Shipping a Car to Miami – All you need to know

Miami is one of the most popular cities in the united state of America. The great weather, artistic diversity, and beaches make it a site to see for tourists and residents alike.

If you are planning to move to Miami, shipping your car can be a major concern. Moving is already a hassle from boxing your stuff to cleaning everything out, it is a chore. You definitely should not compound the stress with the concern of shipping your car. This article will guide you on all you need to know about shipping your car to Miami.

Ways of Transporting Your Car to Miami

There are two major options when it comes to shipping your car to Miami: open auto carrier transport and enclosed auto carrier transport.

You can ship your car to Miami by having your car mounted on an open trailer and secured for safety during transit. This option is a cheaper way to ship your car to Miami. The car is transported on the open back of a trailer and tightly secured for safety. However it is exposed to the elements during transit. Open air auto carriers can transport several vehicles at once thus reducing the cost of shipping.

Shipping your car in an enclosed carrier is the safer option. Unlike open carrier transport where the car is exposed to the elements, the container seals your car and protects it from the effect of unfavorable weather. If you are planning to ship an expensive car or a classic, it’s a good idea to use this method. It is more expensive to use the enclosed carrier because of the extra precautions set up to protect your car. With this method, it can is guaranteed that no harm would come to your car.

Cost of Shipping Your Car to Miami

Many factors come into play when it comes to transporting your car to Miami. Here are the major factors:

1.     Distance

A longer distance consequently results in a higher cost of transport. The farther the origin of the car to Miami, the more expensive it’ll be to ship your car. Short distances are always cheaper in comparison.

2.     Car Type

Larger cars such as SUVs need to be transported in larger containers to properly accommodate the size. These kinds of cars usually cost more to transport to Miami than smaller cars.

3.    Weather Condition

Some seasons are characterized by higher shipping demands. During the summer, for example, it could cost more to ship your car to Miami because a lot of people prefer to move during that time of the year.

4.     Type of Shipping

It costs more to ship your car in an enclosed carrier than in the open-air equivalent. The enclosed auto carriers are safer because they protect your car from bad weather conditions and other unforeseen events that could damage your car.

5.     Shipping Schedule

If you want an emergency delivery, you should be ready to pay more to speed up the process. A flexible schedule will get you a better deal.

What is the Process of Shipping your car to Miami

The following steps will guide you on how to ship a car to Miami flawlessly:

1.     Compare Quotes

There are several auto transport companies to choose from, most of which have a website you can get free quotes from. You can also call their customer support lines directly to get all the information you need on cost. Compare quotes from different companies and choose the best one according to your budget.

2.     Drop off location

The auto carrier company would direct you to a drop-off location from which, they’ll pick up your car. They could also pick up your car your house or office or any other place depending on the service package you ordered. You should remove all your things from the car before you drop them off for shipping.

3.     Car delivery

The transport company will place your car in the carrier and transport it to Miami to be delivered on the agreed date and address. There are situations where delivery can be delayed due to bad weather or any other uncontrollable event, in such cases you be informed.

How to Select the Best Company to Ship Your Car

Here are some essential things to consider when you are searching for a company to transport your car to Miami

  • Compare quotes from different companies.
  • Make sure you check their insurance policy. Confirm if they have insurance to cover any damage to your car during the journey.
  • Validate the work experience of the auto transport company
  • Get reviews from friends and family who have used the company. You can also get reviews from their customers online
  • Make sure they adhere strictly to safety precautions.
  • The company must have all the licenses and documentation needed to transport your car.

Transporting a car can seem overwhelming especially when you don’t know what you are doing; this is why you need the services of an experienced and trustworthy company.

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