Cross Country Police Car Transport Services
What Makes a Police Car Different From Regular Cars

Police cars have various features and equipment to provide optimal functionality and power. This is why they are perceived as more valuable than regular cars and require special handling when shipping, especially cross country.

Standard police cars, unlike regular vehicles, are usually pushed to the limit with their high-performance components, especially when it’s a matter of public safety. They are often required to accelerate quickly, push other vehicles off the road, respond to calls, take audio or video records of events, etc. As a result, they are usually fitted with radio and computer systems, as well as video cameras, etc.

Police cars are equipped with V6 to V8 engines to ensure maximum efficiency. They are heavier and sturdier than regular vehicles, usually weighing around 1000 pounds. Advanced alternators provide extra electrical power for equipment such as lights and radios. Their alternators can provide up to 230 amps of electricity to run the equipment.

These cars also have run lock ignitions that allow the lights and radio of the police car to be left on without a key in the ignition and prevent the battery from draining. This reduces the chance of the vehicle being stolen as the run lock system automatically turns off the engine when the park brake is removed.

Police cars also have tracking systems, u-joints, exhaust systems, and wheels that are stronger than regular cars.

Factors to Consider When Shipping Your Police Car Cross Country

Reliable Shipping Company; It isn’t always a pleasant experience when you use a sub-par shipping company to ship your police cars. Several issues, such as damage to the vehicle, inefficient carriers (as police cars are often shipped in fleets), inexperienced shipping staff, delayed delivery, or wrong delivery location, might arise and leave you frustrated. Using a good shipping company with a proper track record, reasonable rates, insurance, and experienced staff will go a long way to ease your shipping process.

Cost of Shipping; Shipping police cars cross country, especially if you’re shipping a fleet, involves a lot of planning and preparation. Therefore, the shipping cost largely depends on a few factors, including the delivery location, model of police cars being shipped, weather conditions, weight of the cars, special requests, and other information the shipping company will require.

Choose the Proper Shipping Method; Choosing the proper shipping method involves deciding between open or closed shipping for your police car(s). Open shipping is just what it sounds like. Your police cars would be shipped using an open carrier, which is relatively cheap.

On the other hand, closed shipping is costlier than open shipping, and this is because your police car would be enclosed, limiting the risks and damages that can be done to your car. Because police cars come with such sophisticated systems and equipment, it is advisable to use the closed shipping method to transport it, especially if it’s cross country, if you can afford it.


Shipping police cars cross country can be an exhausting process, and it can leave you frustrated. So, let’s help simplify the process of shipping your police cars cross country at Ship a Car, Inc. We’ll provide efficient shipping services with very affordable and transparent rates. Take that bold step today and contact us at (866) 821-4555 to experience seamless shipping.

1.     How do I know which shipping company is good enough to ship my police cars?

It will help if you read reviews about the shipping company you wish to use, including their insurance policies. You need to be able to trust the company with your police cars and also ensure you are protected against damage to your car. You should also look for exemptions in their insurance coverage as some companies clearly state that they don’t protect against “acts of god,” which is another way of saying they don’t protect against natural disasters.

2.     Are there specific types of police cars that can be shipped?

All types of police cars can be shipped, including specialty vehicles, armored vehicles, patrol cars, interceptors, SUVs, trucks, and unmarked vehicles.