How to Make Sure Everything Runs Smoothly and Is Delivered On Time for Fleet Managers

Car dealerships and fleet managers face a huge challenge when it comes to relocating. The large number of vehicles can make transporting them very stressful and time-consuming. Hence, there is a need for a more efficient system for transporting fleets of cars; this is where auto transport companies come in.

While auto transport is more popular for shipping vehicles for individuals, it also provides a variety of fleet relocation services that assist fleet managers with transporting their vehicles. This article will discuss auto transport for fleet managers and the role of shipping companies in ensuring smooth shipping operations and on-time delivery for a large number of vehicles.

How Many Cars Make a Fleet?

How Many Cars Make a Fleet?

If you want fleet relocation services from an auto transport company, then you, of course, need to have a fleet. Small fleets consist of around 5 to 20 vehicles, and large fleets contain dozens or even hundreds of vehicles.

Fleet relocation services come with a lot of benefits, and different companies have different requirements, but you would generally be required to have at least 5 vehicles to qualify as a small fleet and dozens or even hundreds of vehicles to qualify as a large fleet.

Benefits of Fleet Relocation

Fleet relocation services come with a lot of benefits and provide an efficient means of transporting large numbers of vehicles. These services were specifically created for fleets of cars and offer some of the following benefits:

  • Reduced Cost: One of the major benefits of using fleet relocation as opposed to shipping each vehicle individually is the reduction in the cost of shipping. The cost of shipping a fleet covers the insurance and extra shipping costs for all vehicles at a relatively lower price than shipping each vehicle individually.
  • Reliability: Shipping all the cars together at once ensures that all the cars get to the required destination with minimal issues and stress. You also won’t have to worry about overseeing the details of shipping each car, as the auto transport service provider manages that as well.

Most companies require you to meet certain criteria to qualify for most of these benefits. The criteria differ, but you will likely need to ship multiple cars at once, and they must be headed to the same destination. Always check in with the auto transport company before proceeding.

The Steps to Take When Relocating a Fleet of Vehicles

The Steps to Take When Relocating a Fleet of Vehicles

The process of shipping a fleet is not too different from shipping individual or personal vehicles. But there are some key steps that you need to take:

First and foremost, research Like many other processes, carrying out proper research is a good way to guarantee the safety of the process as well as avoid common mistakes. The research could be as simple as going through the catalogs of services on the company’s website or getting reviews about the company from trusted sources or friends. This step of the process should not be taken lightly, as it could very well make or mar the relocation journey.

The next step is to make preparations for the relocation process. After finding a suitable company, you can start by contacting them and making the necessary arrangements, like the delivery dates and locations and the insurance coverage for the vehicles. You can also make your own preparations by inspecting the cars and getting them ready for the journey.

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Whether you are a car dealer, a fleet manager, or an auto auctioneer, transporting a fleet doesn’t have to be a hassle. Simply hiring a reliable shipping company like Ship A Car, Inc. can save you lots of stress and headaches.

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How much does it cost to relocate a fleet?

The cost of transporting a fleet depends on the number of cars, distance of travel, destination location, shipping company of your choice, and other car shipping-related factors. Generally, fleet relocating costs less than the cost it will take to ship a single vehicle, multiplied by the number of vehicles in the fleet. A good way to know the cost is to reach out to a shipping company and ask for quotes.