What’s Better  – Open Carrier or Enclosed Carrier Car Shipping?

Do you intend to relocate to a different state or maybe a neighboring country? If this is the case, rather than driving your vehicle personally, you should consider having it transported instead. Open and enclosed automobile shipping are the two choices that are currently available. In the following post, you will find information that will assist you in determining which automobile shipping is most suitable for your financial constraints and your vehicle.

What’s Better  - Open Carrier or Enclosed Carrier Car Shipping?

Understanding Open Car Shipping

Open car shipping, also called open auto transport, is when your car is moved on a trailer without walls, a ceiling, or a solid floor. The car is shipped on a trailer “in the open,” which means it is open to the weather. Most of the time, these trailers are long and have two levels. Depending on the size and weight of each car, they can hold up to 10 vehicles.

It’s the most common way to ship things for a few reasons. Car haulers like open trailers because they can fit more cars than enclosed trailers, which means they can make more money. They are also much cheaper for car haulers to buy to add to their fleet and to run and keep up. Lastly, shipping carriers, such as the ones used by Ship a Car, Inc., prefer to invest their money into trailers that are in demand. Most people don’t need or want transportation with walls. They prefer open-car shipping.

Customers like open trailers because they are the least expensive way to ship cars. A car costs about half as much to ship on an open trailer as a closed one.

What Is Enclosed Car Shipping?

What Is Enclosed Car Shipping?

Enclosed car/auto transport is used less frequently compared to open shipping. Regarding handling autos, it necessitates a customized touch and more caution. The cost of the service is higher as a result.

When is it appropriate to ship enclosed vehicles? While transporting a premium, vintage, or exotic vehicle. Typically, enclosed carriers can only carry seven automobiles at once.

Some firms employ one- to two-car trailers for their most expensive and valued automobiles. More individualized service is possible with fewer cars. Enclosed vehicle shipment is the best option for you if you’re the sort of car owner that doesn’t skimp on anything.

Benefits of Open Car Shipping

Benefits of Open Car Shipping

Transporting goods openly is quicker and less expensive than transporting them enclosed. Additionally, there are more open-air transportation options available. Booking a chosen shipment and arrival time is now simpler as you can do just about everything online with companies like Ship A Car, Inc.

Open carrier shipping is less expensive. A two-tier trailer can hold seven to ten automobiles, which may be delivered all at once and save you money. Additionally, an open-air trailer uses less gasoline than an enclosed trailer since it is lighter.

Benefits of Enclosed Car Shipping

Benefits of Enclosed Car Shipping

Because it is being transported in a covered trailer, our car is shielded from the elements and road hazards. Additionally, enclosed containers provide greater vehicle security and protection. Enclosed carrier drivers have more expertise in taking care of luxury automobiles.

Some businesses provide an enclosed shipping option with white glove delivery. When you choose the white glove option, the driver pays close attention to your automobile to give you the best possible customer service and degree of transparency while it is being transported. Included with white glove, automobile service includes updates, constant communication, increased insurance coverage, and a lone vehicle trailer.

Comparing the Costs Between Open and Enclosed Carriers

Comparing the Costs Between Open and Enclosed Carriers

Open transportation is always less expensive than enclosed transportation for the same journey. Due to its greater prevalence and lower skill requirements, open transit is less costly. A specialty service for automobiles that need the best protection is enclosed transport. In addition to having fewer automobiles, enclosed carriers are more expensive since fewer cars can fit.

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Which is Better? Open or Enclosed Carriers?

Even though open auto shipping is a quicker and less expensive alternative for moving your car, it isn’t always the ideal choice. Recognize that open transport will expose your vehicle to weather and that it won’t be shielded from road debris. This is something that owners of premium automobiles, vintage cars, and sports cars should think about.

If you’re attempting to decide between covered and open automobile shipment, weigh the worth of your car against the increased cost of enclosed transport. Enclosed transportation is more expensive than open automobile transportation since fewer cars can be carried at once. Additionally, as enclosed transport trailers often use more fuel than open carriers, the cost of enclosed automobile shipments will be significantly higher.

Your choice of automobile transport relies on a lot of variables, so it’s important to take the time to weigh each option’s benefits and drawbacks before making your final decision.

Call Ship A Car to get a quote for both open car shipping and enclosed car shipping so you can make the decision which is better for you and your vehicle.