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Montana Vehicle Shipping Routes

Popular Montana Shipping Locations

  • Whitefish
  • Belgrade
  • Livingston
  • Miles City
  • Lewistown
  • Polson
  • Columbia Falls
  • Glendive
  • Hamilton
We provide direct service to and from any location in Montana - above is a list of the most popular car shipping locations that we service.

Everything You Need to Know About the State of Montana (MT)

By area Montana is the fourth largest U.S. state. With an average of just six people per square mile, it is one of the country’s least densely populated states. The name Montana is derived from the Spanish montaña (“mountain” or “mountainous region”). Montana is abode to the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, which memorializes the historic 1876 battle between the Sioux tribe and U.S. Army, often referred to as “Custer’s Last Stand.” Yellowstone National Park, located in southern Montana and northern Wyoming, was the first national park established in the United States. Montana got statehood on November 8, 1889. 

Montana is bounded by Idaho to the west, Wyoming to the south, North Dakota and South Dakota to the east, and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to the north.


The state economy is primarily based on agriculture, including cattle ranching and cereal grain farming. Other major economic resources are oil, gas, coal, hard rock mining, and timber. In recent years, tourism is on the rise as the fastest-growing sector.

Montana has a couple of nicknames, although none are official, including “Big Sky Country” and “The Treasure State”, and slogans that include “Land of the Shining Mountains” and more recently “The Last Best Place.” The state capital is Helena and Oro y Plata (“Gold and Silver”) is the state motto. 

In terms of surface area, Montana is the fourth largest U.S. It has an average of six people per square mile. It is also one of the country’s sparsely populated states. The state derived its name Montana from the Spanish word “montaña," interpreted as “mountain" or "mountainous region."
Montana houses the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. This monument is in honor of the historic 1876 battle that occurred between the Sioux tribe and the U.S. Army. The battle is also called “Custer’s Last Stand.”
The first national park in the United States is Yellowstone National Park. It is located in southern Montana and northern Wyoming.
Montana became a state on November 8, 1889. Its capital is Helena, and its motto is Oro y Plata translated as “Gold and Silver."
Montana has Idaho on its western border and Wyoming on its southern border. To the East and North, it has North and South Dakota and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, respectively.
The state economy primarily depends on agriculture, counting cattle ranching and cereal grain farming. The economy also derives revenue from oil, gas, coal, hard rock mining, and timber. In recent years, tourism has been on the rise and has become the state’s fastest-growing sector.
Montana has a few nicknames, even though none is official. They include - Big Sky Country - The Treasure State They also use slogans like: - Land of the Shining Mountains - The Last Best Place
The world’s first International Peace Park was created in 1932 as an amalgamation of the Glacier National Park, Montana, and Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada. In 1995, UNESCO recorded both parks as a joint World Heritage Site due to their diverse and affluent flora and fauna and magnificent scenery.

Car Shipping in Montana

You may need to ship your car to or from Montana for many reasons. Vacation, relocation, school, and work are some of the possible reasons. Regardless of the reason, shipping your car does not have to be stressful and can be done without hassles. Follow the guide provided below and enjoy a smooth car shipping process. 

Car Shipping Process

Car Shipping Process

  1. Find the Best Auto Shipping Company

There are several car shipping companies in Montana, hence, the need to select one carefully is important. Various factors contribute to choosing the perfect car shipping company, some of which are discussed later in detail. The auto transport company you work with greatly influences how smooth or stressful your car shipping process is. 

  1. Request a Quote

After concluding on the best company to ship a car, you should request a quote that reflects how much it will cost to have your vehicle shipped. The quote should be detailed and should cover all aspects of the cost. Be sure to find out how long the quote is valid, as quotes frequently change due to constant price changes.

  1. Schedule Pick-Up

When the payment details have been sorted out, a pick-up date and location suitable for both parties will be scheduled. However, there are preparations you should make before pick up. They are also discussed in detail later. 

  1. Delivery

Sometimes, you may be unable to pick up your car from the delivery point. If this happens, you should communicate with the company beforehand that you will be unavailable. It is crucial, however, for security reasons, that your representative has the required documents to ensure the car is not delivered to the wrong person.

  1. Confirm the State of the Vehicle

You or your representative should inspect the vehicle to confirm it was delivered in the same state the company picked it up. The car shipping company bears the cost of any damage to the car during shipping. However, you should note that the company only takes responsibility for physical damages, not mechanical ones.

