From Denver, CO to Cape Coral, FL:  How to transport a car?

Whether you’re relocating due to a new job opportunity, a recent educational transition, or simply a change of scenery, you’ve decided that you’d like to move to Cape Coral from Denver. 

But how should one go about starting the process of shipping your car to its new destination? Not to worry: In this post, we’ll give you step-by-step tips on finding the best way to transport your vehicle, calculating the price, and determining the likely time frame for shipping completion.

Let’s get started!

Ways to Ship Your Car to Cape Coral

Ways to Ship Your Car to Cape Coral

Firstly, it’s essential to note that there are multiple shipping options for transporting your car from Colorado to Florida. 

Standard shipping options include open-carrier, enclosed, and unique (often-discounted) military or student shipping. Each of these choices comes with its list of pros and cons, so we strongly advise that you compare your options carefully.

Next, we’ll look at each of these three main shipping choices.

Open Carrier Shipping

Open Carrier Shipping

Open carrier transport is the most common shipping option and tends to be the cheapest choice. So, when should you favor this method, and when is it good to consider a different transport solution?

Generally, open shipping is preferable for cheap and quick vehicle transport. However, it exposes the car to the elements, creating issues for luxury and antique vehicles. 

This doesn’t apply as substantially to most other vehicles, as they can easily withstand weather and exposure damage.

Enclosed Shipping

Contrastingly, enclosed shipping protects vehicles from weather and road exposure. It’s the ideal option for higher-end or especially vulnerable cars.

Enclosed shipping tends to be pricier than open carrier transport, often taking longer to reach its destination. For most types of cars, open shipping will be a better choice for both your schedule and budget.

Military or Student Vehicle Shipping

Military or Student Vehicle Shipping

Lastly, many transport companies will offer special delivery methods for active service members or students attending a specific university or educational institution. 

This is most likely to be the case when the specific area you’re relocating to is near a military base or university campus.

In these cases, the company might offer a slightly different shipping process or even a special discount for the customer. If you’re a military employee or a current student, it’s a good idea to see if your shipping company offers these methods.

Estimating the Shipping Price

Estimating the Shipping Price

So, how much will it cost to ship your car from Denver, Colorado, to Cape Coral, Florida?

While shipping prices vary, you can expect to pay between $1200 and $ 1400. 

Factors impacting this final cost include shipping method, time of year, transport company, road conditions, and special deals or discounts. You’ll often find it’s a good idea to shop around and see if you can get a better price.

Cheapest Options

If budget is a serious concern, some shipping options offer lower prices than others.

First, as mentioned before, open carrier transport tends to be cheaper than enclosed shipping. Likewise, if you’re a student or employed by the military, you’ll likely want to see if you can get a discount from your shipping company.

You can also transport the vehicle yourself without using a third-party company. However, this has many pros and cons and is usually not the best choice for most people.

How Long Will Shipping the Car Take?

Once you’ve started the transport process, how long can you expect it to take for the vehicle to reach Cape Coral?

Again, shipping time can be highly variable due to many outside factors. It may take more or less time, accounting for factors like transport method, weather, and season. But, as a rule, you can count on the total transit time being 5-7 days.

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Final Thoughts

While shipping your car from Denver to Cape Coral can present a few obstacles, it’s completely doable as long as you choose the suitable shipping method, budget accordingly, and set a realistic timeline.

For more tips, guides, and general information about car shipping and transport, call us or visit Ship a Car’s website!