How to Transport a Vehicle to or from UCLA in California

The time spent in college is thrilling. This stage is when you start over and discover new things. But for many university students, the change from staying on campus to staying at home during holidays and weekends can be intimidating. Those who reside far from college, in particular, may need to drive between their university and their hometown.

Those who’ve never shipped a car before may find this process difficult. So we made this thorough guide to assist you in learning everything there is to know about auto-shipping for university students. We’ll handle everything, from locating a dependable carrier to getting your car ready for shipping. 

So whether you’re an experienced professional or a first-year student, gear up to learn all you require about shipping your vehicle from the University of California to your home.

How to Transport a Vehicle to or from UCLA in California

Why Choose a Car Shipping Company?

There are many advantages to using a car shipping company, especially for college students. One of the most crucial advantages is its ability to save money and time. In addition, you can send your car to university instead of driving it, relieving you of the burden of making the lengthy journey.

Choosing a car shipping company can also be affordable, especially if moving long distances. Car shipping services also offer greater convenience. You can avoid the inconvenience of driving to a pickup place by having your car picked up from your destination and dropped off at the campus.

Selecting a Car Shipping Company

Selecting a Car Shipping Company

A smooth and reliable shipping experience depends on picking a trustworthy car shipping company. Therefore, university students should take the following into account when selecting a shipping company:

Reviews and Ratings

Always do some research on the businesses you’re considering. On their websites, you can read customer testimonials that help you understand how the company operates and how well it treats its clients. Even if you locate a business with a poor rating, pay attention to how they address their clients. Although no business is perfect, how they treat their customers can reveal a lot about the kind of company they are running.

While selecting a company, it is essential to consider its reputation and experience. Choose a business with a proven track record and industry experience. To learn more about the caliber of their services, look up their web reviews and ratings.


Always inspect the website of a car shipping business to guarantee reliability and reputation. You may ask for references to ensure you can trust them with your car and know it will arrive at its destination safely.


Car shipping companies frequently move hundreds or even thousands of vehicles daily. How a corporation does business and treats its clients and their vehicles should be more significant than the number of vehicles it ships.

It’s necessary to go from one location to another, but it’s more crucial that the car gets there intact. And for the cost, it stays the same. So don’t just pick the lowest-priced choice because it’s the cheapest option; make sure the service you engage with is chosen for its quality.

Insurance and Shipping Costs

Ensure the car shipping business you select is authorized and covered by insurance. The license guarantees that the business complies with industry standards and is certified by the Transportation Department. In addition, your car is covered by insurance in the event of transit damage.

Types of Shipping Available

Types of Shipping Available

There are various car shipping options, each with special characteristics and advantages. Below are some of the most popular car shipping services:

Open Carrier

The most popular and reasonably priced method of shipping cars is via open carrier. It entails pulling your car behind other vehicles on an open trailer. Though affordable, this service provides minimal protection against environmental factors and potential harm.

Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed carrier transport is a high-end car shipping option that provides maximum safety for your car. Your car will be shipped in an enclosed trailer, shielded from the weather and possible harm.

Door-to-Door Shipping

A practical option for shipping cars is door-to-door transport, which involves collecting your car from the university and bringing it to your residence.

Preparing Your Car

Preparing Your Car

It’s crucial to have your car ready for shipping if you want the process to go smoothly and successfully. Here are some pointers for university students on how to set up their vehicles for transportation:

Clean the Car

Make sure to give your car a thorough cleaning before shipping. It will shield it from dirt and other foreign objects during transit, making assessing any pre-existing damage easier.

It benefits you because:

1) Items that must be removed will be discovered that you otherwise wouldn’t have found.

2) You’ll uncover damage you otherwise would have overlooked, damage that needs to be disclosed when the condition of your car is evaluated.

Secure the Car

When dropping off, cars with moving or adjustable features like a moon roof, convertible top, rack crossbars, or outside antennae need to be secured. By secured, we mean either held in place on the vehicle or removed and transported separately. A part that comes loose during transport could harm your vehicle or, worse yet, put your driver or another driver on the road at risk.

Check the Fuel Tank

Gasoline is heavy. The petrol in your car should be at most 25% of the tank. Try to ship the vehicle with the petrol tank less than half-full.

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Shipping your car to or from the University of California can be intimidating, especially if you’re a university student without experience shipping a car. But it may go smoothly and successfully with the right planning and a reliable auto-shipping business. 

Ensure your shipping experience is successful by preparing your vehicle for shipment, selecting the appropriate carrier, and using the extensive advice in this article.

You can start by contacting Ship A Car, Inc. at (866) 821-4555.  You may access a multitude of beneficial tools and intelligent blog pieces on shipping and transporting vehicles. Whether you’re looking for in-depth expertise, professional advice, or industry updates, our staff is available to help. For a vast selection of articles and resources, check the remainder of our website or get in touch with us right now to learn more. By getting in touch with Ship a Car right away, you can arm yourself with the knowledge you need for a successful and stress-free automobile shipping experience.