A Complete Guide for Transporting Your Vehicle to or From the University of California, Berkeley

California, situated in the United States known as “the Golden State” on the Pacific side. Sacramento is California’s capital, and Los Angeles is the state’s largest metropolis.

California has one of the most famous public universities, the University of California – UC Berkeley. It was founded in 1847. It is known to be the first land-grant university in the state.

Many students from around the world get admitted to UC Berkeley each year. A lot of them move with their cars too. Every day, numerous vehicles belonging to students are moved by Ship A Car along various routes across all California cities. If you just moved to California and got admitted to UC – Berkeley, keep reading to know how to ship your car to the campus with the help of experts at Ship A Car.

How to Ship Your Car to the University of California - UC Berkeley

How to Ship Your Car to the University of California – UC Berkeley

You might need a car shipping company for various reasons, such as if you’re moving to a new state or being accepted into a new institution. Whatever the reason, before you can begin selecting a reliable business to ship your car, you must have a fundamental grasp of car shipping.

Important Documents

Gather the documents the shipper requires to prove that you are the car’s owner before you begin the hunt for the ideal auto shipper. Find the documents beforehand in the procedure; you want to avoid a last-minute paperwork mistake to throw off your pickup time. 

You’ll most likely be requested by car shipping businesses to submit copies of the following (these documents are mostly required when transporting a vehicle in and out of the US):

  • A valid identification such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • Vehicle title.
  • Evidence of ownership.
  • Registration.
  • Insurance documentation.

Research Shipping Companies

Research Shipping Companies

The most important thing is doing your research. Since handing your car to a car shipping company might come with risks, proper research is required. You need to look at internet reviews, years of expertise, licensure, and security.

Ask the shipping firms you’ve narrowed down if they provide specialised services like tracking, floor mats, car covers, and oil drip pans. Some businesses focus on the particular safety measures that luxury and vintage cars require. 

Search About Options for Car Shipping

It’s good to become familiar with the car shipping service if you still need to learn how it works because it stands out from other services you might use, especially regarding the overall cost. Car shipment estimates frequently change throughout the journey due to weather conditions, traffic, crashes, or other unforeseen circumstances.

A vehicle can be shipped in one of two ways: through an auto broker or employing a carrier. The specifics of your journey, your budget for car shipping, and your timetable will determine which approach is best for you because each choice has advantages and disadvantages. 

Great customer service is among the major advantages of using a carrier service. There won’t be any interpersonal snags throughout pickup and delivery because you’ll stay in contact with the same assistance personnel. 

Additionally, carriers are more likely to provide specialised tools such as closed shipment containers, hydraulic lifts rather than ramps, and nylon slings or wheel nets rather than chains to prevent damage. They are renowned for having expert driving abilities, including knowledge of loading and unloading cars correctly and navigating roads.

Enclosed or Open Carrier

Enclosed or Open Carrier

Your budget and level of comfort with exposing your automobile to the outdoors will determine whether you choose an enclosed or open carrier.

While there are benefits to using an open carrier for car shipment, such as lower prices, the chance of harm is greater both during the route and during loading and unloading. Inclement weather and road debris may be encountered by your car.

Car enthusiasts value the additional protection enclosed carriers provide since it reduces the possibility of vehicle damage. The likelihood of theft is also reduced due to the anonymous appearance. In addition to providing more safety, enclosed carriers cost more to store cars since they can contain fewer vehicles than open carriers. 

Talk About the Location, Schedule, and Delivery Site

Before planning your route, the shipping firm must know the date, time, location, and destination. Inform your shipping representative of the particular details that are crucial to you.

Because of unforeseen factors like traffic and weather, picking up and dropping off cars on specific dates isn’t an exact discipline in the car transportation sector. The business will likely provide you with an extension of five to seven days for delivery and pickup.

If you have a timeline by which you must have the vehicle in the new spot, inform the company. For the rigid schedule, they might charge more. If you want more date alternatives, you should also prevent last-minute reservations. 

Talk About the Location, Schedule, and Delivery Site

The estimate and the loading and unloading procedures used by the carrier depend greatly on the pickup and delivery locations. If there isn’t enough space on the road close by, you’ll need to arrange a meeting place with a sizable enough area, such as the campus’s parking spot.

The Bill of Lading

The process is completed by certifying the bill of lading. It is a formal agreement that contains travel-related information. Before signing, ensure everything is in order and review the small wording.  

Make sure the following details are accurate:

  • Locations of pickup and delivery.
  • Information on vehicle condition.
  • Unique challenges you’ve identified.

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Choosing a car shipping firm is usually far simpler than driving it yourself, regardless of whether you transfer to another state or get accepted to a foreign institution. Before giving your keys to a carrier, we strongly urge that you follow these suggestions if you’re shipping your car for the first time and are looking for a reliable car shipping business.

We at Ship A Car know that giving your cherished car to an unknown driver is difficult. Because of this, we guarantee the greatest service, the best deals, and your best interests by putting the needs of our clients first.