How to Ship a Mobile Office Trailer from Experience

Whether you have a mobile office just because you like the freedom or you need a mobile office at your construction site… Rest assured that convenience is the reward in either situation. Your entire office space can be moved once the need arises; it is like an office with detachable wheels if you think about it. However, shipping a mobile office is not entirely an easy process as a lot of things come into play. The ease of the process is greatly determined by the integrity and work experience of the shipping company you intend to use. We at SAC are your best choice yet because when it comes to the experience we are top tier.

New Site Preparation

You should prepare the new site for your mobile office by making arrangements with utility companies to provide services such as electricity, plumbing, internet, and other necessary services depending on what you need.

The ground should be leveled and the foundation should be constructed beforehand. Also, it is always a good idea to get the necessary permits for the new site. All these preparations help to reduce the chances of delays after your trailer has been delivered.

Factors that affect the cost of shipping a mobile office Trailer

The cost of shipping is majorly dependent on the factors explained below:


It would be easier to transport mobile office trailers smaller in size than the larger ones. The dimensions greatly affect the cost of transportation, larger mobile office trailers are more expensive to ship as they fall under oversized loads most of the time. You need to provide accurate dimensions of the trailer you require because it will affect costs, permit needed and even the route taken during transportation.


The cost of shipping your mobile office trailer depends on the distance it would cover as with all shipping generally. It would cost more to ship your mobile office trailer from one country to another than it would be within a country or even the same state. The probability of encountering problems increases with longer distances.

Also, different areas have different regulations to guide the movements of such cargos. There is a discount on cost per mile when it comes to moving trailers over long distances.


Ultra-fast deliveries would warrant extra charges. If you want your mobile office trailer delivered urgently, you would have to pay extra to cover the extra expenses incurred due to hastened shipping.

However, you can get a better deal if you have a relatively flexible delivery schedule.

Type of Transportation

Your mobile office trailer can be transported via open air transport. Open-air transport is the only option as most office trailers are large structures; your mobile office would be mounted on a flatbed trailer and properly fastened for safety. However, the outside of your office would be exposed to the elements during transit.

Ways to reduce costs

Transporting a mobile office trailer can be quite expensive depending on the factors stated earlier. You can save some money by following the steps stated below:

  • Empty the office. You should take out all equipment, furniture, and electrical appliances before moving the mobile office trailer. Take everything out!
  • Try to avoid emergency deliveries. Plan your move effectively to ensure that you have enough time for delivery. This helps you get better deals.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are secured to avoid damage during transportation especially if the move is over a long distance.

Guidelines for choosing a company to transport your mobile office trailer
  1. Make sure the company is Legitimate. The company you decide to use must have appropriate licensing and qualifications required according to the regulations of the area you want to ship your mobile office trailer.
  2. Verify the reputation of the company you are considering. Online reviews can be a very useful tool when you are trying to choose a moving company. It gives you an insight into the customer satisfaction of previous users.
  3. Make inquiries about their insurance. This action gives you information about what would happen if there is any damage to your office.
  4. Ensure the company operates under safe conditions, they must handle their operation with care to protect both machinery and human life
  5. They have a friendly customer care service to cater to your needs
  6. They must have experience moving mobile office trailers.

In all, it is essential to have an experienced, reliable, and proven company to move and deliver your mobile office to prevent costly delays with their attendant consequences. We at Ship A Car check all those positive checklist boxes and even exceed your expectations. We provide prompt deliveries and timely solutions to all your mobile office requirements. Mobile office…….think and contact us at (866) 452-3657 for your solutions.