Tips and Advice for a Smooth Transition When Shipping Your Car for Retirement

After spending many years of your life working, you are finally at the retirement stage, where you get to live out the rest of your life, most likely in a new environment. Since your main goal is relaxation, you shouldn’t have to involve yourself in the stress of relocating. This guide will give you all the information you need to know about stress-free car shipping for your retirement.

What You Need to Know About Car Shipping for Retirement

What You Need to Know About Car Shipping for Retirement

Retirement means you will get to live on less income, meaning you will have to conserve spending in some aspects. This is why you will likely have to move out of the city so you can spend your golden years in a less expensive environment. Some seniors also have health concerns or mobility limitations that prevent them from doing some things.

Shipping companies provide services such as flexible delivery, which ensures your vehicle is delivered directly to the exact location, thereby reducing the need for extra stress or intervention. Moving requires lots of energy and preparation, but you should save that energy for getting used to your new environment. Auto transporters take care of the details of shipping your vehicle, saving you a lot of time and stress while still ensuring your vehicle is shipped in top condition.

Cost of Shipping for Retirement

Cost of Shipping for Retirement

The cost of shipping a car for retirement depends on several factors, but you should generally try to conserve costs. Here are some ways to conserve costs without affecting the quality of shipping service you get:

  • Avoid summer months: Shipping during summer months, like June, July, and August, is generally more expensive due to the volume of people shipping their vehicles. If possible, try to avoid these months while shipping your vehicle, as higher demands lead to higher shipping quotes from companies.
  • Book your shipping early: Booking early gives you more time to plan and calculate the costs. Early booking is also generally less expensive, as there are lots of slots available in carriers, and it allows the shipping company to efficiently plan the shipping of your vehicle.
  • Check for discounts: Some shipping companies offer discounts for senior citizens as a way of helping them ease the transition to a new environment. Always make inquiries about discounts from the shipping company of your choice before shipping with them.

Be careful not to cut costs too much. If you are too tight on funds, you could opt for open-air shipping. Although it is less expensive, this method is not advised because it exposes your car to damage from harsh weather or road particles.

How to Ship Your Car for Retirement

How to Ship Your Car for Retirement

Shipping a car for retirement is not too different from shipping a car normally; you still need to do thorough research, arrange with the shipping company, and prepare the car for shipping. Start your research by consulting friends or reading reviews about companies online. This will give you a range of options from which you can then make inquiries, either by contacting them directly or visiting their website. 

Once you have found a shipping company and made the necessary arrangements, such as shipping options, delivery locations, and insurance coverage, the next step is to prepare for shipping: clean the vehicle, remove personal items, disable security systems, and document damages to the car. Make further inquiries with the company to know how to proceed with the rest of the details.


Car shipping, either for retirement or in general, is a tasking process. If you are retiring, then you don’t need to go through the stress of shipping; you can just hire a reliable shipping company like Ship A Car, Inc.

We ensure that all our customers, including senior citizens, are given top-notch quality services. We also offer a range of services specifically designed to ease the stress of shipping. Contact us at (866) 821-4555 to make inquiries and have your car shipped!

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Why do I need to ship my car for retirement?

It is better to ship your belongings with you when relocating to remote places. Their transport systems may not be efficient or reliable, so it is preferable to have your personal vehicle.

How can I reduce the cost of shipping for retirement?

Avoid shipping during the summer, make early shipping reservations, and check for companies that offer discounts for senior citizens. Try not to go overboard when cutting costs because it might lead to poor services that could cause damage to your vehicle.