Individual, Business and Specialty Transport Services in the city of Birmingham

Individual, Business and Specialty Transport Services in the city of Birmingham

Individual Car Shipping

Individual services are tailored on a case by case basis, which are designed to meet customer expectations and needs. Not only will the company handle all of the necessary details, but it will walk you through each step of the process to ensure the consumer feels secure throughout the transportation process. 

Just to name a few of the individual services offered by SAC Auto Transport would be car transport for travel nurses/physicians, golf cart shipping, ATV/UTV/Side by Side shipping, motorcycle shipping, student car shipping, military privately owned vehicle shipping, seasonal car shipping, cross country vehicle shipping, open carrier/ closed carrier shipping, classic car shipping and exotic automobile shipping. 

The great news for consumers looking to have their cars shipped, SAC Auto Transport offers both enclosed and open trailer hauling. With the company offering enclosed and open trailer hauling, consumers can ship their exotic vehicles without a worry, or have their cars hauled across the country relatively cheap. If you are a snowbird, SAC excels at guiding snow birds through the process of seasonal transportation. The best part about SAC Auto Transport is that with each category of shipping, they all offer some form of discount within each category. 

Business Shipping

Business Vehicle Shipping

No matter the size of the business, small or large, Ship a Car provides business to business auto transport services specifically for businesses that are in the automotive industry, dealerships, corporate clients, and more. 

Corporate vehicle relocation services help consumers streamline the relocation process for staff and even their families. SAC requires no up-front deposit, offers everyday carrier availability, and complete nationwide coverage. 

Furthermore, SAC manages the relocation of fleet sizes with reliable transport services. Not only will they be able to transport hundreds of vehicles from one location to another, or help disperse the units to specific locations or job sites. 

In addition to relocation services and moving fleets, SAC is able to handle dealer relocations – which can swap vehicles from one business location to another with customizable dealer shipping solutions. 

Finally, the SAC handles auction vehicle transport as well. Some vehicle auctions are only available to car dealers, with many varying vehicles so it is important for the car dealerships to have a company that can handle anything from junkers to exotic vehicles. The SAC has had a lot of experience of hauling vehicles purchased through EBay, or even, so they are well versed in handling the process. 

Specialty Transport Services

Specialty Transport Services

If you are looking for a company to transport your specialized equipment like a backhoe, bulldozer, dump truck, tractor or overweight/over-dimensional shipment, SAC has been delivering these specialized pieces of equipment for thirty years.

The SAC offers specialized services for miner, scraper, loader, articulated truck, asphalt paving machines, cold planer, excavator, rock truck, grader, dump truck, bulldozer, compactor, backhoe, pipes, piling, or logs shipping. 

Everything You Need to Know About Birmingham, Alabama 

In 2022, Birmingham, AL had a population of 198k people with a median age of 36.2 and a median household income of $54,559. Between 2017 to 2022 the population of Birmingham, AL declined from 212,265 to 198,433, a decrease of -0.934%, and its median household income grew from $33,770 to $54,559.

The population of Birmingham, AL is 68.29% Black or African American Alone, 26.59% White Alone, and 2.00% Hispanic or Latino. N/A% of the people in Birmingham, AL speak a non-English language, and 97.4% are U.S. citizens.

The largest universities in Birmingham, AL are the University of Alabama at Birmingham (5,956 degrees awarded in 2020), Jefferson State Community College (1,284 degrees in 2020), and Virginia College-Birmingham (852 degrees).

The median property value in Birmingham, AL is $97,500, and the homeownership rate is 45.9%. Most people in Birmingham, AL commute by Drove Alone, and the average commute time is 26 minutes. The average car ownership in Birmingham, AL is 2 cars per household as of 2020.

Education in Birmingham

Education in Birmingham

In 2020, universities in Birmingham, AL awarded 8,092 degrees. The student population of Birmingham, AL is skewed towards women, with 13,799 male students and 23,905 female students.

Most students graduating from Universities in Birmingham, AL with a bachelor’s degree are White (22,913), followed by Black or African American (16,417), Hispanic (1,105), and Asian (1,529).

The largest universities in Birmingham, AL by the number of degrees awarded are the University of Alabama at Birmingham (5,032 and 59.5%), Jefferson State Community College (1,307 and 15.5%), and Virginia College-Birmingham (852 and 10.1%).

The most popular majors in Birmingham, AL are Registered Nursing (1,112 and 13.2%), General Business Administration & Management (451 and 5.33%), and General Studies (304 and 3.6%).

The median tuition costs in Birmingham, AL are $35,360 for private four-year colleges, and $6,116 for in-state and $16,420 for out-of-state four year not for profit private tuition. 

Economy in Birmingham

Economy in Birmingham

The economy of Birmingham, AL employs 94.5k people. The largest industries in Birmingham, AL are Health Care & Social Assistance (16,852 people), Retail Trade (11,928 people), and Educational Services (8,791), and the highest paying industries are Utilities ($68,750), Management of Companies & Enterprises ($65,446), and Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services ($56,918).

Households in Birmingham, AL have a median annual income of $38,832, which is less than the median annual income of $64,994 across the entire United States. This is in comparison to a median income of $37,375 in 2019, which represents a3.9% annual growth.

Tax Rates for Birmingham
  • The Sales Tax Rate for Birmingham is 10.0%.
  • The Income Tax Rate for Birmingham is 2% to 5%.
  • Tax Rates can have a big impact when comparing the Cost of Living.
Income and Salaries for Birmingham
  • The average income of a Birmingham resident is $23,508 a year.
  • The Median household income of a Birmingham resident is $38,832 a year.