Everything You Need to Know about Roll-on/Roll-off Car Shipping to and from Hawaii

The existence of vehicles has brought a huge change to humanity. Even though it is on the high side in terms of expenses and tax, almost every home has at least one vehicle to itself. During relocation or vacations, vehicles are used to move from one location to another for the convenience of their users.

The Beautiful View – Hawaii

One of the unique places in the United States is Hawaii. It is located in the pacific ocean in the western part of the United States. In addition to its distinctive and fascinating culture, Hawaii has beautiful scenery and offers various activities. Several people come in and out for different reasons like relocation purposes, work and tourism. People need their vehicles for movement, hence shipping their cars to their present location is key.

Roll-on and Roll-off Shipping/Transport

Roll-on and roll-off shipping, also known as “RORO” shipping, is a process that involves the transport of vehicles, e.g., cars, trucks, trailers, buses, vans, motorcycles, etc., from one country to another. This means that vehicles are simply driven on at the port of departure (‘Rolled on’) and driven off on arrival at the destination (‘Rolled off’).

These roll-on and roll-off ships are built to take in hundreds and sometimes thousands of vehicles. They contain built-in ramps that help easy movement, i.e., loading and unloading cargoes into and out of the ship.

Car manufacturers prefer this method for shipping their cars. This is because they can transport their car in bulk to different locations worldwide. Examples of such manufacturers include Mercedes, Audi, BMV, etc.

Car Shipping

The benefits of using a reputable shipping company are innumerable. Some of which are

  • Protects your vehicle from damage: Your car will arrive in safe conditions.
  • Saves cost from burning fuel.
  • Saves you time and reduces your stress: Taking your car by yourself across the country may take days and sometimes weeks, which is a lot of time that would have been saved if a car shipping company had been contacted initially.
  • Prevent long drives and less mileage on your vehicle: This is essentially saying that driving across the country with the vehicle may put extra strain on the car, especially the tires and other mechanical parts.
  • Safety: Driving long distances via road with other drivers on the road may be dangerous and unforeseen accidents. This is because not many drivers are used to long-distance driving over a long period; hence this may be risky for you and your car.
Process for Roll-on and Roll-off of a Car From the West Coast

Loading different vehicles through the RORO shipping methods requires careful and detailed planning as different types of vehicles are conveyed to their various destinations. Here is the basic process flow on how vehicles are shipped to different countries.

  • Automobiles are loaded through ramps and are secured on car decks with anti-skid coatings with points in all directions.
  • Every vehicle will have a unique number pasted on the windshield that will be tallied while loading.
  • A proper signaller will be present to monitor the traffic inside the RORO vessels for safe loading and unloading operations.
  • All cars will be tightly packed alongside one another, and complicated vehicles such as trailers and payloaders are packed at the stern ramp deck to unload them easily.
  • Each vehicle loaded into the cargo is lashed correctly one after the other to prevent cars from bumping into themselves during transit.

Cost of Shipping

Certain factors determine the cost of shipping vehicles to and from Hawaii. The ultimate cost of shipping will depend on these factors. They include

1. The weight of the vehicle

The size and weight of your vehicle will determine the cost of shipment. The heavier the car, the more the cost. If the car weighs heavier than the stipulated size, it attracts an extra fee.

2. The season of the year

There are certain seasons when shipping vehicles tend to be high. The summer and winter season is a good example. These seasoned people take more vacations to other places and may need their cars to be transported to those locations. Shipping is at its peak and will cost more than when demand is less.

3. Type of carriers

To a destination like Hawaii, located in the middle of the pacific, the roll-on and roll-off shipping option is the best type to convey vehicles to and from Hawaii.


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