Guidelines for Safely Transporting Your Antique Treasure: Shipping a Historic Vehicle

You may have just bought a classic car. Or maybe you are moving and wish to bring your classic car with you. The only trouble is that the car or move is in a different state. With a truck and trailer, you could move the car yourself. But the best and safest way is to use a company that moves cars.

If you ship the car instead of driving it, there is less chance of an accident and less wear and tear on the car. When you add up all the driving costs, like food, gas, and lodging, taking a bus or train makes more sense. Also, you will save yourself time and effort.

Finding a company you can trust to move your car can be challenging. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time and money on your old car. You’d do anything to keep your most important thing safe. Heer are some tips to help you keep your classic car safe during shipping.

Guidelines for Safely Transporting Your Antique Treasure

Choose the Best Car Shipping Company

The best way to find a reputable company to ship your old car is to look for a license. Every reputable business should have proof that they can do their job properly. Reading reviews is another way. Some companies that ship classic cars are the best. They are careful and reliable, and their prices for shipping classic cars are fair. On the other hand, other companies are not qualified for the job. Other people’s real-life situations might help you solve your puzzle.

Ship a Car, Inc. has been sending cars nationwide for a long time, and their customers have given them hundreds of good reviews. Both open and closed trucks are available, the prices are fair, and the staff is trained to handle all activities.

Choose the Best Car Shipping Company

Carefully Read the Agreement

There should be a written contract from the business. It is a legal agreement between the consumer and the broker or carrier. Your greatest collector automobile is a part of the agreement, so you should obtain a copy and carefully review it. This agreement covers every aspect of the shipping procedure, including the company’s obligations and disclaimers. You can better understand how things will operate by reading the policies. Knowing about the company’s insurance, its maximum, and if it covers potential harm can be helpful to you. 

Check Into the Insurance

Check Into the Insurance

After choosing a carrier, check to see if they cover responsibility and cargo and if there are any fees. Most of the time, your auto insurance won’t cover damage to your car while it’s in transit with your auto carrier. If your insurance company’s liability cap isn’t enough for your old car, they should be able to help you find the coverage you need. 

Most carriers have security between $50,000 and $100,000 or more if they specialize in transporting rare cars. If the company doesn’t offer enough protection, you might want to buy more coverage to protect your classic car up to the cost of replacing it. Protect yourself by taking clear pictures of your car before and after it is shipped. If you need to claim losses in the future, these pictures will be beneficial.


We know that your old car has a lot of meaning for you. After all, history is worth more than money, and some types are no longer made. So, all the tips above are just as crucial if you want to make sure the car gets there safely.

You might be worried about sending your car far away with a stranger, but Ship a Car, Inc. is one of the best companies for auto transport. Our goal is to ship your car in the safest and quickest way possible without any problems. We’ve been in the business for years and have shipped hundreds of cars for different people all over the United States. So, call us today for your classic car shipping needs.    Contact Ship A Car Inc. Today

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Classic Car?

Shipping your classic car could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars. On average, covered auto transport costs between $300 to $500 more than open auto transport. If you want to keep your car out of the weather, the best way is to keep it inside. Going with covered is a better choice if you own a soft-top convertible. Faster shipping will also cost more because the company has to hold a spot on the truck for your car for a certain amount of time.

Do I Need to Be Available During Transport?

The short answer is yes. Along the way, the driver will let you know what’s going on, so it’s important to be reachable. In some places with small streets, it’s hard for the driver to move the big truck around. If this happened, the driver would talk to you to figure out a better place to drop off the car. You can also give the driver a call if you have any questions.