Evaluating the Car Transportation Value Proposition

Yes, shipping a car is worth it when you save time and money and don’t have to worry about moving it yourself. Whether you are looking to ship a car across the country or the state, finding an auto transport company like Ship a Car, Inc. will always make the process easy.

Evaluating the Car Transportation Value Proposition

Why It’s Better to Ship Your Car

For various reasons, shipping your automobile might be the ideal way to handle your relocation. There are several reasons why moving your car yourself may not save you money or time, even if you may not want to consider paying someone else to do it for you. Before you decide that you are prepared to begin driving yourself to your new home, consider why you might want to go ahead and reserve that transport company to move your car.

Avoid Unnecessary Miles on Your Car

This is one of the most important perks that people worried about how much it will cost to pay a shipping company to move their car often miss. Transporting your vehicle to a new location costs money, but driving it can be very hard on your car and cost you a lot more in the long run. This is especially true if you move from one side of the country to another.

Avoid Unnecessary Miles on Your Car

These extra miles might not be a big deal for newer cars, but you need to be realistic if your vehicle is older. Older cars will use more fuel and may not be in good enough shape for this kind of trip. You’ll want to remember this and figure out how many miles you’ll have to drive before deciding if you’ll move your car or if you’d rather have a shipping company do it.

No Dealing with Bad Weather

If you must move during the winter, you might have to deal with snowy and icy roads and long trip days. Not every car is made for this kind of trip, and you must know how to make it safely. You will also need to consider how comfy you are with putting chains on your car and if your car can even use chains. If you can believe it, some vehicles can’t have chains put on them when they need them.

It’s easy to forget that the weather in your city isn’t always the same as the weather you must deal with when you cross mountain passes or go to other places that are at higher levels. Before you decide to drive yourself, you should ensure that your car and driving skills are up to the task. Safety is very important, and if you think you can’t drive to your new home safely, it is worth the extra cost to send your car to a shipping company.

No Dealing with Bad Weather

You Can Save Money on Shipping

People don’t often know this, but there are also ways to save money on the cost of driving your car. You can ask about terminal-to-terminal transfers, which involve taking your car to a shared place for the company to pick up cars and then picking up your car at another terminal at the end of the trip. This makes things much easier for the shipping business and usually makes your price much cheaper.

You can also take a spot on a full trailer with a spot open. This could mean you must get your car ready to be picked up within a couple of days, but saving a lot of money on the trip could be worth it. You can get savings for this kind of work in several ways, and you should ask about them when you talk to a shipping company.


Several variables, including distance, value, and cost, will determine whether transporting an automobile is viable. When choosing, weighing these aspects and considering the various shipping options available is crucial. To make sure that your automobile is moved securely and undamaged, it’s also critical to select a trustworthy and knowledgeable auto transport company. This is when Ship a Car, Inc. comes into play. We have a long history in the industry, a Department of Transportation license, insurance, and hundreds of five-star evaluations from happy clients.

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Can Shipping a Car Save You Time?

Yes, shipping a car rather than driving it saves you time. It will take more than a day to go more than 300 miles. On a map, a thousand miles might not look like that much, but once you’re on the road, you’ll have to cross mountains and wide plains. This means driving for days. When you add time for stops for food and rest, you get a whole new time frame. 

Is Shipping a Car Affordable?

You might think the hauler’s quote has to be higher than it would cost you to drive yourself. But that doesn’t always happen. Professional drivers plan their routes to make multiple runs while spending as little money as possible on gas. They also have ways to save money on lodging, food, highway tolls, and other things.