What’s the Better Decision:  Should I Drive or Ship My Car?

Are you traveling for a vacation, or are you relocating? Before traveling, you make plans and write a to-do list for when you arrive. But you can get stuck choosing between driving or shipping your car while you take a flight. Not to worry; this post will help you make the best decision.

One thing to do when choosing between driving or shipping is to consider the following factors.

  • Distance
  • Safety
  • Cost
  • Time
  • Vehicle Type

How far away are you driving? For convenience, it’s better to ship your car if your journey is more than 500 miles. Driving across states can be the better choice since the distance is small. But when going across countries, you will need a lot of planning, time, and effort. You’ll probably be spending more if you drive than if you ship your car. Keep in mind that shipping your vehicle becomes more cost-effective as the distance increases. Also, long journeys can tire you and increase the risks of an accident.


Let’s look through the cost of driving. You need enough gas to take you to your destination. How much is enough? You can’t be so sure, so you may also need to stop and get some more on your way. You need to lodge if your trip will take more than a day. The average US lodging price is slightly more than $100. You should also factor in the cost of food—both food for when you need some snacks while driving or when lodging.

Then you also check the cost of shipping your car to the same location. You can get the price by requesting quotes from the shipping company. Quotes will require you to fill in the distance, dates, and other necessary details to calculate the shipping price. When you consider these factors, go for the more affordable option for your next trip.


Is it safe to drive? If you are moving within states, speed limits can help to keep you alert and aware of other road users. Also, accidents are very unlikely in cross-country travel. However, the weather may be unsafe for you to travel during winter. You may encounter unexpected closed roads or slippery roads that will delay you. Also, if you are traveling through deserted areas, the heat might be inconvenient for you. Driving your car a long distance could also cause it to break down, and you don’t want to get stuck on a road without cell phone reception. Shipping your vehicle might be a better option here.


If you are driving coast-to-coast, it may take more than 40 hours. You certainly will not be on the road all through, and you may need to cut your trip to eight hours a day. Driving your car can be a good option if you are a sucker for road trips and have plans to tour along the way. If not, it will be an exhausting week to travel for so long alone or with family. So it’s better to fly since the corresponding flight will take six hours and let a shipping company move your car.


Lastly, can your car drive? Some cars, like family minivans, are perfect for family road trips. Other exotic cars may not be the best option, as they are built for effectiveness within short distances. So if your car cannot survive the stress, shipping your car is better than driving it.


By now, you should be able to make the right decision for your next trip. If you are driving, do not forget to pack all you will need during your journey. And if you are shipping, contact an experienced shipping company like Ship A Car, Inc to ship your car in the most professional way. Our representatives are ready to answer your questions if you are still unsure whether to drive or ship your vehicle.

●     Is it cheaper to ship or drive my car?

Usually, driving your car is more cost-effective than shipping. However, if you are traveling long distances, shipping is cheaper.

●     Is it faster to ship or drive my car?

Driving your car is faster. Shipping companies must prepare and make additional pickups and other necessary steps, which makes 3-7 days the average shipping time.