Unlocking Seamless Car Shipping to and from Utah Valley University (UVU) in Orem, UT

Utah Valley University is the biggest public institution in the state of Utah and one of the few in the country to provide a dual-mission model, which combines the openness and career-focused courses of a neighborhood college with the academic rigor and depth of a top-tier teaching institution.

Utah Valley State College became Utah Valley University on July 1, 2008, transforming it formally into a university. With 39,931 students as of the Fall Semester of 2018, UVU had surpassed the University of Utah to become the state’s largest university.

Each year, a large number of students are accepted to the university. Some may reside in the same city, while others may have distant hometowns. Commuting to the university daily can be much simpler if you bring your car to campus. If you’re at the point where you’re wondering how you’ll get your automobile to campus from where you live, read on. and don’t worry; Ship A Car can assist you.

Ship A Car will handle every stage of the process while you devote your attention to your studies, and you can have your car at your door in a few days. Read on to learn how it works.

Why is Ship A Car, Inc. the most qualified auto transport company for the job at hand?

How Shipping Your Car to College Works?

There are a few things to follow to minimize risks and guarantee that your vehicle arrives at its final location without any problems.

Hire the Best Shipping Company

Choosing a shipping company can be challenging because there are unlimited options in the market. It will be necessary for you to do research and evaluate the findings. However, a few significant elements are crucial in the manner in which decisions are made:

  • Pick a registered and licensed business. Obtain the MC number of the business and confirm its validity by going to the Department of Transportation website. 
  • The car shipping firm must be fully equipped to offer a reliable service. The personnel must also have previous expertise in the vehicle shipping industry sector.
  • Check out customer reviews because they are an excellent resource for determining a business’s service level. Customer reviews reveal a lot concerning how the business interacts with its clientele. Even the best businesses won’t be able to please everyone, so you should prepare for bad criticism. Just as instructive as the criticisms themselves are how the company handles criticism.
  • A company that moves cars should provide insurance covering accidents during shipment. Although damage is uncommon, accidents may happen. Therefore, predictions are difficult. Ask a car shipping business for information on their insurance coverage when you contact them, and find out what damage they will cover.

How to Prep Your Car?

How to Prep Your Car?

It would be best if you did a few things to prepare your car for shipping. You should, for instance, remove all personal items.  Ensure the fuel tank is at most 25% full before shipping the car. No further gasoline is required. It adds weight and can raise the cost of shipping your car. 

How to Prep Your Car?

The Cost

Cost is an important consideration. Numerous aspects affect the total price of automobile shipping services and variations in transportation charges from one provider to another. A few of these include:

  • The distance that your car must travel,
  • The kind of car you wish to ship,
  • The time of year, 
  • The state of your car,
  • The weather conditions, 
  • The window for delivery.

It would help if you took pictures of your car’s condition before it gets shipped. Aside from any potential damage, leaks, and mechanical problems, you should inform the shipping company of any existing damage. 

Covering dents, scratches, and marks, take pictures of any damage. Additionally, this must be covered in the inspection before shipping, a component of the Bill of Lading.

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There are a lot of benefits to having your car with you while you’re at university. A fulfilling college experience can be distinguished from one that is only passable by having a car you can utilize to travel, commute to work, or complete an internship. 

If you want to ship your car to Utah Valley University, expect a hassle-free process with Ship a Car. Customers can always get help from our knowledgeable personnel. Call us right away if you have any inquiries.