What You Must Know to Transport Large Items 
Cost of Shipping Large Items

It is almost impossible to accurately predict how much it will cost to ship a large item, especially an oversized one. However, a general rule of thumb is that the larger an item, the higher the cost. Also, shipping large items within a state is cheaper than shipping cross country or internationally. Apart from these, certain factors largely determine the final cost of shipping. These factors include:

Cost of Shipping Large Items

  1. Dimension of Large Items

Most carriers nowadays use dimensions to determine shipping quotes for large items. These dimensions include the length, width, and breadth of the item. It also includes weight; however, some large items are huge but light. And using weight to determine a quote might put these companies at a loss as an item can take up a significant amount of space and prevent the carriers from taking other items. Nevertheless, shipping companies will use whatever will fetch the most money, whether the dimensions, weight, or both, and oversized items usually cost more.

Dimension of Large Items

  1. Destination of delivery

As earlier mentioned, shipping your large items within the state is far cheaper than shipping across the country. If you require the shipping company to pick up the item from you instead of dropping it off at their company before shipping, you can be sure of incurring extra charges. Also, suppose your pick-up or delivery location is a limited access location like a hospital, government facility, prison, airport., etc., where the pick-up and delivery services are limited. In that case, it will come at an extra cost because the shipping company will require a lot of time and labor to deliver.

  1. Express Shipping

Shipping companies usually carry a certain number of items, whether large or small, per batch. Sometimes, a carrier might take slightly longer than expected to fill up before starting the deliveries. If you don’t want to wait for it to fill up before delivering your item and require express shipping, you would have to pay the extra cost of the empty spaces. And this can be pretty pricey.

What To Do Before You Ship Your Large Item

What To Do Before You Ship Your Large Item
  1. Consider Breaking Down Your Large Item Into Smaller Units

If your large item can be divided into smaller units, you can save yourself a decent amount of money compared to sending it as one large parcel. Each item will still cost the standard shipping rate, but you might be able to avoid additional charges on an oversized package and save some money.

  1. Prepare the Package

It would be helpful to clean and remove any unnecessary additions to your large item before shipping. It would help if you also took note of any damage to the equipment before shipping. But whether your item has been damaged or not, ensure you take pictures of every part of it so you can have evidence of the condition of your package before shipping, just in case there is any damage incurred while in transit.

What To Do Before You Ship Your Large Item

  1. Package Your Items Properly

Before you package your item, you can consult your shipping company about what type of packaging they will provide, if at all. Nevertheless, you should ensure that your item is adequately packaged to prevent damage. This includes using boxes sturdy enough for a very heavy item.

If your item is breakable, use bubble wrap or padded inserts before placing it in the box. You can also put it in another sturdy box to give it extra padding. It would help if you also used heavy-duty tape to secure the edges and seams of the box. If your item is too large to fit into any box, ensure you consult with your shipping company about the best type of packaging for it.


Whether you are shipping items for your business or personal use, there is nothing more frustrating than having your goods rejected due to their large size. But this shouldn’t weigh you down, as multiple shipping companies will gladly accept your large item and give you reasonable rates. Ship A Car, Inc is one such company. We provide reliable shipping services for large or oversized items at affordable rates. Give us a call at (866) 452-3657 to get started. 

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1.     How do I determine if my shipping company will qualify my item as oversized?

Every shipping company has guidelines that determine if a package is oversized. They often have these guidelines on their websites for customers to check out. However, if you’re still unsure, you can contact them directly and ask.

2.     Can large items affect shipping?

Yes, large items can affect shipping in several ways. Large or oversized items can experience shipping delays, leading to longer delivery times. Large or oversized items are also more susceptible to damage than smaller parcels because they are more challenging to handle and would have to pass through more hands or require sophisticated equipment.