What to Expect During Auto Transport:  Detroit, MI to San Antonio, TX

The journey will take you a whole day and a couple of hours more. With about 11 states in between, San Antonio is a large state you had better be conversant with already so you don’t get lost. Navigating the routes on your own, with your car won’t be simple without a guide to walk you through. We recommend using an auto service company that’s conversant with interstate shipping. It guarantees the arrival of your car in good condition and saves you stress too.

There are several shipping companies around you with different transportation services; you only need to find one that works best for you!

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing An Auto Service Company

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing An Auto Service Company

With a myriad of options available around you, it’s ideal that you understand how to choose the best service. Here are things to consider before booking a shipping company:

1. The Kind of Shipping Service Offered

There are two methods of car shipping service; Open car shipping and Enclosed car shipping. Most transport companies use the open-car shipping method. This means that your car will be hauled to carriers that are usually exposed. This method is fine and works well for many cars but if your car is luxurious, you wouldn’t want to take chances on a car scratch. We recommend using an enclosed method that affords the safety of your car. You can ask the company about the option available and if they offer what works well for you.

The Kind of Shipping Service Offered

2. Cost of Door-to-Door Shipping

Find out the cost of door-to-door delivery, if it doesn’t involve an extra cost, that’s perfect and more cost-effective for you. If it does, however, weigh it against your transportation budget and other services they would be offering you, if it works well for you, go for it! 

3. Discount/Coupons

It’s okay to ask for discounts or coupons you can maximize especially if you are on a restricted budget. Some auto service companies are willing to negotiate with you, although factors like the kind of car being shipped and distance affect the eventual cost you can always compare to see which service fits in. While it’s great to find one that is cost-effective, we suggest that you also don’t substitute a quality service for a cheap price. You want your car in professional hands eventually.

Car Insurance

4. Insurance

A company with fully -licensed and insured common carriers is ideal for you. In the case of an accident, insurance helps to mitigate the loss. If the company has insurance measures put in place, you should opt for them because it guarantees security.

5. Experience

Some companies’ boast of interstate shipping on their website but this is not always true. You have to make sure the company has a considerable amount of experience in handling interstate shipping like this one. A way to find out is by having a foreknowledge of the traveling regulations of both states. Compare that with what the company claims to know, an experienced service company is well informed about this. You can also ask around about the company. Offline testimonials are more convincing than the ones you find online.

Ship Your Car from Detroit to San Antonio

Ship Your Car from Detroit to San Antonio

Finding a company that meets the above conditions on your own could be a lot of work and we wish you would have a hassle-free process from start to finish. If you are looking to move your car from Detroit to San Antonio, Ship A Car, Inc. is what you need.

We are a top-rated shipping company that offers door-to-door and interstate transportation to and from anywhere in the USA. You can also benefit from our pick up and drop off option if distance or location has always been a bother for you. With Ship A Car, Inc., you can ship your car from/to anywhere in Detroit and San Antonio.

Let us know the exact specifications you require so we can walk you through a seamless process to and from! Contact us today, at (866) 821-4555 to get a free quote.

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How long does it take to ship my car from Detroit to San Antonio?

Delivery duration is dependent on the exact location it is being shipped to and the distance within. However, it takes an average of 2 days at least. You can ask your shipping company for exact details.

Should I leave gas in my car before shipping?

Yes, but only a quarter. Your car will be in a carrier during the process so it wouldn’t be needing gas. The little left is only for movement upon delivery. You can always refill after delivery has been made.