The Complete Guide to Shipping Your Car to or from West Lafayette, Indiana’s Purdue University

The flagship campus of the Purdue institution system, Purdue University, is a public land-grant research institution in West Lafayette, Indiana. Businessperson John Purdue of Lafayette contributed land and funds to start a College of Technologies, Agriculture, and Science in his honor. As a result, the university was established in 1869. 

It has a renowned engineering program and has been named one of the top public institutions in the country by prestigious institutional rankings. The main campus in West Lafayette provides more than 200 undergraduate majors, more than 70 masters and doctoral programs, and specialized degrees in pharmaceuticals, veterinary, and doctor of nursing practice. Additionally, Purdue has over 900 student organizations and 18 intercollegiate sports teams.

Purdue University has the ninth-largest population of international students. Many want admission to Purdue University because it is one of the best research institutions. In addition, many students prefer to start their new life on campus by car because commuting to and from the university is easier.

Read on to learn how to ship your car to or from Purdue University and offer some advice for having things go as smoothly as possible.

Can a Car Be Shipped Easily?

Can a Car Be Shipped Easily?

It’s much better to ship your car than to drive it personally. Therefore, numerous shipping firms focus on shipping automobiles and have the know-how to simplify the procedure.

The car is normally carried to its destination using a flatbed truck or freight trailer. Because the car is securely fastened to the flatbed and the truck is being driven by a professional, you can have faith that your car will arrive at its destination without incident.

The Benefits of Shipping a Car

A Safe Method to Choose

Exhausted drivers often cause accidents, frequently with tragic outcomes. The commute could take days or hours if you study out of state. Furthermore, many college students want to get to or from campus as conveniently as possible, so they strive to rack up the miles as rapidly as possible, even if that entails ignoring a few rest breaks and driving into the night.

Some students will want to spend the money on something other than a hotel night, forcing them to drive through a trip that might be more beneficial as a multi-day excursion.

By trusting an experienced, reputable shipping company with your vehicle, shipping your car reduces the possibility of an accident.

A Money-Saving Step

Shipping can help you save money on travel, which is important given how much a typical student spends on tuition and textbooks. Shipping also prevents the additional miles that travelling across the nation requires which results in lesser upkeep.

Convenient Method

When you use a reliable car shipping service, you can relax knowing your vehicle will reach its destination quickly and safely. Many businesses will come to your door to pick up your car and ship it anywhere you want. Your vehicle can be scheduled for pickup and delivery at any time, and a reputable firm will simplify the entire procedure.

How to Ship a Car

How to Ship a Car

Nowadays, many shipping businesses ship cars because the car shipping sector is so big. Over the past ten years, shipping cars have become a popular thing with the growing number of car shipping companies making the process convenient and hassle-free.

Connect With a Car Shipping Company

Talking with the shipping supervisor about shipping schedules is the first step. Make sure there is a person to speak to from the time of booking through the time of pickup on the shipping company’s part and the student picking up the car.

Get a Quote

Obtaining quotes from several shipping providers will help you get the best rate. Most carriers provide immediate prices online, though you might need to contact them for a more precise quote. The model of an automobile, the pickup and drop-off locations, and the season will all influence your price.

Collect the Necessary Papers

Confirming that your vehicle’s insurance and registration are active during shipping is essential. In addition, a valid driver’s license and proof of age are required of the person accepting the delivery, who must be at least 18.

Ensure the shipping business has the phone number of the person receiving the vehicle. When the car reaches its destination, the driver must contact them to ensure they are prepared to take it up. Ensure that the individual accepting the package also has the invoice as further evidence that they have permission to do so.

If you are parking a car in college, you must have a valid parking permit. You do not want to start the semester with costly parking tickets because parking rules are notoriously severe on college campuses.

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People could need to ship their cars for several different reasons. For example, while some people are relocating to a new college and cannot drive their vehicle, others must transport vintage cars across the United States for events. Regardless of why you’re shipping the vehicle, hiring a skilled and reputable car shipping company is practical and cost-effective.

There is no better option than using Ship A Car to ship your vehicle. We have years of experience in the field and can provide you with the greatest service at affordable rates. Furthermore, we provide enclosed and open shipping options for your car to satisfy your demands. Finally, thanks to our nationwide network, we can find the most effective route for your package.