Is Putting Personal Belongings in the Vehicle when Shipping it Okay?  

We know the convenience of shipping your belongings in your automobile while you go by plane. By doing this, you might avoid having to pack or carry your items following airline restrictions or any other travel requirements. Is it, however, genuinely permitted to transport your personal items in your car while being transported by a car shipping company? Let’s find out.

It can seem like a no-brainer to ship your possessions with your car if you relocate across the nation, saving you the expense of hiring a professional moving company or mailing them.

The procedure, though, might be more complex than it sounds. So, below is everything you need to know about shipping your personal belongings in your car to your desired destination, and what are the requirements of Ship A Car.

Is Putting Personal Belongings in the Vehicle when Shipping it Okay?  

Transporting Your Possessions In a Vehicle: Is It Allowed?

According to the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) rules, no car that is being shipped can have any personal things inside.

Having said that, most auto-transport businesses have preferences regarding what they will permit and demand some requirements for doing this. While this differs from company to company, a few fundamental elements are at the heart of the majority of the requirements. However, several criteria influence what you may and may not put in your car when shipping it.

Weight is the Most Crucial Factor

Weight is the Most Crucial Factor

Remember that your car will be loaded onto a trailer together with other vehicles when you send it. A hauler can support up to 9 vehicles, which is a significant amount of weight for the carriage. If the weight exceeds the permitted limit, the carrier may be punished for carrying a trailer that is too heavy. Due to this, some carriers will abide by the DOT regulation and forbid the entry of any personal items into the vehicles that they are transporting.

Many carriers, however, will let you bring up to 100 pounds of personal belongings. Now and then, a carrier will agree to carry more goods but be ready to pay hundreds more for the additional weight.

Weight is the Most Crucial Factor

Inappropriate Packing of Items Might Damage the Car

Driving an automobile is different from having a car auto-hauled onto a carrier. Therefore, movements in the carrier will be stronger, whether they are vibrations or shifts. Because of the extreme movement caused by moving items that are overly heavy, poorly packed, or made of hard materials, your vehicle’s interior may be damaged.

The worst thing is that, despite the carrier’s cargo insurance covering you during the shipment, neither your broker nor your carrier will be responsible for any damage caused by your personal belongings.

Risk of Theft

Your driver can stop driving for a bit at any point during the trip, whether short or long distance, to relax or for any other purpose. As a result, the truck is left alone, which means your car is left alone.

There is always a chance that thieves could break into the trailer and steal anything from the vehicles, even though the likelihood of that happening is low. There are more opportunities for priceless objects to be stolen, which could result in losing your possessions.

Car jacking

Best Ways to Ship Your Car and Stuff Together

Below are some suggestions to help ensure that your vehicle and your possessions arrive at their destination safely if you’ve determined that the advantages of doing so outweigh the risks:

Keep Your Stuff in the Trunk

Keep your belongings primarily in the trunk of your automobile while shipping them. For reasons of safety and security, this is advised.

When the driver turns or brakes, it helps to ensure that your belongings will stay in the trunk and won’t move around the car. In addition, it helps ensure that your belongings are largely hidden from the view of onlookers, which increases security.

Best Ways to Ship Your Car and Stuff Together

Remove the Valuable Items

If you cannot fit everything in your trunk, you should try to conceal or remove any valuables. The risk of theft increases if your possessions are on display for onlookers. This is particularly true with expensive things like televisions, laptops, etc.

Never Fill Your Car up to the Roof

It would be good if you also refrain from stuffing your vehicle to the maximum capacity. Many carriers forbid this, and it also raises the possibility of theft. Your stuff has to be lower than the level of the windows.

Get the Correct Information about Weight Limits

If you are interested in exporting your possessions and automobile, you should always contact the company first. While some businesses will permit this, others won’t. In addition, you must pre-approve any additional weight with the shipping firm to prevent problems on pick-up day.

Get the Correct Information about Weight Limits

Bottom Line

Even while it could be possible for you to ship your automobile and goods together, it is typically not advised because it has more risks. Even though there are steps you can take to lessen these risks through careful planning and research, they can never be avoided.

It’s ultimately up to you to decide whether or not you feel comfortable taking this risk. Ship A Car is a leading shipping company, you will be certain to receive outstanding care and service along the way.

Our representatives will provide individualized customer support from when you order your shipping until your automobile is delivered. We have thousands of satisfied customers, and we can’t wait to assist you with shipping of your vehicle while ensuring safety and transparency at all times.