Getting a Vehicle Sent to or from Penn State University

Getting admitted to your desired university is a dream come true. It’s a feeling of mixed emotions, and at this time, shipping your car to your university should be the least of your worries. Ship a Car offers a hassle-free process to ship your vehicle to or from Penn State University – University Park, Pennsylvania.

Wondering why you might need a car at Penn State University? Having a vehicle is always a convenient option, particularly if you want to balance your academics along with your profession. Not only this, owning a vehicle allows you the freedom to travel wherever, and whenever to want to without having to depend on anyone.

Here’s how Ship a Car can help. We offer dependable car services by providing affordable prices, competent personnel, and experienced transport carriers. Not only this, but we have built a solid reputation as a reliable source in Pennsylvania for Penn State University car shipping services. Continue reading to learn more about the crucial factors to keep in mind when using a car shipping company.

Getting a Vehicle Sent to or from Penn State University

Why Ship Your Car to or from Penn State University as Opposed to Driving?

Here’s why you should ship your car rather than driving it all the way to Penn State University:

  • Typically, students will keep most of their possessions in their vehicles, including their clothes and laptops, as it only takes a short time for these priceless items to be stolen when left unattended.
  • It can be hard to drive long distances, especially if the person is not accustomed to driving for several hours or even days at a time. This might increase the likelihood of accidents from driving exhaustion.
  • Having a specialized company ship your vehicle is quicker, safer, and cheaper than self-driving and arranging hotel accommodations.

Ready to Ship Your Car? Follow These Steps

Ready to Ship Your Car? Follow These Steps

Certain actions must be taken to minimize risky situations and guarantee the vehicle arrives at its destination undamaged.

Choose a Reliable Shipping Company

It can take time to choose a trustworthy car shipping company. There are numerous, making it challenging to pick just one. Doing the research and evaluating every outcome requires a lot of time. A few key aspects influence the decision-making process.

  • The company should be recognized, and its MC registration must be current. It is advised to contact the transportation department to confirm the company’s legal standing.
  • The staff must have professional experience, and the company should have all the necessary tools to run the transportation operation effectively.
  • Consumer feedback is useful for assessing a company’s performance and provides valuable insight into how they interact with its customers.

Getting your Car Ready

Getting your Car Ready

Once you’ve identified a suitable car shipping company, you need to prepare your car for shipping. 

  • Inspect the condition of your car right now. Get it either recorded or captured on camera. 
  • Keep track of the kilometer driven and the oil balance on your car’s odometer.
  • Keep your personal belongings out of the car. For example, your car should only include your insurance paperwork and registration printouts. Instead, keep them in the glove box.
  • Turn off your vehicle’s alarm system.
  • Avoid leaving your car with a full tank of petrol. Remember that the shipping cost will increase the heavier the car is. So it is advised to have only a quarter tank full when giving your car to the shipper.

Calculate the Shipping Costs

Calculate the Shipping Costs

Cost is important when discussing shipping for university students; shipping costs vary depending on the situation, and various factors that can influence the overall cost.

  • One is the distance, the farther the destination, the higher the estimate.
  • The shipment period has a big impact on the shipping cost as well. Students must plan their bookings for a few days or weeks to receive the lowest price. The closer the booking date is to the anticipated delivery date, the more shipping cost they will have to pay.

Several auto transport businesses provide an online car shipping calculator to calculate the total price for shipping an automobile. This is a reliable way to determine the typical cost.

Door-to-Door or Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping

Door-to-Door or Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping

Your car should be delivered directly to the Penn State University parking lot. However, a 60-foot truck dropping off your car at the car park on your campus could not be permitted.

Hence, before dropping off, confirm the relevant details with the university. Finding the closest terminal for drop-off is the second option, which also helps you save money.

Open Carrier Transport is a Reliable Option

Consider two alternatives when shipping your car: enclosed or open-air transport. Your car is protected during enclosed travel on a cargo truck by outer walls, a roof, and a floor. However, your vehicle will be moved without an enclosure using open-air transport. You can choose either depending on your demands and the car’s make.

If you’re a full-time university student, your student loans will likely be used to pay for your tuition and books each semester. Also, you may need more time for a second job.

Therefore, open carrier transport service is the most affordable option for shipping your car. The savings outweigh potential exposure to the outdoors because insurance may protect against harm.

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Getting your car shipped to an entirely new location might seem stressful and daunting. Ship a Car can assure otherwise. Dealing with a reliable organization is a crucial factor that everyone should pay attention to; if the company is reliable, students are unlikely to worry about anything.

Look no further if you want devoted client assistance for shipping your car. From the initial move of the car to its transit at its destination, the knowledgeable support team at Ship A Car will help you with any questions or decisions you may have.