Tips for Choosing the Best Car Shipping Company in Montana

Tips for Choosing the Best Car Shipping Company in Montana

  1. Transparency

Your company of choice must have a reputation for honesty. Make inquiries to confirm this. Without transparency, a company may subject you to unnecessary payments and not provide all necessary services. Hence, you should ensure that when you are given a quote, it is as detailed and straightforward as possible. The quote should clearly state how much you are paying and what you are paying for.

  1. Insurance

Insurance coverage is a factor that cannot be sidelined. Since the safety of your car rests with the company, you have to confirm that they provide insurance for your vehicle when it is in their care. If you engage a company with no insurance cover, any damage done to your car will not be catered for, as you will handle all repairs yourself.

Contact Ship A CAr

  1. References

It is best to choose a company other people can vouch for as it shows they have built a solid reputation for themselves. You should research the company you intend to engage with and find out what others say about them. 

  1. Licenses

Specific licenses are required for companies to engage in car shipping in Montana. Companies without these licenses are practicing illegally. As a result, any problem encountered cannot be legally dealt with. Therefore, you should confirm that your company of choice has all the required licenses. 

Car Shipping Costs in Montana

Car Shipping Costs in Montana

Car shipping does not come at a fixed price. Some factors determine how much shipping a vehicle costs. They include:

  1. Shipping Method

There are two methods of shipping a vehicle: the open method and the closed method. The Open method is the cheaper method, and it involves transporting cars via an open car carrier. However, this method exposes your vehicle to weather elements like rain, sun, and snow. Hence, the possibility of damage from road debris.

The enclosed carrier method transports vehicles in an enclosed carrier, protecting your car from harsh weather conditions. However, this method is more expensive.

  1. Car Size

The size of your car influences the shipping cost. Typically, smaller cars cost less as they take up less space in the carriage. Conversely, larger cars take up more space and cost more. 

  1. Time of the Year

Not all seasons throughout the year cost the same for vehicle shipping. Each route throughout the US has specific peak and off peak seasons. Hence, cars shipped during high peak season will cost more.  Conversely, when you ship a car during an off peak season for that route, the total price will be less. 

  1. The flexibility of Pick-up and Delivery

Shipping your car without flexible timing is likely to cost more. Unfortunately, car shipping companies are not entirely flexible, and if their timing does not suit you, you will be required to pay more to accommodate your need for urgency.  


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Montana Transportation Information

  • Montana Rail Transport
  • Montana Roads
  • Montana Air Transport
  • Montana Ferry Transport
  • Montana Rail Transport

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    Montana Port Authority: 

    Railway transportation has been a pivotal form of transport in Montana since the 1880s. Historically, it is recorded that the main lines of three east-west transcontinental routes: 

    • The Milwaukee Road
    • The Great Northern
    • The Northern Pacific passed through the state.

    Today, the BNSF Railway is the state’s largest railroad, with its primary transcontinental course uniting the former Great Northern main line across the state. Montana RailLink is a privately held Class II railroad that operates the former Northern Pacific rail line in western Montana.

    In addition, Amtrak’s Empire Builder train runs through the North of the state and makes stops at Libby, Whitefish, West Glacier, Essex, East Glacier Park, Browning, Cut Bank, Shelby, Havre, Malta, Glasgow, and Wolf Point.

  • Montana Roads

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    Montana Port Authority: 

    U.S. Route 10 is the major east-west highway route in Montana. It links the major cities on the south side of the state. Today, it is operated by I-90 and I-94, both of which follow the same route as the Northern Pacific. 

    U.S. Routes 2 and 12 and Montana Highway 200 also navigate the entire state from East to West.

    Montana’s only north-south Interstate Highway is Interstate 15. Other key interstate highways are:

    • I-15 in Monida, Sweetgrass
    • I-115 in Butte, Downtown Butte
    • I-315 in Great Falls, Downtown Great Falls
    • I-90 in Mullan, Ranchester, and I-94– Billings, Beach.
  • Montana Air Transport

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    Montana Port Authority: 

    The major airport in Montana is the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. It is also the airport with the most activity in the state. The other main airports include Missoula International Airport, Glacier Park International Airport, Bert Mooney Airport, Great Falls International Airport, and Helena Regional Airport. 

    The Essential Air Service Program has eight airports for commercial purposes. Commercial flights are common in Montana, and the state has more than seventy public and private airports.

