Recycling Your Old Car

Recycling is the act, process, or steps taken in converting or transforming waste materials into reusable ones.

When we hear words like recycling which also translates as reuse, reprocess, and so on, all we think about are probably those old plastic waste but what we don’t know is that a lot of other things (like aluminum, metal scrap, glass, electronics and so on) can be recycled.

Recycling a car is demolishing or breaking down the parts of the car to be used as spare parts especially if the car can no longer be of use.

Scrapping a car on the other hand is the act of trading a worthless and inoperative car to scrap buyers who would then recycle the parts of that car and use them for another car or other purposes.

So if you are thinking of scrapping or recycling your old car then below are the steps to be taken in doing so.

Recycling Your Old Car

Steps To Take In Recycling Your Car

Approximately 74-78 million cars are sold every year and approximately 27 million cars reach their end life. However, the majority of these cars are recycled.

Recycling a car is an unpopular opinion even among many motorists. However, as unpopular as car recycling may be, it is ranked as the most recycled consumer product in the world today.

If you are wondering how to recycle your car, you’re in the right place; we spoke to automobile experts and we got the following responses:

Removal of Fluids

Step 1: Removal of Fluids

Some fluids in cars can be recycled to form new fluids. These fluids include transmission fluid, power steering fluid, gear oil, motor oil, antifreeze, and so on, and it is done during depollution.

Asides from just removing these fluids for them to be recycled it is advisable to remove them to reduce the risk of fire explosion or hazard in the junkyard.

Separate the Usable Parts

Step 2: Separate the Usable Parts

After the fluids have been removed, the usable part is removed from it. These usable parts mostly include the metal parts of the car which are given to the recyclers

However, some other parts not needed by the recyclers are either given to other people and these parts may include tires, seat covers, and so on.

Breakdown the Frame of the Car

Step 3: Breakdown the Frame of the Car

After the previous steps have been taken the car is then placed in a machine where it is completely broken down and destroyed.

The look of the car after this process is not recognizable as no one would believe it was once a car. This step is done by the recyclers 

Scrap metal Auto part

Step 4: Sorting of Metals

Since the metals would have been mixed with other impurities during the breaking down of the car frame, there has to be sorted to separate the different types of metals. Steel is the most metal in a car as it occupies 55% of the car metals. Asides from steel there is also aluminum, iron, and titanium.

Step 5: Producers

After every process is done the metals that are already pure are given to the producers also called manufacturers to use them to make other things.

Uses of the Parts Dismantled from the Vehicles

Uses of the Parts Dismantled from the Vehicles

The parts removed from these vehicles are used in different ways and to make different new products so you would not know if you buy your old car part in the form of another product. These are some products that can be made by recycling old car parts:

  • Sandals: Most people use old tires to make sandals and resell
  • New car seats
  • The metals can be used to make another car frame and so on.
Precautions to Take

If you want to scrap your car you need to take certain cautions to do it the right way. These are some precautions to take:

  • Look for a trustworthy company to work with. They should be reliable and known for good work.
  • Ensure to document every payment made.
  • Find out where their scrap yard is and ensure it is allowed by the government. 

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Finally with all these steps and precautions you should not have any problems or confusion about scrapping or recycling a car. Ship A Car, Inc. will help you get started.


Can I remove my car seats and tires before taking them for recycling?

Yes, you can, you don’t have to wait for the recyclers or scrapper before removing these things as you might want to use them.

Do I get paid for my scrap car?

Yes, you do, some people do not know that they get paid for their scrap cars and that is why you must ensure you deal with a trustworthy company.