Update regarding the DOT’s fines for violations of any provisions in the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse:

The Department of Transportation’s final rule authorizes the assessment of civil penalties for drivers, carriers, and medical review officers. They can also be fined up to $5,833 for each violation of any provisions within the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse. DOT issued a final rule on Monday that implements the authority of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to assess the civil penalties for violations of the Clearinghouse.

Also included in the updated penalties:

– A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holder who is convicted of violating an out-of-service order is subject to a civil penalty of at least $3,230 for a first conviction and at least $6,460 for a second or subsequent conviction.

– An employer of a CDL holder who knowingly allows or requires an employee to operate a commercial motor vehicle during any period in which the CDL holder is subject to an out-of-service to a civil penalty of $5,833 to $32,297.

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