  • Montana Ferry Transport

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    Montana Port Authority: 

    Montana’s port is advantageously located in the southwest area of the state. At the intersection of I-90 and I-15, BNSF and UP railroads serve Montana. BNSF is the most extensive shipping railroad network in North America. 

    The port operation comprises trans-loading, distribution, and warehouse and storage facility.

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As rated by our clients (from 1139 testimonials)
My husband and I just had our cars delivered by a Ship A Car and we have to say that the service provided by them was absolutely perfect from start to finish. The driver said he would arrive to pick up our cars at Noon and let me say he was there exactly at Noon. Our cars were picked up on a Saturday and by Wednesday afternoon we had them (picked up in New York and dropped off in Florida). We would highly recommend this company.
Had a great experience with this shipper. Kristina worked hard to find us an excellent price and was friendly , professional and responsive. Car was picked up on time, delivered on time. Communication was timely and helpful. Next time we need to ship a car, I'm calling Ship-A-Car.
Andi Gettys
Just wanted to say Thank you for handling our shipment. The driver was very nice and prompt. I'm always afraid of these online companies that are based out of town. But I will have to say, I will refer your company to others. The experience was Great ! Not what I expected at all. Thanks again!!!
KATHY T. Lyndhurst, OH
Great people, great service. Janet is a true professional and great to work with. The follow up is truly outstanding.
Amy F.
Great company to work with.Janet Rinella was excellent and provided timely followup explaing how the pickup and delivery would be scheduled. Chris the driver and his copilot Jen did a geat job and provided schedule updates on both pick up and detination arrival. The car transport went well and without a hitch. I definetely will use them again.
Robert Chappel
It was a great experience, very professional company, the service was fast and the agent was very friendly.
Stevenson Germain
The rep I worked with, Lawrence Knapp was very knowledgeable, helpful and customer service oriented. He answered all my questions, and went the extra mile to save me some money. I feel our car is in good hands. I liked the tips on how to get your car ready for shipment. Lawrence communicated well through phone, text and email. He walked me through the process of signing documents so that went smoothly. He was easygoing and friendly too! I recommend Ship A Car, Inc. I got two other comparable estimates and because of Lawrence, I went with Ship A Car. A friend referred us, as she had a good experience too.
Sandy O.
Justen has shipped my motorcycles to rides all over the U.S. More often than not I've given him less-than-adequate time or extenuating circumstances, yet he always delivers like a champ. Go with Justen. He's your man.
Jeremy G. Boulder, CO
Bob and his team did a GREAT job getting my vehicle to me during a cross country move. They have Stellar communication and I was updated every step of the way. My vehicle arrived in perfect condition HIGHLY recommend Ship A Car!!! Thank you Bob!!
Couldn’t Be Happier
Jonathan Maldonado took care of all my needs and got me a fantastic transport company which delivered my car ahead of schedule, in fantastic condition. Thank you guys! Job well done!
Antony Leon
My interaction with Joseph from Ship A Car was a pleasant one. He did not push me to just go with him. I checked around and did find cheaper companies, but chose Joe for his openess and honesty with me. I would recommend Ship A Car to anyone I know who is in need of a transport company.
Wendy L.
I needed a car shipped on a short haul from Nevada to California on an ASAP basis because the hauler I had contracted with cancelled on me at the last minute. I found Ship A Car in a Google search, quickly checked their references and reviews and called. I spoke to Willie Dublin and he got on it immediately. He scheduled a pick up for the same afternoon and my car was delivered the next day in exactly the same condition as it was in when it was loaded the afternoon before. They met and exceeded all my expectations for customer service, price, performance and efficiency
Elizabeth S. Danville, CA
Transporting a vehicle is very important so that is why I chose Ship a Car they are rated Number 1. Fernanda was my representative, she was very professional, courteous and her communication was GREAT! She was very helpful with the whole process, she made it a great experience, NO STRESS. And very quick service. My transporter Radu was very courteous and professional, he was able to deliver my car a day early! He notified me a time he would be at my home and then notified me again that he would be 20 minutes later and he was sorry. Then when he arrived he apologized again that he was a little late--GREAT COMMUNICATION. Wonderful people.
A pleasure to work with SHIP A CAR, INC. They arranged to p/u our GEM in mid west and transport it quickly and safely to its new home. Many thanks SHIP A CAR !
Art Rhoades
Great Service, prompt, courteous and professional drivers. Bob Moran is the best! I have referred four friends to Ship A Car - we will be using them again this winter.
