How do I Know if My Car can be Transported with a Lift Kit and Oversized Tires?

Your car can be shipped with oversized tires and a lift kit but you have to inform the shipping company that would be transporting your car ahead. This is because additional weight increases the cost of transportation and they need detailed information to calculate an exact shipping cost. Asides from that, your shipping company will need to make certain adjustments so your car can fit in the carrier now that you’ll be using oversize tires.

Shipping your car with a lift kit and oversize tire may not be a prudent decision because of the extra cost but it’ll prove useful to your car in the long run. Lifting your vehicle helps to modify and enhance its performance. The oversized tires installed will also increase their capacity to withstand any likely wear and tear that may occur. If you need to include other things like antennas, over extended mirrors that are needed for your car performance optimization, ensure you inform your transporter so they can prepare in advance for any addition.

How do I Know if My Car can be Transported with a Lift Kit and Oversized Tires?

Preparing Your Car For Shipping

Adequate preparation of your car before shipping helps you detect and fix mechanical faults before the scheduled date. You’ll also be mentally prepared for your journey and won’t have to worry or fuss about meeting up with the transporter in time. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your car for the shipping process;

1.    Check the Fluid Level 

Check your car engine to see if the needed fluid (oil, brake, battery fluid, and engine coolant) is well-topped and not leaking. If you notice any leaking, ensure you fix it before the shipping date because an overflow may damage your engine eventually.

2.    Deactivate All Alarms/Anti-Theft Devices

Forgetting to disable your car alarm or security system would cause a hitch in the shipping process because your transporter won’t have access to the car when needed. Since you are choosing a trusted and licensed shipping company, you might want to relax a little on the additional security system. Disable it before the journey and activate it after your car has been delivered.

Remove All Items from car

3.    Remove All Personal Items

Every valuable item or personal belonging should be removed from your car before shipping. Your shipping company will not take responsibility for any missing or damaged item in your car, so it’s better safe than sorry. Evacuate personal items before the journey.

4.    Protect The Loose Parts 

Your side mirrors, fog lights, and any other undetachable part of your vehicle can be wrapped with a covering to protect them.

Check the Battery Charge

5.    Check the Battery Charge

Check if your car battery is in perfect condition for the journey. A malfunctioning car battery would be embarrassing in the long run because your car won’t start without it. Ensure you check for underlying issues and fix or replace them before the trip.

6.    Wash Your Car

Finally, a clean car is easier to inspect for damages than a dirty one. Ensure you make a trip to the car wash before the shipping date. 

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If you have to ship your car with a lift kit and oversized tires, Ship A Car can help you achieve it. You only need to inform us ahead so we can make adequate arrangements for your car. Call us today at (866) 821-4555 to schedule a trip and get a free quote.

How much does it cost to ship my vehicle with a lift kit and oversize tires?

How much does it cost to ship my vehicle with a lift kit and oversize tires?

The cost of shipping depends entirely on your kind of vehicle, distance, shipping company, and size of the lift kit/oversize tires. It is difficult to provide an exact price/cost because there are a lot of factors influencing the final cost of shipping. This is why we recommend informing your shipping company ahead so you can be given a specific cost.

How do I determine the best lift kit for my car?

The best lift kit for your car is determined by your vehicle type, what it will be used for, desired tire size and of course, your budget.

You can try consulting with suppliers to see which one is most appropriate for your vehicle and compare prices to arrive at a decision that fits into your budget.