A Little On Box Trucks

A box truck, also known as box van or cube van, is an essential part of many businesses that involve in carrying loads or equipment. A normal box truck weighs about 12 to 33 thousand pounds, and even though this is below the state weight limit of 46,000 pounds, box trucks are still categorized as heavy equipment. This means you would require the use of special carriers and experienced handlers, to ship a box truck.

A Little On Box Trucks

Methods for Shipping Box Trucks

Engaging the services of a shipping company takes the hassle out of shipping a box truck and enables you to focus on getting back to running your business. Shipping a box truck by yourself is not impossible, but the process can be quite stressful, complex, and time-consuming, especially when you are inexperienced or don’t have the right tools and carriers to ship it. 

Box Truck Shipping Process

There are certain steps to take to improve the quality of the process of shipping a box truck. Follow these steps to ensure that you have a shipping experience that is affordable, reliable, and secure.

Hire a Good Shipping Company

Hire a Good Shipping Company

Make inquiries from friends and colleagues, visit websites, and read customer reviews to know more about the company and their level of customer satisfaction.

The shipping company of your choice should be experienced and licensed, have access to the right permits, and be able to meet your shipping needs.

Choose the Right Shipping Method

A simple flatbed trailer is sufficient for most Box truck shipping requirements. If your Box truck has other requirements, for instance, if it goes above the weight limit, you can make use of other trailers like the step deck or drop deck trailers, which have depressions on their backs that enable them to carry taller loads.

Shipping companies have all sorts of trailers, as well as skilled handlers that enable your shipping process to be smooth and delay-free.

Prepare Your Box Truck for Shipping

Prepare Your Box Truck for Shipping

Before handing your box truck over to the shipping company, it must be clean, empty, and in good working order. You also need to carry out an initial inspection to note down the condition of the box truck, this makes identifying any damages that may occur during transit easier.

A box truck also needs to be empty when it is being shipped. Shipping it with items can increase the weight of the box truck and cause you to pay more. The items in the Box truck are not covered by the insurance, hence the shipping company will not be held responsible if they are stolen or suffer any damages.

Arrange Proper Insurance

Arrange Proper Insurance

When transporting a box truck, there is a chance that it will sustain damage; if this happens, it could be detrimental to the company or the business owner.

Shipping companies provide insurance services in cases whereby damage is caused by the company during the loading, unloading, or transporting of the box truck. If you are not satisfied with the insurance coverage offered by the company, you can request for supplementary insurance from your personal insurance company.

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The shipping of a Box truck needs to be done safely and immediately to avoid any losses to the business owners. At Ship A Car, Inc, we make use of our fleet of specialized carriers and our team of expert carriers to ensure that the process of shipping your Box truck is safe and timely. Contact us at (866) 452-3657 if you need more information or want to get started with shipping your box truck.

What is the cost of shipping a box truck?

The cost of shipping a box truck depends on the shipping company of your choice, the size and weight of the Box truck, the method or carrier used in shipping, and the distance from the origin to the destination. You can compare quotes from multiple companies, but take note that lower prices may mean lower quality services.

How long will it take to ship my box truck?

The time it takes to ship a box truck depends on a lot of factors but mostly the distance and route from the origin to the destination, there may also be unforeseen circumstances, such as obtaining a special permit that can cause your box truck to be delayed. Most companies will provide you with an estimated delivery date and location.