Janet T. Feldman
I recently moved my Ford Fusion from Kansas to New York and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. Car arrived on time in perfect condition as promised. Will definitely recommend Tom at Ship A Car, Inc to all my co-workers and friends.
Steve B. Kansas, KS
Fantastic to work with and had a great experience with this company. Follow through was great and always just a phone call away. Shipped my daughters car from East coast to West coast and it arrived as promised. What I really like is that her car is designed with the front and rear bumpers somewhat lower to the ground then normal and this was a concern for me. I watched the car loaded on to the carrier and it went on perfectly. Very very happy and would highly recommend.
Mike N.
Joseph Gorfien at shipacarinc was a pleasure to work with. He was very responsive each step of the shipment of my four seater golf car from picking it up on Marco Island to delivery in Roswell Ga. - picked up on the 4th and delivered on the 5th just as quoted which was a reasonable price. Thank you Joseph!
Larry Sitton
Although this Company did not ship my car. Their response to my needs and great customer services showed me that they actually were looking to help me. They were transparent and did not give me the run around and called me back the same day to tell me they had a carrier to pick up my car. I want to thank them for their due diligence at getting the job done. I will be using them in the future. Thank you Paul!!
Shavan Young
I had a very good experience with Ship a Car Inc. They offered quick responses to my questions, and they were very accessible. I shipped my truck from Georgia to Connecticut, and it arrived without issues or problems.
Mary C. Stonington, CT
I shipped a car from Chicago to Port Charlotte Florida. This month. Worked with Steve G. At ship a car. The process was relatively seamless and very efficient. Will use them again for sure
Ken N
More details to follow- wish I could rate them lower than one star
Douglas Owen
I was referred to Bob Moran through Triple 7 Movers and I was very impressed and pleased with the experience of shipping my vehicle. I contacted Bob approximately a month ago and he explained in detail how the process of shipping a vehicle would be. Bob was very professional and by all means honest with me about the shipping rates of a vehicle. Bob promised me when my vehicle would be picked up and delivered and as promised it happened. Bob and I frequently talked before it was time for my vehicle to be picked and he was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. I most definitely recommend Ship-A-Car, Inc. Again thanks Bob for all you did to get my vehicle to it’s destination secured and on time.
Shipped Vehicle From Nevada To North Carolina
Really Good Service. Set Up, Pick Up, And Delivery, Was On time. Pretty Expensive But They're As Close To Perfect As Possible
Samir Undavia D. Houston , TX
We worked with Bob and he was fantastic. He always answered my call, explained the process thoroughly and kept me up to date during the process. I'll admit I was nervous, but definitely selected the right company to work with. Would definitely recommend.
Katherine M.
Willie at ship a car never let me down while trying to find me a transport carrier after the initial one dropped the ball. I appreciate his persistence and following through and would highly recommend them anytime.
Caroline Gowan
Go for this if you need some peace with your car shipment
Shankar K
After getting the run around from several shipping companies, I typed 5 best shipping companies into my browser, and Ship a Car popped up. We called and spoke to Harry, who was very business oriented. He quoted us a price, and had a driver within 3 days time! The car was picked up on May 5 from Reading, Michigan, and delivered to Woonsocket, Rhode Island on May 6. Everything about this company was professional. We would highly recommend Ship a Car to anyone who is looking for an honest, reliable shipping company.
J K. Woonsocket , RI
Easy and efficient. Finding a driver was a little difficult given my location but Stephen did it! The driver, Pavel, texted me with the estimated time of pick-up which was exact. He told me what day my car would arrive and again, gave me an accurate time of delivery. All went smoothly. I would definitely recommend this company.
Car Transport
Steven H was great! He helped me through the uncertainty of shipping my vehicle. I have no complaints and would highly recommend this company due to the excellent customer service!
I used Ship a Car to ship my car from Long Beach to Hawaii. My car was picked up on time and everything went smoothly, and the rep that I dealt with, Howard H., was very responsive and helpful through the whole process.
Sean Harrington
Prompt response to initial contact. Primary contact, Chris, was friendly, courteous, experienced and honest. Initial contact from shipping company was prompt and friendly. Driver contacted me promptly and met all promised phone contacts and meeting points for pickup and drop off. Driver was clean, courteous, friendly and familiar with the drop off point. Driver noted on the contract each blemish as I took pictures of my car. Car was delivered in excellent condition. As was hoped, car was dropped off on the early end of the delivery time spectrum. My experience with Ship A Car Inc was excellent and I would recommend them without hesitation.
