What You Need to Know About Purchasing a Gas Car Today

2022 will be a year known for its inflation, low supply of goods, and overall dismay throughout the United States. One area that is a cause for concern for many Americans is the rising price of gas. This has caused many people to begin to look for ways to save money on gas by looking into rewards apps for a specific gas company or an app like Gas Buddy for details about the cheapest gas around you. There is even talk of banning gas or diesel vehicles by the year of 2035. These recent actions have brought up the question of whether it is even worth it to purchase a gas car in the current year. There are many advantages to purchasing a gas car and disadvantages as well.

Advantages of a Gas Car

The advantages of buying a gas car vary for many different reasons. One of the more advantageous factors a gas powered car has over an electric car would be the power behind a gas vehicle. Gas vehicles also typically have a lower price tag so more people are able to purchase these vehicles. Furthermore, gas powered vehicles are much easier to work on mechanically, so you can usually take it to any car shop for routine service. Battery operated vehicles are much more delicate, and require specialized maintenance by specific mechanics.

A major advantage of gas vehicles compared to battery powered is that there are a lot more options available to choose from. Gas powered vehicles also have a larger mile range as battery powered cars are typically maxed out at around 300 miles per charge, and can usually reach a higher max speed as well. If you are interested in hauling a trailer or something behind you, a gas powered vehicle will make it much more possible compared to a battery operated vehicle. Finally, gas powered vehicles are backed by major companies that have decades of experience to build a positive reputation, while battery powered vehicles do not have this reputation just yet.

Disadvantages of a Gas Car

Quite possibly the most obvious disadvantage of a gas powered vehicle would be the continued rising cost of gas. There really is no end in sight as to when gas will continue to stay this high, so the monthly gas bill to run your car will continue to stay high. If you are a commuter of long distances, you will consistently be paying a lot in gas every month. Furthermore, there is the thought that many people have of the issues gas powered cars have on the climate. The emissions released from gas powered vehicles have done a number on the climate for the past hundred years, and will continue to get worse if people continue to rely on gas powered vehicles. In addition to the emissions, the oils and fluids leaking from the vehicle are detrimental to the environment as well.

One disadvantage compared to battery powered vehicles is a recent change, you actually can’t fill up your vehicle at home the same way you are able to with a battery powered vehicle, although it only takes a few minutes to fill up at the gas station. Finally, the gas powered vehicles requires the dependency of fossil fuels, which are of course a non-renewable resource, so once they are gone from the world, it will take millions of years to replace.


Overall, gas powered vehicles in 2022 still offer many advantages and disadvantages. While there is a bigger push for battery powered vehicles, many people agree that as of today, they would still lean towards the side of a gas powered vehicle just based on the price of battery operated vehicles. Gas powered vehicles are backed by years of a positive reputation, offer more options for the gas powered vehicles, offer more power, and have the luxury of being operated on by any mechanic in any garage. It will require a few more years of working on and producing battery powered vehicles to overtake the gas powered vehicles, but that day will come within a few short years.

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