The Brand New Jeep Avenger 4×4

The Jeep brand isn’t exactly known for its high mileage vehicles. They are known for their ability to haul trailers, go off roaming in the mud, just for fun overall. However, all this fun means Jeeps are typically on the bad side of gas. Within the coming years however, that image is going to change. It all starts with the new Jeep Avenger which was previewed at the Paris Motor Show, showing off the electric crossover with dazzling livery with blue accents to pair with the extra LED lighting. It is also known as the brand’s first fully electric model. While many people are excited about the vehicle, it will only be available in Europe as it will be built at the Stellantis’s factory in Tychy, Poland, where it is expected to hit the showrooms in early 2023.

Jeep Engineers

While Jeep has yet to disclose the technical specifications just yet, it is expected that the engineers have installed an electric motor in the rear of the vehicle. The standard version of the vehicle comes with a front-mounted motor, with 154 horsepower to go along with 260 Newton-meters of torque. As of now viewers are unsure if the rear motor will be identical to the standard version, but that is typically the case in previous cars. If it is identical, it would translate to an output of around 300 hp and 500 Newton-meters. It is expected that the Avenger could use the same 54-kWh battery as the front-wheel-drive configuration, which rated in the WLTP combined cycle at 249 miles. However, the 4×4 would not be able to reach the same standard set as it will be heavier than the other vehicle.

Jeep Avenger Size

The incoming Avenger is 6.3 inches shorter than the Renegade, so it is somewhat similar in size to one of the smaller cars within the Jeep lineup. The Avenger has an improved approach angle to 21 degrees, departure angle to 34 degrees, and break over angle to 20 degrees. Finally, the ground clearance would now exceed 7.9 inches. As for the e-motor at the rear, it will stand at 13.4 cubic feet in the FWD Avenger where the front volume would be 1.2 cubic feet. The Avenger is roughly 4.1 meters long (161 inches) and sits on 18-inch wheels.

Jeep Battery

Based on Jeep’s previous statements, it would take three minutes of charging at 100 kW would translate to 19 miles of range, and 24 minutes would bump the battery from 20 to 80 percent. It should be noted that the. Fast-charging speed tops out at 100kW, so you will not be able to charge any faster. The Avenger will be built with a 400-volt electrical system that pairs with a single electric motor that would power the front wheels and the dual-motor.


Avenger’s Interior

The interior will feature a simple dashboard design that includes a body-color panel connecting the front pillars and the air vents. Along the dashboard sits a 10.3-inch touchscreen system, and the driver would have either a 7.0 or 10.3 digital gauge cluster. Included in the dashboard would be a parcel shelf, allowing for storage of small items. Located within the front center of the. Console is a foldable magnetic cover, containing a wireless charging pad and space for a 1.5 liter bottle. At the rear of the vehicle, there is about. 13 cubic feet of storage space.


With the way the prices of gasoline are rising, and the interest to decrease our dependence on a nonrenewable resource, major car companies are looking to improve their battery powered vehicles, and Jeep is no different. Overall, the Jeep Avenger looks to improve upon their previous battery operated vehicle to improve the mile range, and the horse power as well so they are still able to haul trailers. However, if you are in North America you’ll be out of luck as the Avenger won’t be available for purchase there. Instead, North Americans will be able to choose from the eventually fully electronically filled Recon and new Wagoneer S, where they will be manufactured locally by 2024.

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