Anita M. Cincinnati, OH
I had to ship my car from Knoxville, TN to Brunswick ME. I deal with this company and what I can tell you is that they are very professional. I got my car more quickly than I expected. I strongly recommend you to rely on them when you have to ship your car . You will be satisfied.
Gerard K.
Just moved two classic cars from Chicago to KC in the dead of winter. I asked for a two car hauler and the found someone fast. Was scheduled to have the cars picked up on Monday but the drive contacted me to see if he could pick the cars up a day early to get ahead of a big snow storm and bitter cold. On the back end I needed him to drive the cars up a long driveway and park them in the garage. He was easy to work with and did a great job.
J Sirridge
Excellent and efficient. Very smart choice to use this company
This was the 1st time that I shipped a car. Ship A Car explained to me the entire shipping process, gave me a reasonable quote and then voila... my car got moved. Everything was just like they explained it to me. Totally Awesome!!! Thanks for everything.
Sam F. Tallahasse, FL
I'm a snowbird and I'm 84 years old. I used to drive back and forth but at my age, that's not safe. I don't see another alternative to Ship A Car. I work with Steve and he has been incredible. He knows me and my situation and he is just so supportive. The trip last fall was amazing. During this time when there's so much unrest, they're doing everything they can to make the trip as enjoyable as possible.
Jackie of Manitou Springs, CO
I recently shipped a motorcycle from Las Vegas to Washington Janet kept you posted during all those times that the let me know when the shipper was going to be there and did an excellent job of keeping you posted as to where my motorcycle was and it was delivered safely and earlier than expected and I really enjoyed ship a car's courteous and efficient Haley of my business thank you.
Craig R
Pepper goes above and beyond for her customers. She provided me with outstanding service and accommodations. Whenever I need auto transportation in the future I will be returning to Pepper at shipacar.
Palmer Bradshaw
Bob Moran with Ship a Car was the best! I would recommend them to anyone, it was a great experience from the start to the end. We had a car shipped between states and he was so on top of handling the process with the dealer, the driver and coordinating with us. He was so helpful and responsive.
Meredith W. Phoenix, AZ
Bob was wonderful to work with. He researched the specific needs I had for moving my car and found the perfect transporters to handle it. They're the best!
Rand Z
Wanted to my daughter car transported across the country they responded right away with a quote over the phone truck was near by the next business day to pick up. Driver called us met us at Wal-Mart we made the exchange.
David E.
Great service. Steve was extremely helpful. I had a very confusing situation that was continuously evolving. He worked through all the uncertainty to ensure my vehicle was shipped properly. Definitely recommend!
Thank you Meredith for a personable and professional service experience. I would recommend you to any of my family and friends in future need of Ship A Car. You made the automobile part of my relocation stress free.
V S. Lodi, NJ
Bob and his team did a GREAT job getting my vehicle to me during a cross country move. They have Stellar communication and I was updated every step of the way. My vehicle arrived in perfect condition   HIGHLY recommend Ship A Car!!! Thank you Bob!!
Veronica T.
They were extremely responsive and patient with me, answered every question I had with detail and in good time. Car arrived exactly how I bought it and they did their job well at a good price! Thanks especially to Bob again for being great and easy to work with. -******
Osiris P
Rita was great to work with as she made the entire process seamless. Absolute pleasure with work with such a professional company! I was shipping my vehicle from Oakland to Hawaii and although initially working on different timezones was challenging, Rita made it her mission to get my car to Hawaii with virtually no stress on my end. 10/10 recommend. Thank you!
Oakland To Honolulu
I’m so pleased with how everything was handled. Lawrence with Ship a Car, Inc. was very friendly and professional when handling our vehicle. Our situation was probably out of the ordinary for him between how things were being paid and where the vehicle was being shipped from, but through it all, Lawrence was able to manage our entire account with ease and patience. And to top it off, the vehicle got to us a day earlier than expected! Thank you so much again for helping us get our truck to us from Hawaii!
Ashley M. Lawai, HI
Always knew I could count on them to exceed all expectations when it comes to proving a service. Huge thank you to the company who moved my car at such short notice after receiving a call from me at 2:30 pm yesterday. From having no expectations and just chancing my luck, I received excellent service. Massively recommend this company for any car transportation. Best service!
Daniel Anderson
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