have it that not until RAV4 took over, Toyota Highlander was the best selling SUV. As a vehicle that has existed for two decades, every problem that comes with it can be easily tackled, and that involves shipping.

The Toyota Highlander has five different models, and they include: Highlander, SE, Limited, Hybrid, and Hybrid Limited. As we would expect, these five unique models have distinguishable features and the uniqueness of the features determines the price tag on it.

How to Ship a Toyota Highlander

We have mentioned earlier that the Toyota Highlander is a mid-size car. So, that saves a couple bucks that would have been spent on a heavier vehicle. That said, let’s outline some necessary steps to shipping a Toyota Highlander.

1. Schedule on Time

We all would agree that distance and location contributes to the cost of shipping. However, we also must know that timing also plays a crucial role in the final cost. A shipping company needs a range of two to four weeks to ship a car. A shipping company may not ship your vehicle or charge higher in more stiffer schedules. So, it is best for cat owners to schedule early.

2. Conduct a Research

A quick Google search with the phrase, ship a car, will bring various shipping companies that can help. However, this is just the beginning of a research. You need to make proper findings on how these companies work. Most times, this Google search will lead you to a broker’s net and not necessarily a shipping company. Brokers are usually more convenient but more expensive. So, choose carefully.

Finding a Trust Worthy Car Shipping Company

3. Find a Trustworthy Shipping Company

Toyota Highlanders cost a lot and you can’t afford to risk your vehicle in the hands of an unprofessional shipping company. Hence, it is important to do due diligence. Ensure that a company is registered and has positive reviews. It will be best if you choose a company based on referrals. Plus, you also need to be wary of their payment methods.

4. Choose a Shipping Method

There are majorly two types of shipping style and those are enclosed shipping and open shipping. Open shipping is common and is mostly used for local and domestic shipping. If you are shipping your Toyota Highlander within the US or within a state, then the open shipping method is best. However, if you are shipping cross-countries or shipping the Hybrid Limited Model, then you should go for the enclosed shipping method. This method involves shipping your vehicle in an enclosed truck protecting it from elements.

5. Get a Contract

Any legitimate company will provide a contract (usually lengthy) after you book a car shipping. The contract should contain the quote, insurance information, estimated delivery date, claims procedure, cancellation policies and fees, and such like. Ensure to go through the document. If you don’t understand or like the information therein, you can request for clarification or change.

6. Inspect the Vehicle

Once the driver arrives for a pick up, check everything in your Toyota Highlander and get a bill of lading. Also, when the vehicle arrives at your destination, you should inspect the vehicle again. Check for any damages or scratches that may have occurred during transportation. If there are damages, document them properly for future insurance claims.


At this point, you must have gotten a clearer idea about how to ship your Toyota Highlander. It is now up to you to conduct research, consult a shipping company, and ship your vehicle. If you seek a reliable auto shipping company, then get in touch with Ship A Car, Inc. by phone at (866) 821-4555.