AI Cameras for Highway Surveillance: Detecting and Preventing Vehicle Litter

One way to help clean up the Earth is through the cleanup of litter. The United Kingdom recently set up AI (Artificial Intelligence) cameras on specific highways to help derail drivers from throwing trash out of their car windows. These cameras will be installed in British laybys within the coming weeks, in an attempt to catch drivers who litter. The offenders caught could be fined up to £100, or the equivalent of $126 American dollars, according to the Metro news outlet. 

The AI cameras are an initiative as part of a trial run by National Highways. National Highways is a body established to maintain and improve major highways. The National Highways will work in collaboration with a subsidiary of East Hampshire county council. The cameras have the capability to automatically send the images to the law enforcement agencies, which helps the agencies immensely. The officers no longer have to look through hours of CCTV footage. 

The AI cameras are in response to an increasing concern over littering on the country’s highways. The Clean Up Britain campaign stated they would even pursue legal action against National Highways if the litter situation did not improve. According to the Clean Up Britain’s founder, John Read, the latest approach was a “meaningless partnership” that had simply delivered no results. 

AI Cameras for Highway Surveillance: Detecting and Preventing Vehicle Litter

Clean Up Britain has listed a number of issues with the government in terms of the national highways. First of all, the Department of Transportation, in which the National Highways is compartmentalized, does not keep tabs on what the program is actually doing. Furthermore, cutting grass on these highways is split between two councils, both county and local. County councils are responsible for the cutting of the grass, while local councils are responsible for picking up the litter. The Clean Up group notes that the councils do not work together, which is why there is a large amount of litter on the highways. 

In addition to monitoring litter, the AI cameras will be used to monitor other aspects of driving. An Amazon driver noted how the company’s AI camera system is used to monitor drivers throughout the delivery shifts. Furthermore, the AI cameras are also being deployed for monitoring speeds on the roads. 

Fines for littering is not a foreign concept for the United Kingdom citizens. The United Kingdom highways already have the normal cameras, set up in order to record people who litter on the highways. The only problem is that authorities have to comb through hours of footage in order to find the offenders. 

AI Cameras for Highway Surveillance: Detecting and Preventing Vehicle Litter


For those that have seen someone in front of you throw trash out the window and get frustrated about it, the National Highways program is looking for ways to cut this down. The litter has been such a problem that a group Clean Up Britain had formed, in order to push the National Highways to clean up the highways. This group has listed a number of issues with the Department of Transportation, but litter is one of the top issues. To begin the clean up, the National Highways will be improving the process of litter prevention, by implementing AI cameras. These cameras will be used to monitor highways for individuals who are littering, and will automatically send a fine. 

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