How to Ship a Car to or From Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake

Naval Air Weapons Station, known as NAWS China Lake, Contrary to popular belief, has been built in the Mojave Desert region of California. Nevertheless, people instantly associate this name with China whenever they encounter it.

In truth, China is one of the several nations within which the United States of America has no bases. Instead, the United States Navy runs the station, which serves Inyo, Kern, and San Bernardino counties. Ridgecrest is where the gate is located, and a few more cities are nearby.

NAWS One of the most significant military installations managed by the U.S. Navy is China Lake. It is because it houses almost 85% of the land explicitly purchased for armament and ammunition research, testing, and evaluation operations. For these reasons, the site takes up around 40% of the global territories that the U.S. Navy has chosen. It is divided into three primary sections: two distinct ranges and a central area for other structures.

How to Ship a Car to or From Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake

Military personnel of the U.S. Navy is routinely ordered to transfer to new bases and duty stations. It may be quite the load for military families that must find new homes and figure out how to ship an automobile to their new address and for that purpose, Ship A Car can make this process easier for you without any hassle. Because of our demonstrated knowledge and expertise in military transportation, you can count on us to deliver your belongings safely and sound.

Delivering Automobiles to the Military

You’re undoubtedly aware that the quantity of items you can bring to your airbase depends on your position in the military. Therefore, it would be best if you determined whether your position and military status entitle you to particular benefits, such as car shipment.

After that, get in touch with the shipping firm because they are familiar with military shipping and its advantages and disadvantages. Also, they will guide you through the whole process to make it smooth.

The important documents needed for shipping a car to the new military base are as follows:

  • Your ID card or driver’s license may be used as proof of identification, but it must be issued by the state or federal government.
  • You must include a copy of your vehicle’s registration in the evidence of ownership.
  • Typically, a copy of your formal orders and changes serves as evidence of eligibility.

Delivering Automobiles to the Military

Preparing Your Car for Shipping

You are preparing to transport a priceless item to your newly assigned airbase. To ensure a safe and successful transfer, you must ensure that all necessary preparation measures are followed. The car must be driven to its new location by the driver. However, your responsibility is to get the car ready for shipment before the driver shows up. Everything that must be done before to delivery day has been specified.

You may easily prepare your car by following these simple procedures.

Before shipping, ensure your vehicle is as good as new from the inside out. The immaculate exterior is crucial to the next steps of the car shipping process. Therefore, giving the automobile a thorough cleaning can save you time when it is delivered. Furthermore, a spotless car is usually a plus.

After properly cleaning your car’s exterior, move around and look for any damages., dents, spots, or deep gouges. Cleaning your vehicle before the visual inspection is essential because dust and dirt can conceal these blemishes. In addition, a physical assessment is required to find any damage that is out there. Your vehicle is rarely to be harmed during transit.

Preparing Your Car for Shipping

A few routine auto maintenance jobs should be carried out if you are carrying your current automobile. You can ensure your car is ready to go by keeping it in good condition once you get to your new place. First, verify the car’s fluid levels (Oil, Brake, Engine Coolant, Power Steering, Washer). Next, ensure that the car’s battery is completely charged. Examine the tire pressure.

Remove all personal items from your car’s interior, paying specific attention to the trunk. Don’t forget to pick up your GPS and charging dock while you’re there. Removing personal possessions from the picture decreases the likelihood of robbery, disappearance, and damage.

You undoubtedly asked yourself, “What is okay to leave?” while emptying your possessions of your car. Do I need to empty my car of everything? Some goods can be kept in your vehicle, but all personal items should be evacuated for insurance and safety reasons. These include hand tools, a jack, an emergency pack, and a spare tire. Keep in mind that your license plate should remain on your car.

You should keep track of the vehicle’s unusual characteristics and any technical glitches. Although the driver will only be driving your car a short distance while it is being transported, it is still crucial to provide directions to the driver beforehand and ensure that the driver knows how to handle your automobile when it is being loaded and unloaded from the carrier.

How to Ship a Car to or From Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake


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