Seamless Car Shipping to or from California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

That time of year has come when soon-to-join California State University students are getting ready and packing their stuff to start their new journey. California State University is a public research university in the Northridge area near Los Angeles, California. It is one of the most comprehensive colleges in the US in enrollment size, with 38,551 total students, the second-largest undergraduate population and the third-largest overall student population in the California State University system.

In addition to 24 teaching qualifications, the university provides 134 distinct undergraduate and master’s level programs in 70 different subjects, along with 4 doctorate programs (2 doctors of education programs, Audiology, and Physical Therapy). Which is listed in the category “Master’s Colleges & Universities: Larger Programs”.

When moving to another state or city to join their new dream university, students are often busy packing and buying new stuff. A few queries arise with this preparation: Do I need an iron? Should I buy pot noodles in bulk? Can I get by on frozen food? Should I drive my car to the university?

As driving a car to the university can be risky, it is much better to ship a car instead. For that purpose, using a car shipping company would be a wise decision so that they can enjoy their car on campus. Select a dependable shipping mode, such as hiring a reputable shipping company to ship the car.

You must know several important aspects to ensure an easy shipping experience. In this post, you will be guided through the intricate procedures involved in shipping, which will also give you in-depth knowledge of car shipping.

Seamless Car Shipping to or from California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

The Cost of Shipping a Car

The typical door-to-door cost of car shipment is between $500 and $1,600. When looking for the best rate, there are several things to consider, such as the distance, the timing, the sort of service you want, and the weight of your vehicle.

Factors that Impact Car Shipping Costs

Several factors affect the total cost of shipping a car that includes:

  • Delivery service you choose.
  • Level of service; standard, premium etc.
  • Distance covered in shipping your vehicle.

The above variables, with many others, largely affect car shipping costs.


The shipping cost can vary significantly depending on the car’s origin. Long-distance routes are preferred by shipping companies since they are less expensive to operate.

Car Delivery Service

Terminal-to-terminal delivery and pick-up are also considerably more economical for the shipping company. It implies that before you arrive and accept delivery, your vehicle must be picked up at one terminal and dropped off at another.

With door-to-door delivery, the driver goes to the place you specify to pick up your car. Then, it is sent right to your desired location. 

Weight and Size of Car

Regardless of the shipping company you choose, the cost of shipping will be affected by the weight and size of the car you are shipping. Large-sized vehicles like SUVs or wagons will surely take up more space and weigh more. Hence it will cost more to ship.

On the other hand, small cars weigh less and take up less space; hence they cost much less to ship.

How Does a Car Shipping Process Work?

How Does a Car Shipping Process Work?
Significance of Choosing a Reliable Shipping Company

When you ship your car, always ensure it arrives at its new location without incident. You should pick a reputable shipping company for your belongings because the shipping process can damage the goods, and expenses can quickly mount.

To check the company’s reliability, you can thoroughly research reviews at websites like BBB, Google, Transport Reviews, etc. and then choose a company to ship your beloved car.

Get Various Car Shipping Quotes

After you have done your research for choosing a trustworthy car shipping company, the next step is to get a car shipping quote. We recommend getting quotes from two to three companies to narrow the task of working with the best one.

Get Various Car Shipping Quotes

To obtain a quote, you’ll probably need to submit the following details:

  • Manufacturing, Model, and Years of Vehicles
  • Duration of pickup and delivery
  • Locations for pickup and delivery
  • Preferred car shipping services
  • Vehicle functionality
  • Personal name, contact information, and email address.
Prepare Your Car for the Shipping Journey

Once you have chosen the shipping company and got a desirable quote, it’s time to prepare for its shipping journey. Ensure you prepare your car in the following manner when the shipping company picks up the car.

  • Clear your car of all personal belongings.
  • Ensure that during shipping, the car tank is only a quarter full.
  • If there is any pre-existing damage, check your car and take pictures.
  • Compile all of the necessary car-related documentation.

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Car shipping firms are a terrific resource for students who need to transport their car to university safely and securely. Choosing a reputable shipping services provider with affordable rates is critical when selecting a car shipping company.

Students can get assistance shipping their cars from Ship A Car, which offers dependable college vehicle services. By providing affordable prices, competent drivers, and qualified transport carriers, they have built a solid reputation as a reliable source of shipping a car to or from a university. Contact us today to get a free quote.