How to Ship a Convertible Car?

If you own a classic convertible, a modern sports convertible, or even a plain-looking sedan convertible (like a Chrysler), make sure it’s maintained before shipping. Convertibles are much more prone to damage than a typical hard-top setup, especially when the car is transported.

People who enjoy driving convertibles, especially those with soft tops, often neglect to give them proper maintenance and protection. Hard-top convertibles have tops made of metal or another durable material rather than cloth, making them less prone to damage overall. Here are a few tips to consider when transporting a convertible to ensure its safety.

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Clean the Exterior

Ensure every inch of your car is spotless from each side. The subsequent steps of the of the process depend on the exterior being spotless. Therefore, cleaning the car thoroughly will save time when it is delivered.

Necessary Visual Inspection

After you’re done cleaning the exterior of the convertible car, examine your convertible for any scratches, dings, or stains. Cleaning your car before the inspection is essential because dirt and dust may conceal these marks. It is necessary to perform a visual examination to detect any damage that is already present. Choosing an freight broker like Ship a Car gives you the peace of mind knowing that their carrier base is all vetted, ensuring to move your car to it’s respective destination professionally. Your convertible is in safe hands.

Raise the Top of the Car

When being shipped, a convertible must always have its top raised. You must also ensure that all windows are raised up before they are placed on the car carrier. Keeping the windows and top down may cause the top’s inner surface to tear, which will be very expensive to repair or replace. In addition, the inside of a convertible can sustain serious damage if the top is left down in bad weather, even if it is not expected. To reduce the possibility of interior damage while the car is being transported to the new destination, if your convertible doesn’t have a top, you should buy a cover to put on during auto transport.

Opt for Enclosed Shipping

It’s a great idea to ship your car enclosed to prevent damage from occurring while being transported. Most damaged vehicles during auto transport happen during the pickup and delivery of other vehicles. But with enclosed auto transport, that risk is reduced to almost nothing. How? Vehicles are not stacked on two racks in enclosed transport trucks, which instead use hydraulic race ramps or lift gates.

This results in fewer vehicles being transported by truck and fewer chances for other vehicles to sustain damage during loading and unloading. However, the vehicle’s interior is vulnerable to damage during transport if exposed to the elements. A convertible car does that in spades, whether you are shipping through Texas or some other dry place.

Choose the enclosed transport shipping option even though it is more expensive because it is much safer. In addition, enclosed transport will safeguard your convertible from all potentially harmful elements, including the sun.

Cover the Car’s Interior

Shipping a convertible should generally be done with care. If the convertible’s interior is particularly nice or was recently restored, you’ll want to take extra precautions. For example, you might cover the interior with cloth or plastic and keep the windows and top up.

Keep Photographs of your Car

It might also be a good idea to secure some images of your vehicle of any existing damage, such as paint chips, scratches or dents. Pictures must be taken from different angles and should be of good quality. The images will come handy for your reference. The images can also be utilized as an extra insurance to identify any recent damage to your vehicle, although it’s not needed.


These tips will help you ship a convertible car safely to its respective destination. Shipping a convertible car can be a daunting task, considering that one needs to take appropriate precautions while doing so. An experienced shipping company can help ensure a successful and smooth move.

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