Car Shipping for Snowbirds: Tips for Winter Travel

Some individuals or families temporarily migrate to warmer regions during the winter; these types of people are often referred to as “snowbirds.” The term is used to describe them because they move south, like birds, in order to escape harsh cold weather and enjoy warmer temperatures.

Snowbirds also transport their vehicles with them since they would need a reliable means of transportation at their destination. This is where auto transport companies come in. In this article, we will share tips that will save you a lot of stress and mishaps while traveling during the winter.

Car Shipping for Snowbirds: Tips for Winter Travel

Tips for Shipping During Winter Months

Vehicle shipping in the winter months does not greatly differ from how you would normally ship a car. However, certain factors, such as low temperatures and poor road conditions, may affect the shipping process if you don’t make adequate research and preparations for them. The tips below will help you with booking and making preparations.

Tips When Booking the Winter Shipping Service

Tips When Booking the Winter Shipping Service

Shipping activity is generally lower during the winter months; therefore, shipping companies have a hard time getting customers to fill up their carriers. This low demand in the winter usually translates to lower shipping estimates and longer delivery times. Since your vehicle will take longer to get delivered to you, it is best to book your shipping in advance, about a few weeks before you actually need it shipped. This ensures that the vehicle arrives at a convenient time. 

Another tip is to book your return journey together. Snowbirds usually ship their cars temporarily, that is, at the beginning of winter, and then they travel back after the winter season is over. Some shipping companies offer discounts that snowbirds can take advantage of by booking the return journey at the same time. This is now not only cheaper than booking them individually, but it also makes it so you won’t need to go through the hassle of making arrangements and looking for a shipping company on your way back.

Preparing your Vehicle for Winter Travel

Preparing your Vehicle for Winter Travel

Vehicles need to be properly prepared for shipping during the winter to ease the shipping process for the shipping company. Below are some common ways you can prepare your car for winter travel:

  • Remove personal items: Items like valuables, documents, and even garbage should be cleared out of the car before shipping. This prevents the car or the items from sustaining damage during transit. Liquid items could also spill during transit and leave a frozen mess that is harder to clean.
  • Wash the exterior: Washing your vehicle makes it easier to inspect and therefore allows a proper and detailed vehicle condition report to be carried out on it. Vehicle inspection is important during winter shipping, particularly because the car is more likely to sustain damage from the harsh weather.
  • Inspect car fluids: Fluids in the vehicle, such as oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid, can cause serious damage to your car. It is a result of these fluids freezing in the internal components and hampering basic functionality. If possible, drain them before the journey or replace them with fluids that can withstand lower temperatures.
  • Check other parts of the vehicle: the tires, batteries, doors, windows, and other components in the vehicle also need to be properly checked and maintained. Tires need lots of tread for winter driving and should be replaced if possible; battery terminals should be inspected and cleaned; hinges and locks in the doors and windows should be properly lubricated to prevent their rubber seals from freezing up.

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Following the tips above can attest to a great shipping experience when shipping in the winter. But another tip, perhaps the most important, to keep in mind is to hire a reliable and experienced shipping company like Ship A Car, Inc. 

We have more than a decades worth of knowledge and experience shipping vehicles for snowbirds and know the ins and outs of shipping during the winter. We also provide more tips that are important and suggestions tailored to your requirements to improve your winter shipping experience, such as using an enclosed carrier if you own an exotic vehicle. Contact us at (866) 821-4555 to make further inquiries or have your car shipped immediately.

When Is the Best Time to Book Your Car for Winter Shipping?

At least a few weeks in advance. This is relatively cheaper than booking late and gives the shipping company enough time to prepare your car for shipping.

How Do I Prepare My Vehicle for Shipping During the Winter?

Remove personal items, wash the vehicle’s exterior, inspect car fluids, and check and maintain other important components in the vehicle.