Car Shipping for Snowbirds or Seasonal Movers

Snowbirds, or seasonal movers, are people who relocate to southern states during the winter to escape the harsh, cold weather and then relocate back to their homes in the northern states during the spring. The back-and-forth movement each year can be very stressful, time-consuming, and expensive, especially when you need to carry important items like vehicles and other personal items along.

Auto shipping companies provide specialized transportation services designed to cater to the requirements of snowbirds and seasonal movers. These services aid them with their seasonal movement and save them from a lot of stress, headaches, and expenses every year. However, in order to make this shipping process a success, snowbirds and seasonal movers are required to make certain preparations. This article will highlight the steps to preparing your car for shipping as a snowbird or seasonal mover in the US.

Car Shipping for Snowbirds or Seasonal Movers

Steps to Preparing Your Vehicle for Seasonal Shipping

The overall experience you get depends on the shipping company you hire. This is why you must take your time doing research and ensure you choose the right one. Another way to improve your shipping experience and make transportation smoother is to prepare your vehicle for shipping before handing it over to the auto shipper. Here are some recommended steps to take:

Remove Personal Items and Loose Attachments

Clean both the inside and outside of your vehicle and remove all personal items, such as electronics, gadgets, clothing, accessories, and documents, from the vehicle. This will not only prevent them from getting damaged or stolen but will also slightly reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, which in turn reduces the cost of shipping your vehicle.

External attachments and loose parts, like spoilers and roof racks, should also be removed and stored separately to prevent them from causing damage to the vehicle or getting damaged themselves during the course of the journey. Removing liquid substances is also crucial to preventing frozen messes in the car.

Put the Vehicle in the Right Setting

Disable the car alarm to prevent it from going off during transport and causing complications. Other electric systems, like AC units and lighting, should also be disconnected to prevent them from turning on and to prevent the battery from degrading. Some carriers may also need to drive your vehicle over short distances, so it is advisable to disable the parking brake or leave instructions on how to do so. The tires should also be properly inflated, and fluid levels should be regulated, especially in the gas tank, which should be around a quarter to half full.

Inspect and Document the Vehicle’s Condition

Inspect and Document the Vehicle’s Condition

Conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s exterior and interior to identify existing damages such as dents, scratches, or any signs of physical damage. The vehicle should also be confirmed to be in working condition during this inspection, and any mechanical issues should be addressed before the actual shipment.

The results of this inspection should be documented properly, with solid evidence such as photos taken from different angles if possible. Both you and the carrier will keep a copy of the documentation since it will be used to sort out damage resolution with the insurance if there is any damage during the journey.

The Benefits of Making Adequate Preparations for Snowbird Shipping

The Benefits of Making Adequate Preparations for Snowbird Shipping

Preparing your car for shipping as a snowbird has numerous benefits. This section will list the most important and advantageous ones.

  • Improved Vehicle Safety: Preparing your vehicle before shipping greatly reduces the risks of damage during transport. It ensures that the vehicle’s condition is maintained until it reaches its destination.
  • Convenience and Peace of Mind: The entire transportation process becomes more convenient when the vehicle is prepared for the journey. Customers will also have peace of mind knowing all the necessary steps to safeguard the vehicle have been taken.
  • Increased Cost Efficiency: Adequate preparation is also more cost-efficient, as it prevents a lot of complications and damages that would have cost additional fees to fix or resolve.

There are plenty of benefits that come with preparing a car for shipping between seasonal residences. Other than improving the safety of your vehicle, it also gives you convenience, peace of mind, and more cost savings.

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Preparing your car for shipping as a snowbird or seasonal mover is the best way to have a smooth and noteworthy shipping experience. So long as you remove personal items and attachments, put your vehicle in the right settings, and document the condition, you will be able to enjoy benefits like vehicle safety, peace of mind, and cost efficiency.

Also, remember that it is essential to hire a reputable and trustworthy shipping company like Ship A Car, whose state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team of carriers allow your vehicle to be transported and delivered in prime condition. Contact us today to book both your snowbird shipping and your return journey to minimize risks and have a more enjoyable winter stay.